Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Guys

Published By Brooke
Updated 01-15-2024

The times of shaggy mop tops and bleached spiky hair have sunk into oblivion. New life realia make new rules, dictate the trends, and develop new fashion. The latest teen boy haircuts have taken hair to an absolutely new level. And in this article, we’ll discuss all the hair trends for teenage boys that are taking 2024 by storm.

It’s an issue of huge importance for teenagers to look good, attractive, and alluring. Trendy haircuts are one of those integral details that make a huge difference when it comes to teenage boys image and style.

In this gallery, you’ll find a variety of hair ideas for 14-year-olds starting high school as well as for elder teens who already go to college. There are fresh versions of comb over, quiff, crop top, shag, different medium length hair ideas, solutions for teenage guys with wavy and curly hair, straight hair, thick and fine hair, so-called “e-boy” haircuts, and more.

Wanna find your iconic hairstyle that is a mixture of edgy, stylish, and cute? Scroll down.

Best Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

Best Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

What haircut should I get? First, decide if you wanna keep your hair short, grow it out a little bit, or wear long layered haircuts. Most trendy haircut ideas are long on top short on sides – something in-between the short and medium hair. They are easy to get and simple to style, using the appropriate hair products: wax, pomade, gel, or hairspray.

However, if you don’t want to follow a well-trodden path and look for something less popular and more extraordinary, you’ll also find some fresh style options in our gallery.

The times of shaggy mop tops and bleached spiky hair have sunk into oblivion. New life realia make new rules, dictate the trends, and develop new fashion. The latest teen boy haircuts have taken hair to an absolutely new level. And in this article, we’ll discuss all the hair trends for teenage boys that are taking 2024 by storm.It’s an issue of huge importance for teenagers to look good, attractive, and alluring. Trendy haircuts are one of those integral details that make a huge difference when it comes to teenage boys image and style.In this gallery, you’ll find a variety of hair ideas for 14-year-olds starting high school as well as for elder teens who already go to college. There are fresh versions of comb over, quiff, crop top, shag, different medium length hair ideas, solutions for teenage guys with wavy and curly hair, straight hair, thick and fine hair, so-called “e-boy” haircuts, and more.Wanna find your iconic hairstyle that is a mixture of edgy, stylish, and cute? Scroll down.

Best Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

Best Hairstyles for Teenage Boys @kendy.cutWhat haircut should I get? First, decide if you wanna keep your hair short, grow it out a little bit, or wear long layered haircuts. Most trendy haircut ideas are long on top short on sides - something in-between the short and medium hair. They are easy to get and simple to style, using the appropriate hair products: wax, pomade, gel, or hairspray.However, if you don’t want to follow a well-trodden path and look for something less popular and more extraordinary, you’ll also find some fresh style options in our gallery.

Boys Fade Haircut

Boys Fade Haircut @neringa_bonarA skin fade haircut has become a modern classic style: edgy, but neat, bright, but basic. A high fade on the back and sides is an integral part of most trendy haircuts for teen boys. The long hair on top contrasts with shorter sides, and this dramatic blend effect makes this cool style stand out.The best thing is you have an endless amount of styling options since the longer crown can be slicked back, disconnected, swept to the side, hard parted, brushed up, and more. Another cool thing is that you can visually correct the face shape by making the fade high, medium, or low. And the top section can help add an extra couple of inches of height.To get perfect fade haircuts, visiting a barber is a must! Bring some photo references to make sure you and your hairstylist understand each other right. And… be prepared to visit a barbershop once in a couple of weeks to keep your high fade clean and sharp.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut @rockybarber6Timeless and classic hairstyles like a crew cut will never lose their popularity among more conservative boys, or guys who just like keeping it simple. Another obvious but significant advantage of this cool hairstyle is how low-maintenance it is.A crew cut is a go-to style for active and athletic teenage boys who play sports. Also, these teen boy haircuts are very versatile, easily adaptable to any style, and make the face more defined. With this teenage boy hairstyle, you won’t need to look for a very good specialist - a crew cut is a staple in barbershops so that every barber and hairstylist can cut it decently. Still, you’ll need a gradual taper fade down to the neck, and you can choose the average length of your style: it can be shorter (2 on the sides, 4 on the top), or longer (up to 4 on the sides and 6 on the top.)

