Best Zayn Malik Haircuts & Hairstyles

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Updated 01-24-2022

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The Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk
When Zayn decided to grow his hair longer and dye it blonde and later pink, all the fans were amazed. This upswept drop fade faux hawk with pinky frozen tips is an iconic Zayn haircut, for sure!

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It seems like Zayn Malik has a different hairstyle every week, and they all look really awesome. He's rocked everything from long and shaggy to short and tight, his hair type and face shape are perfect for practically every haircut. Take a look at just some of the distinct Zayn hairstyle variations he’s worn during his career.

Best Zayn Malik Haircuts

Best Zayn Malik Haircuts @zayn_brIt’s really a challenge to choose Zayn Malik’s best hairstyles because literally, each new hair color and haircut idea works magic on his thick mane and incredibly symmetrical heart face shape.Indeed, Zayn Malik has tried and tested an endless variety of hairstyles: from the original Zayn Malik haircut from the times of the One Direction boy band through a drop fade faux hawk to a short hair buzz cut Zayn Malik shows today.Zayn’s hair has been styled in a perfectly neat hairstyle, a shaggy hairstyle, and a pink faded undercut. Zayn rocked a man bun, a top knot, and a low ponytail with a plain headband. Zayn Malik opted for blonde highlights, a white scruffy beard, dark hair with a skin fade, and long hair combined with facial hair.No matter if you have short or long hair, you’ll find some Zayn Malik haircut ideas to fit your request:

The Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk When Zayn decided to grow his hair longer and dye it blonde and later pink, all the fans were amazed. This upswept drop fade faux hawk with pinky frozen tips is an iconic Zayn haircut, for sure!

Blonde Buzz Cut

Blonde Buzz Cut @wanna2829A skin fade and a buzz cut also don’t mean a boring short hairstyle, if it’s done by Zayn Malik. Blonde hair on top adds an incredible contrast with Zayn Malik’s natural hair color.

The Long Quiff Hairstyle

The Long Quiff Hairstyle @_zyan_mallikThanks to the natural thickness of his hair, Zayn Malik’s hairstyles are often full of movement and depth. Here, a long quiff is carelessly swept back and a strand falling naturally down on his face.

Comb Over Fade Haircut

Comb Over Fade Haircut If talking about more classical and neutral hairstyles, Zayn’s hair portfolio has something to offer as well. This ageless style involves elements that are meant to win: the edgy side shave blends excellently into longer hair slicked neatly on top.


Undercut The undercut is the most versatile of all Zayn Malik Hairstyles since the hair length on top can be worn in lots of different ways. Also, with this slightly bouffant style, you’ll have a chance to wake up your inner Elvis Presley.

Icy Blonde

Icy Blonde A blonde buzz cut channeling into neatly-shaved facial hair will always look on point when it comes to natural black thick hair as Zayn Malik has.


Shaggy @_zyan_mallikAnd here we slightly come back in time since this layered hairstyle Zayn Malik used to wear during his career at the boy band. And despite nowadays similar classic shaggy style is on trend, Zayn Malik doesn’t seem willing to come back to long layers again.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut @zyanmalikfc11This basic buzz cut and a thin beard Zayn sports with have already become his feature image. Among all Zayn Malik hair solutions, this one is probably the most low maintenance.

Side Sweep

Side Sweep Zayn used to wear his thick mane loosely slicked to one side - and many celebrity guys like Justin Bieber used to rock this style as well. Falling for an angular fringe from the 2010s? Go for this One Direction-inspired Zayn haircut.

Zayn Malik Hairstyle with Bangs

Zayn Malik Hairstyle with Bangs This kind of angular fringe has also been represented by Zayn Malik. Have we already mentioned his perfect face shape that works magic each and every hairstyle Zayn Malik decides to try on?

The Caesar Haircut

The Caesar Haircut A Caesar style appears effortless and mostly suits every occasion and outfit.

Top Knot Zayn Malik Haircut

Top Knot Zayn Malik Haircut @_zyan_mallikA mid fade and a top knot make a great couple. The only thing you should always care about is the straight hair lines and a clean fade.

The Side Part Hairstyle

The Side Part Hairstyle The hair slicked to the side with a distinctive side hard part has always been a win-win option. Just look at this killing Zayn Malik hair - it’s completely Paris fashion week ready!

