Why The Undercut Is The Best Hairstyle Yet


Funny word to describe a trend isn't it?

So why do I use it to describe the undercut..?

Easy - Because the amounts of variation between say – 50 people with this hairstyle can be enormous.


The undercut, really, is like a haircut within a haircut – it's the inception of hairstyles because it is so damn flexible and individualistic in the way it can be cut and styled.



Sideways swipe, brush up, disconnected, the possibilities are endless.


Think of the other hair trends of the 2000's, for example, the Guido style blow-out. People sporting this hairstyle were repeatedly mocked because it made all of them look like carbon copies of each other.


The same could be said about another hair trend that took place not many years ago, the faux-hawk. It's cool to have it while not many other people do, but once people catch on – it's no longer cool because you realize you look foolish having the same hairstyle as everyone else.


The undercut is different though, it's very rare for two people to look the same sporting the hairstyle.

And that's exactly why I believe this trend isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Enjoyed these hairstyles? Than you're sure to enjoy the Undercut.