The High and Tight

The High and Tight @gents_hqMany teen hairstyles actually are high and tight. This is another short, basic, military-inspired haircut, which is still not the same as a butch cut or a buzz cut. The latter is short all over, while a high and tight cut is long on top short on the sides and back. This is a strong, noticeable hairstyle for teenage guys that works magic for every hair type and is especially loved for its low maintenance.The sides and back of these cool haircuts are usually cut with a number 1 attachment to the clipper, or even shaved (for an edgier skin fade effect). The top can be cut with scissors and you are the one who chooses the length, which is comfortable for you. If you’re into daily styling rituals, pick clipper setting number 7 or 8, for an easier, more classic style, choose number 6 or even 5.

The Side Part

The Side Part @rockybarber6The side part is a classic hairstyle that has been around for about a hundred years, and it’s still popular with boys, teenage guys, and adult men. A side part is great for teen boys with an undercut since this detail (the parting) adds some juice to a classic style.Side part cuts are the best hairstyles for boys who want a sharp, clean appearance. A hairstylist should find the right position of a side part, which works best with your face shape and hair type. You can also ask for a hard part: in this case, the parting will be shaved in, eventually, you will have to wear it constantly until it grows out.You can randomly sweep the hair on top to the side for a careless everyday look, or use a water-based styler, like pomade to achieve this glossy, shiny effect of a formal teenage boy hairstyle.

Side Blown Undercut

Side Blown Undercut @fade_designer_dhavalUnlike the previous side part style for teenage guys, this side-blown undercut looks more careless, lightweight, and rules-free. Indeed, it completely reflects the idea of the rebellious teen spirit. That’s why most teenage boys would opt for this one if choosing between the two.The hair around the sides and back is cut short, and the top is kept pretty long like in the side part haircut. But the main difference is that in this undercut all your hair should be brushed up and swept to the side by blow drying, without any defined partings.Teenage guys hairstyles like this are perfect for teen boys with naturally straight hair, thick hair. For teenage guys with fine hair, it will work too but with the help of texturizing hair products.

Straight Mohawk with Fade

Straight Mohawk with Fade @barbarianstyle_netStraight hair can look boring, but if you put in some effort, you’ll absolutely win this war with commonness. And if you go a bit further and get a mind-blowing mohawk with fade, you’ll just become an absolute champion. A young man beginning college can be adventurous enough to give this crazy hawk a chance. Younger teenage boys with understanding parents may also try a variation of this mohawk.The skin fade design around the ears can be personalized and adjusted to many different teen boy haircuts. As for the hawk, you can experiment with the colors and texture. Mohawk hairstyles for teenage boys are an easy task for a well-trained hairdresser - they are unlikely to be messed up. The sides and back should be shaved clean, and a strip in the center kept long.The longer the mohawk is, the more stronghold hair products you’ll need to keep it in place.

Ivy League for Teenagers

Ivy League for Teenagers @menshaircutsnycA traditional Ivy League haircut will work for a teenage boy only in case it carries with it some modern features that spice up the look. Ivy League is another, more sophisticated level of a crew cut, which implies a classic shape and a smart look. To tell the truth, it’s not every teenage boy who enjoys these retro vibes.To breathe new life into a good old Ivy League haircut, add an ideal side part and build the volume with a sculpting foam and texturizing clay.

Long Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

Long Hairstyles for Teenage Guys @mattgabrichLong young men haircuts require more time for everyday care. No wonder, since the longer the mane is, the more visible all the flaws of the hair are. So, to look good with longer hair, teenage boys should keep it clean and healthy.If you’re ready for the challenges of long hairstyles for teenage boys, scroll down the page to find great ideas of long and medium length cool hairstyles.

Comb Over Haircut

Comb Over Haircut @karinasammonsComb over is one of those cute boys hairstyles, which are associated with the red carpet ceremonies. In the case of teens, this style is definitely meant for special occasions only, but, for sure, to rock the party.Some stronghold pomade with a lot of shine will be necessary to get this look. When styling, first apply some product on the hair forward and blow-dry it up, and back, and to the side; then, apply the pomade on the rest of the hair and sweep it to the side and back with a comb.

