Why Big Beards are Out and Designer Beards are In!

Published By Brooke
Updated 09-24-2019

Let's be honest, the big beard trend was cool for awhile but at some point it had to die out, right? Men everywhere are now running back to there Gillette razors but before you go back to your old baby face ways or worst yet, the dreaded chin strap, consider the following: Designer stubble/beards and why they're the next big thing (or already are).

When we say designer stubble or beard this is what we mean:

designer beard

Facial hair that is shaved in a way that contours the face and brings out the jaw line and cheek bones giving a more masculine yet clean cut and professional look.


Designer beards are great because unlike big beards you don't need to have amazing facial hair genetics to pull it off, because let's be honest not everyone can grow full beards without some patchiness. This is why designer stubble is a perfect alternative for guys that can't grow big beards!


Many guys often had complaints about their big beards being too unprofessional for the work place, well with designer beards you won't have to worry about that! Look trendy yet clean cut professional.

designer beard trend

A proper designer beard is like any other beard style – it needs maintenance and trimming to look good. The hair should be kept clean shaved around the cheeks with your beard centered around the contours of your face to give a more pronounced cheek and jaw line.


Seriously give the designer beard a chance! I promise you will like the results. It doesn't take nearly as long to grow as a big beard yet it will still give you all the masculine benefits one seeks in a beard. Good luck!

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