The Worst Hair Mistakes You Can Make


The following will give you some insight on the most common yet unflattering things you can do for your hair. The good news is that all of these are easy to avoid and in some cases such as washing your hair too much, you will save time and money.

The Comb Over

No guy should have Donald Trump Hair period. The comb over is so obvious to everyone that it is a wonder so may people still attempt to succeed with it. If you are starting to have thinner hair, there are a  lot of options that will keep you looking a lot better.


Washing Too Much

Sure we all want to stay clean, but you can take washing your hair way too far. In fact, many popular stylists say this is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Using a shower cap or just wetting hair rather than using shampoo are good alternatives if you still want to wash up. If you do need to wash your hair a lot, then make sure to invest in a mild shampoo that is high quality and offers moisture protection so you can avoid frizz and damage.

 Too Much Sun

While you might not notice sun damage much if you keep your hair fairly short and get regular trims, those with mid-length or longer styles should be extra cautious about too much sun. While the sun may be able to give you the sun-kissed surfer look, that doesn't mean there isn't a downside to it.
Wearing a hat with good UV protection of SPF 50 or higher can help a lot. If you combine too much sun with washing too often, you can quickly be a frizzed and brittle mess with hair breakage. Using an extra moisturizing conditioner or treatment is recommended if you are in the great outdoors a lot.

hair mistakes

Color Overload


Ummm as much as we love the great color, there is no question that a bad dye job or over processed hair can look pretty awful. Growing out your hair when it is damaged can take a lot of time. Hair color should always be chosen with caution as some are more permanent or harder to change than others.

If you are thinking about going a lot darker or lighter, it can be good to make the change gradually with several colorings over time. Getting back to a light shade after dyeing your hair very dark can take a lot of processing that can damage hair in some cases.

hair mistakes

Too Long Or Short

Long hair is not for every guy. For starters, it can require a lot more maintenance than some of us are willing to give it. Some guys just don't realize that there is a whole world of hair styles that are a compromise between short and long. Chopping all your hair off can make larger facial features appear even more prominent for example, but a mid-length cut can add balance.


Avoiding Bad Hair Habits

Old habits die hard. It can take some time to stop completely doing something that you have done for years. Damaged hair can be grown out, but this means it can be some time before you see real results.