Spiky Hair

Spiky Hair @hairby_e.samarronA lot of 13 years old hairstyles have arrived into our times through the decades. Spiky hair, which was an integral detail of all cool haircuts in the 90s, is making a comeback now. But it’s not greasy anymore: now it’s almost wind-blown with soft spikes that look just great.You can hardly achieve this style with curly hair or wavy hair, but naturally straight hair is meant for spiky teen boy haircuts. To keep this soft look, use a mousse for styling every morning. Also, remember that the shorter the cut is, the easier it is to achieve and maintain the best effect of a spiky hairstyle.

Messy Fringe

Messy Fringe @reneecutshairWell, this one is a certain flashback to the 90s, when most teen guys wore their medium length hair in this messy way. Good for straight hair, a messy fringe brings a carefree take on a casual and classy look for teenage boys. The fringe should fall far below the brows, so this messy hair cut is great for teenage guys with long faces. However, it also works well with other face shapes.As for the hair on the sides and back, it can be cut in any way you like, but in this photo, it is done with scissors for a shaggy layered hair vibe.A young man beginning college will adore this popular teen boy haircut since it’s ideal for a wide range of situations: from ceremonies to casual outings. To texturize the hair, tousle it with or without hair product depending on the natural texture of your medium hair.

Faux Hawk with a Burst Fade

Faux Hawk with a Burst Fade @brixwayThis is another modern interpretation of spiky hairstyles with a fresh twist. Thanks to that perfect burst fade on the sides and soft spikes, this spiky hairstyle is up-to-date and so much loved by teenage guys.Definitely, it’s easier to build such a top on thick hair. And if you add some dye, that brush-up look will become even more bubbly and live.

The Man Bun / Long Hair Top Knot

The Man Bun Long Hair Top Knot @iam_richiefreshTalking about hairstyles for teenage guys with longer hair, we can’t but mention man buns and undercut top knots. A man bun teen hairdo is more conservative, while a top knot has a kind of samurai-influenced flair.The benefit of this hairstyle for 15-year-olds is that it combines long and short haircuts. You can wear the top section loose and enjoy your longer hair, but you also can pull it up into a top knot and get a kind of short hairdo.You’ll need some patience to get this style since you have to grow out at least 8 inches on top to be able to tie it up in a tight, neat knot or bun.

Hard Part Comb Over + Mid Taper Fade

Hard Part Comb Over + Mid Taper Fade @_auguststylesThe hard part comb over with mid taper fade is that very hairstyle, which popular boys from high school wear. It shines with perfection and turns all the heads. On one hand, it’s a pretty classic combover style, but in combination with that sharp geometric hairline and ideal skin fade, this haircut for teenage guys is a game-changer.To get this look, the hair should be washed and blow-dried properly. While blow-drying, comb the hair back in a diagonal way, add some pomade. Choose a low shine or medium shine finish for a formal occasion.As for guys with curly hair and wavy hair, the locks need to be straightened first.

High Bald Fade + Short Top + Brushed Up Front

High Bald Fade + Short Top + Brushed Up Front @barber_shop_knorThis striking haircut for teenage boys is a perfect summer hair resolution: trendy, noticeable, and fashion-forward. Bald fade haircut on the sides won’t bring any discomfort during the summer heat, while the high-reaching top adds energy to any situation.Especially appropriate for teen boys with coarse and thick hair, it conveys carefreeness and freedom. Since this short brush-up gives extra height to the hair, it’s ideal for round and square face shapes.To style this crown, apply some pomade or hair wax to damp hair and style it upright, and modify it according to your preferences.

Fade + Hair Design + Textured Spiky Hair

Fade + Hair Design + Textured Spiky Hair @barber_h3ath3rThis is another example of how classic hairstyles for teenage guys can be completely upgraded with only one small detail. It could be one of those average spiky fade haircuts if it wasn’t for that shaved-in hair design. You can play with different variations of design over a high fade to highlight the uniqueness of your style.As for the top section, just give it some volume and texture. Brush it slightly forward and a bit to one side and enjoy the result.