Mid Taper Fade Zayn Malik Haircut

Mid Taper Fade Zayn Malik Haircut A mid fade plus a taper plus a mind-blowing brush-up make together another hooligan haircut inspired by Zayn Malik.

Slicked Back Hair

Slicked Back Hair Some Zayn Malik haircuts are completely impossible to predict. For example, this glossy slick back Zayn Malik haircut.

Medium Length Hairstyle + Side Comb

Medium Length Hairstyle + Side Comb @_zyan_mallikAmong medium-length Zayn Malik haircut ideas, this greaser Zayn’s side sweep is probably the most masculine by its nature.

Ash Blonde Zayn Malik Haircut

Ash Blonde Zayn Malik Haircut @zainszoloAmong all the variations, probably, the best Zayn Malik hairstyles are the ones with ash blonde highlights. This color contrast trick works especially awesome on thick dark hair.

Head Tattoo

Head Tattoo Everybody can recognize Zayn Malik’s feature head tattoo - it’s one of a kind. And Zayn’s stylists are always great in fitting it into every new hairstyle harmoniously.

Short Layered Haircut

Short Layered Haircut A short and layered hairstyle by Zayn Malik is represented by this sophisticated undercut with a textured forward-swept top.

Medium Curly

Medium Curly @zaynews To get this interesting Zayn hairstyle, just let your natural texture out and slightly spice it up with a hair gel.

Flat Side & Top

Flat Side and Top For more formal events, Zayn often opts for a classic flat sides and top haircut.

The Pomp Hairstyle

The Pomp Hairstyle @zaynewsZayn doesn’t pair his pomp with a skin fade like others do, pointing out his personal style.

Brushed Up Zayn Malik Haircut

Brushed Up Zayn Malik Haircut @zyanmalikfc11 Just take a round brush and blow-dry your hair brushing it up to get this all-faces-flattering hairstyle.

Zayn Malik Haircut with Low Ponytail

Zayn Malik Haircut with Low Ponytail At some period of life, casual Zayn Malik hairstyles looked like this.

Malik Haircut with Headband

Malik Haircut with Headband And a plain headband was an integral detail of his image. Simple, but stylish, isn’t it?

Shaved Side Zayn Malik Haircut

Shaved Side Zayn Malik Haircut @_zyan_mallikShaved sides also occur in Zayn’s hairstyles. Basic and minimalistic, this detail makes any hairstyle more edgy and neat.

Zayn Malik with Line-Up

Zayn Malik with Line-Up @_zyan_mallikZayn often pairs his short and tight hairstyles with a rather disconnected beard and mustache.

The High and Tight Haircut

The High and Tight Haircut And here is another hair idea from Zayn Malik for formal occasions and special events. Will work with all hair types.

Long Hairstyle with Middle Part

Long Hairstyle with Middle Part Check out this old school photo. Young Zayn used to wear longer hair and styled it with bangs and upswept tips.

The Bald Zayn Malik Haircut

The Bald Zayn Malik Haircut Summer is the perfect time of year to chop off your locks and start anew, hopefully, this shaved head inspires some of you guys!

Half Taper Silver Hair

Half Taper Silver Hair Silver mohawk-inspired haircut with half-tapered rough sides and a careless beard set another bold hair trend from Malik.

Cropped Top

Cropped Top For carefree guys who live on the bright side, may come in handy this short but memorable cropped top.

Hipster Blonde Beard Zayn Malik Haircut

Hipster Blonde Beard Zayn Malik Haircut And let’s finish with this out-of-the-world hipster image Zayn created by dying his hair and beard totally white, and leaving the dark eyebrows and eyes to stand out.

Frequently asked questions

What is Zayn’s Real Hair Texture?

Zayn Malik naturally has rich, thick, raven hair. And it’s incredible how Zayn modified and adjusted his natural hair texture through careful styling to countless and various hairstyles and haircuts.

How do you get your hair like Zayn Malik?

It all depends on which exactly Zayn Malik hairstyle you’re up for. However, whether you’re looking for a short or long hair solution, use the photos from our gallery for inspiration and show them to your barber.


Zayn Malik Enjoyed these hairstyles? No wonder! When it comes to Zayn Malik haircuts, even a bed head look without a single hair product applied rocks. Indeed, this pop star knows how to take the maximum out of any hairstyle - try to do the same and don’t be afraid of hair experiments.

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