Dreadlocks @kiwi_fonnaturalsDreadlocks are very popular hairstyles for teenage boys with Afro hair. Why so? - It’s the easiest way to keep unruly coarse afro curls in place, neat, and clean. Another advantage of dreadlocks for teenage boys is that they really look cool. And this already is a big reason to give it a try.You can experiment with the length of your dreadlocks and find the comfortable one. Also, you can play with the “pattern” at the bottom: equal square sections, like in the photo, can be replaced with triangles, circles, and other irregular shapes.

Line Up Haircut

Line Up Haircut @daquaro_barberspotThere are many variants of how line-up hairstyles for teenage boys can look, and a good french crop is only one of them. The sides are traditionally faded so that the top stands out with its volume.Why does this line-up haircut look so perfect? The balanced contrast is the key. Firstly, the color: deep dark roots and trendy cold blonde ends make magic together, emphasizing the cheekbones and facial features as well. Secondly, the length: that extreme drop from long layered hair to 0 fade on the sides always looks mindblowing.

Medium Length Teen Boy Haircuts

Medium Length Teen Boy Haircuts @jerem.dcMedium length teen hairstyles are meant to suit everybody. They work fantastically with straight hair, tame wild curly hair, and level-up naturally wavy hair. If it’s a classic cut, it can be changed to suit a situation: for formal occasions, the hair can be effortlessly swept back and smoothed down; for casual occasions, medium hair requires minimal styling in a messy way.For styling, use light hold or medium hold products so that your hair was neither weighed down nor looked greasy.

Fade + Messy Textured Hair + Beard

Fade + Messy Textured Hair + Beard @mainpointsalonThe temple fade (also known as a temp fade) is another incredibly versatile option for boys with medium and short haircuts. Many teen hairstyles are pared with a temple fade to balance the disconnected careless crown, and, often, the teen stubble too.Such fade haircut combination is great for highly active teenage guys: even if the top section style is ruined, those perfectly blended sides will always keep the whole look nice, clean, and edgy.You can adjust the cut to your face shape by changing the blade guard: if you pick the transition from number 2 to number 4, you’ll get a longer fade. The top curls in the photo are so shiny and have so much life in them. To keep yours in the same condition, you’d better not neglect care products for curls.

Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut @artistryspasalonThe undercut is that versatile style you can fearlessly experiment on without taking any risks. Being basic, different types of undercut teenage boys haircuts perfectly suit all face shapes. In this case, the undercut high fade haircut gives new life to curly hair. The texture on top can be different. What we see here is the curls that retain their shape, spiced up with extreme blonde highlights, and swept forward, falling down the forehead.In this hairstyle, curls are cut to suit and frame the face without making a curly mess.To style the curls like this, use a curl cream with medium or strong hold, apply it on slightly damp hair.

Twisted Curls for Black Guys

Twisted Curls for Black Guys @barbarianstyle_netWell well well… Here we go with a creative version of an undercut for black guys, or an unboring variation of a top knot. Whatever you call it, this twisted curls teen boy hairstyle has 0 chance to be unnoticed.This combination of buzzed sides, back, and front, edgy hairline, and those soft fluffy knots is mind-blowing. Perfect for casual wear, the hairstyle will fit in a trendy teenage guy look.

Short Afro with Bald Fade

Short Afro with Bald Fade @uniquekutsWearing natural Afro texture without taming it has always been a bold choice. That’s why coarse and unruly curly hair caters perfectly to dreadlocks. Modern trends also recommend more controlled versions of Afro hairstyles for teenage guys.These tiny dreads with fluffy ends stand around the crown randomly, while the sides and back are shaved.This teen style requires minimum maintenance since the dreadlocks stay in place, and the sides are very short. You’ll only need to roll the dreadlocks regularly and keep the buzz cut clean. You can also add extra shaved-in design on the sides to personalize the look.

Surfer Shag

Surfer Shag ​​This beach-inspired medium length surfer shag is perfect for summertime. It’s not a very long hair style, so a teen boy with natural texture will have no trouble wearing this shag with a messy fringe. Indeed, this style will work best with thick hair, wavy hair, high foreheads, and distinctive cheekbones.Lile a classic shag, this cut is based on layers, which are made with a razor instead of a clipper or scissors.The hair on top should be fairly long to allow you to play around with it quite a bit.

Man Bun

Man Bun @barbarianstyle_netHere is another variant of a man bun for teen boys who prefer long hair. The base of this hairstyle is an undercut: the sides are shaved clean, so is the forehead hairline. The top section is divided into two halves with a central parting. Both halves are swept back in perfect french braids, which blend together in a tiny twisted bun.You can experiment a lot with the style of your bun - these braids are only one of the options.

Caesar Haircut

Caesar Haircut @hannahgwinhairCaesar haircut is an option from the list of classic short haircuts for teenage guys. Though it has been around since the time of Julius Caesar, who used this style to visually hide his balding, it’s still very popular, and nowadays it usually plays a role of a trendy detail in the look rather than a trick to cover some flaws.It’s great for boys who live active lives.

Teen Edge Up

Teen Edge Up @mancaveutcWhen you sweep your hair forward up, it’s always an edge up. Rebellious, free, and trendy. You can also call it a variation of quiff. Whatever, a messy fringe, which is slightly longer than the rest of the hair is always a good idea.To get this hairstyle, you’ll need to ask for a high bald fade on the sides and back, a buzz cut on the top part of the head, that gradually blends into a longer fringe.The benefit of this haircut compared to classic undercut-based popular hairstyles is that the “styling area” is rather small: all you need is to brush up the fringe and optionally add some hair mousse.

Short and Slicked Back

Short and Slicked Back @iam_richiefreshSlicked back styles are a great option to serve as a so-called transition hairstyle - the style you wear while growing out your hair. The thing is if using a hair gel or hair wax, you can keep in place even rather short locks.The easiest in maintenance this look will be for boys with fine, shiny, thick, and straight hair. In this case, teen boys only need low or medium-hold products so that the hair looks natural and unstyled. For boys with textured, wavy hair, strong-hold products are required. But make sure you don’t overdo it ‘cause your trendy hairstyle can turn into a scruffy greaser.So, how to get the style? After washing your hair, spread some styling product over it, and comb it back by blow-drying it. At the roots, you can use dry shampoo for extra volume and a cleaner look.

Thin Brush Up with Tapered Sides

Thin Brush Up with Tapered Sides @mivida_salonTeenage guys with thin hair can add thickness and texture to their hair by using these lifehacks: keep the hair messy, style it in multiple directions, use a seawater spray, a dry shampoo, or any other texturizer.With thin hair, you can wear taper fade without affecting the face shape a lot, so use the chance. The mess around the hair length looks so natural thanks to matte medium and low-hold hair products, so you’d better pick them for your taper fade thin brush-up.

French Crop and Goatee

French Crop and Goatee @chuckgeezyJust like the Caesar cut, the French crop is one of those low-maintenance cool hairstyles that look great on its own even without any styling. That’s why it’s believed to be among the best hairstyles for teenage guys.The difference between a French crop and a Caesar cut is in the hair length. For a Caesar cut, short hair is enough, while for a French crop, you’ll need slightly longer hair. French crop looks softer and works well for fine hair.Ask your barber to give you a scissors taper on the back and sides or a clean low skin fade. Older teens can also add a goatee and mustache that look amazing in tandem with a medium-length French crop.Adding a couple of dreadlocks is another creative variant of how to spice up this look.

Blonde Faux Hawk

Blonde Faux Hawk @iam_richiefreshA faux hawk looks eccentric on its own, not to mention if it’s paired with the acid blonde. Short around the sides and back, this fade haircut gradually becomes longer as it pulls towards the vertex. Such haircuts for teenage guys take styling with hair gel or wax to keep the volume and direction.Similar to mohawk and pomp, a faux hawk is meant for expressive teen guys. The best combination in appearance will be with high cheekbones, a strong chin, and an oblong face shape.

Neckline Design with Messy Top

Neckline Design with Messy Top @rockandlookestilistasThere are lots of ways to create a messy top. You can carelessly sweep all the hair up and tie it in a top knot like in this photo. You can dishevel the crown with fingers, spreading some hair product, and let the hair fall down. You can keep the locks not very long and brush them up while blow-drying.Whatever you choose, buzzed sides and back are what you get. Often, teen boys make them faded, rearer, they add a personalized design over it to make the whole hairstyle unique.This is only one idea of how to do your neckline design. Stay creative and you’ll take your messy top hairstyle to a completely new level.

Side Swept Taper Fade

Side Swept Taper Fade @davidgstylistIf we look at the side-swept cut and at a taper, and even if we mix them together, as a result, we get a classic, ordinary, rather trivial style. But why doesn’t this side-swept taper fade teen haircut look so boring? The details are the key.In this case, the double hard side part is the juicy detail. Sharp and edgy, it makes the whole cut more vivid.As for the top part, you can change the styles every day. But this Elvis manner looks always appropriate, so try it out at least once.

Layered Mop Top

Layered Mop Top @artyom_chempionTo say that layered mop-top hairstyles for teenage guys are exploding TikTok is to say nothing. Taking its roots somewhere in the 60s’, after several waves of fantastic popularity in different decades, the mop-top has revived again as a trendy style for teen boys.This great medium-to-long length option for young men covers the forehead and wraps the ears, so it works great for boys with oblong faces and large foreheads. This cut slightly compresses the face but helps to correct the shape of the head by means of full-volume layers.

The Burr Cut

The Burr Cut @meraki_artisanhairdesignA burr cut is a nice option for a young gentleman, who can’t sit still in one place. You can also call it a buzz cut or a military cut, either way, this short hair style won’t cause any discomfort or trouble. No need to style, blow-dry, and even with dirty hair it doesn’t look scruffy.To make it playful, you can experiment with a tiny shaved-in design line, and also add a geometric edgy hairline. The only thing you have to be concerned about is visiting your barber regularly since this style requires a timely trim.

Modern Cowlick

Modern Cowlick @rockandlookestilistasCoarse, thick hair can be tough to work with. And in this case, a modern cowlick will tame your teen’s unruly locks. A modern cowlick is a short hair style with longer hair at the front. This blend gives a hint of undercut, and the hairline along the scalp is so defined.To get this style, you’ll need a slight undercut on the sides. To style the cowlick fringe up, use a matte and medium hold paste on dry hair, brush the hair up. If you wanna have a more defined texture, apply the hair product on slightly damp hair (when it’s towel-dried).

The Ponytail

The Ponytail @marcovfialhoWow! If you think that ponytail teen boy’s haircut is not as wild as a mohawk, just look at this burning teenager pony and go back on your words. Such haircut ideas are for adventurous teen boys only. Extremely bald high fade makes it more dramatic, and the shaved-in hard part design extends to the eyebrow, which is such a unique and creative idea.This photo is proof that if you want your ponytail to look cool, it’s not enough just to grow out the hair and never go to the stylist. Every detail counts.


Cornrows @hairby.mirandaCornrows boys haircuts are traditional Afro styles but they work great for other hair types too. You need to create rows of braids that lie close to the scalp and lead them from the forehead to the back.Normally, they are formed in straight lines, however, you can play with them building different patterns on the scalp.Cornrows slicked back hair is a low-maintenance style and can be left in for a pretty long period of time. In other words, the cornrows hairstyle is a versatile and comfy option. If a teen boy wants a style, which is a little out of ordinary, just pick cornrows.

Popular Side Part Cut

Popular Side Part Cut @nick_vidal_officialPopular hairstyles for popular boys. Indeed, this side part medium length hairstyle for teenage guys emphasizes the independence and masculinity of a boy. The only concern is to keep the hair clean - if you follow this tip, nothing can ruin this perfect style.

Modern Wet Look Hairstyle for Boys

Modern Wet Look Hairstyle for Boys @estebanaultWet look hairstyles for boys can seem old-fashioned and scruffy if you try to imagine them. But if you look at this photo, you’ll discover that this type of teen hairstyle has broken all the rules and limitations we could imagine.The touch of color is an absolute game-changer. These pastel shades mix together in a fantastic rainbow, which will definitely emphasize the uniqueness of a teen’s personality and attract a lot of attention.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut @ilen_mendThis buzz cut on the edge with induction cut gradually reduces the hair length to the shortest possible down around the ears and at the neck. No doubt and no wonder, this cut is low-maintenance and it allows to decorate the sides of the head with razor-shaved patterns, similar to this line on the side.This short hair fade haircut works amazingly with a wide range of face shapes and hair types. To get this style, just tell your hairstylist that you want a buzz cut with bald fade.

Quiff with a Hard Part

Quiff with a Hard Part @barbarianstyle_netThe quiff has always been quite popular with teen boys, so it’s a win-win choice for teenagers who favor a classy appearance. Despite being rather traditional, a quiff is also a very noticeable hairstyle that can look rather bold.Thus, teen boys can style the quiff according to their mood right here right now: yep, teens can change from angels to demons so fast.We highly recommend choosing a quality stylist for a great quiff. The basic idea is to make the hair longer on top and shorter on the sides and back. But only those perfect lines and fade made by a highly professional barber will take the cut to another level.To get the look from the photo, you’ll need to style the front section up and comb back diagonally.

Short Sides + Longer Messy Hair on Top

Short Sides + Longer Messy Hair on Top @marcovfialhoHere is another option of how to style haircuts for teenage guys with short sides and longer hair on top. Don’t try to hide your messy hair, on the contrary: show it off in a fantastic long tousle. This “rolled out of bed” style will only emphasize the teen spirit.To make the best conditions for a perfect tousled undercut, skip a haircut for a while to grow out your hair to the necessary length. Next, ask your barber to give you a clean fade haircut on the sides and back.And, finally, to make a transition from untidy and scruffy to effortlessly chic, use some soft hold hair gel or cream for curly hair, spread it on your palms, and gently run your fingers through the curls to slightly define them.Also, consider growing the fringe an inch longer than the rest of the mane.

Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut @estebanaultGreat for Asian guys and other teen boys with naturally straight and glossy hair. Yep, smooth hair is a guarantee of a problem-free bowl cut that stands out. So, if you are the lucky one with natural silk hair, don’t miss the chance to try it out at least once in a lifetime in an outstanding bowl haircut.The bowl cut means you grow your hair up to a medium length and cut it around like if you put a bowl on your head. The hair is swept in all directions with the center in the vertex area. The edgier the line of the “bowl”, the better. You can make it straight or curved like in the picture above. The base of this short haircut is the 0 buzz on the sides and back.You can nicely combine your facial hair with a bowl cut if you’d like to.

Wavy Crop

Wavy Crop @avenue.manA wavy crop is probably the most obvious variant of teen boys haircuts for wavy hair. However, it doesn’t make this option boring and unattractive. On the contrary, a traditional wavy crop will turn all the eyes to you if your hair looks healthy, neat, and voluminous.Thus, the first rule of a wavy crop is proper care. Don’t neglect using special hair care products for curly hair, styling products should also be meant for curly hair to make your locks more shiny and defined. All these will create a look of healthy curls that can’t but allure everyone.


What hairstyles do teenage guys like? @iam_richiefresh

What hairstyles do teenage guys like?

When I was a teen I hardly had any sense of style. My dad was my stylist and every time he took me to the barber’s and asked to give me a crew cut. It was ok. However, modern teenage boys are way more experienced and sophisticated in the question of the best hairstyles for teenage guys. They follow the trends through Instagram and TikTok, wanna copy celebrities’ hairstyles.Thus, being a parent of a teen boy, we should consider lots of things when choosing a haircut for them.But remember one thing: the basic haircuts for teenage guys haven’t changed dramatically. It is all about details now: new trends update good old hairstyles by means of small but significant changes. So, your task is to keep up with those small trends and introduce them over a well-tested hairstyle, which fits your teen’s face shape and hair type.By and large, teenage guys enjoy the styles based on:
  • Undercut
  • Taper fade and bold fade
  • Texture with taper mix
  • Modern variations of a combover, Ivy League, and crew cut
  • Fauxhawk
  • Messy bangs
  • The topknot and man bun
  • Soft spikes
  • Quiff
Generally talking, all these are haircuts with medium or long hair on top, and each of them requires the right hair product.If talking about the specific favorites of teens, number one right now is the so-called “e-boy hairstyle”, which features a central parting with curtain bangs. Usually, it’s a mid-length hairstyle that works best with straight hair.Another trend, which is popular with teens is an edgy super-short fringe combined with a shaggy mess all over the top. Layers and spikes are also often included in this mix.And finally, we can’t but mention bright color games. The crazier the combination - the better. Also, it can be a solo color, which is contrasting to the facial features too.One more thing you need to bear in mind when choosing a cut is how suitable it is for the face shape of your boy. The best hairstyles for teenage boys are flattering, their task is to balance and harmonize the look. It shouldn’t happen that an oblong face is stretched even more with a voluminous crown and bold sides.The same should be considered concerning the distinctive facial features: unproportional mouth, wide or narrow forehead, plump cheeks, or high cheekbones.For instance, if your teen boy has a very high forehead, you should offer them hairstyles that partially or completely cover the forehead. For this purpose, you can try hairstyles with bangs and side-swept hairstyles.One big issue with WOW hairstyles is that often a school or college dress code doesn’t allow the students to wear very eccentric and outstanding styles. Here is the solution that will build a compromise between the rebellious teens, strict parents, and school rules:Probably, the best thing about the majority of modern haircuts for teenage guys is that they are easy to transform. Thus, a mohawk, for example, can be combed back and down - and voila: you get a hairstyle of a straight student A. Same can be done with most haircuts for teenage guys. And this is awesome!

How to cut a boy’s hair?

If you’re asking “How can I cut my teenage son's hair at home?”, you should keep this determination till the end of the process. Don’t get scared - you can easily do it. All you’ll need is a pair of scissors, clippers, a comb, and a mirror.There are several base hairstyles you can choose from, which we’ve mentioned above. So, first, you’ll need to decide which style you want and have a reference picture on hand.To give your teen’s hair a little trim:
  • Trim the hair on the back of the head using a clipper.
  • Rinse some moisture and comb the hair in the style you want.
  • Take the hair into the comb till several inches are over the comb bristles.
  • Cut these extra inches with scissors.
  • Repeat the same with other sections of the hair.
  • Try to cut the hair from the ends vertically, not horizontally, to stay safe and be able to control the length.
To make a basic fade:
  • Start with clean hair.
  • Separate the top section away.
  • Use the clippers with the number 4 setting to create a high fade.
  • Pull the clippers away towards the top for a smoother finish.
  • Next, use the number 3 but this time end the fade a bit lower than the previous one.
  • Repeat the same with number 2 and number 1 alternately, ending each fade lower than the previous one.
  • Finally, clean up the neckline and the area around the ears with no attachment on the clippers.
  • Now, start working with the top section. Begin from the front, moving back
  • Grab small sections across the head, fix them between the fingers and trim the necessary amount off.
  • Use a part of the first section as a guide for the second one.
To cut your teenage son's hair with scissors:
  • Take a pair of sharp scissors, a water spray bottle, a comb, and crocodile clips
  • Follow the direction from the front to the back.
  • Pick up a small section across the head, hold it between the fingers, and trim the desired length off.
  • Use either the tips of the scissors only, or cut straight across.
  • For long hair, separate it into several sections and move from underneath to the top.


Finding the right best hairstyles for teenage guys can be a real challenge, there are several important factors to consider, including the kid’s face shape, hair’s texture, if the teen (or the parent) is ready to style it every day, how versatile it should be, and how long you want it to last. We hope so much that with this in-depth article and gallery full of fresh teen hair ideas, we’ve managed to help you decide on the right look for your young gentleman.Remember that hairstyles for teenage guys are an endless field for creativity, so don’t mind them being a bit over the edge sometimes. Teen years are the perfect time in life to try something truly mind-blowing. And even school regulations can be followed if you’re creative and flexible enough.Don’t forget, that haircuts for teenage guys are all about various details, so keep up with the latest trends and offer your teen to incorporate those fads in their hairstyle. Make sure that the hairstyle of your son reflects his personality, highlights his facial features, and expresses his mood.If you are a teenager and confused about what kind of style to choose from this incredibly huge list of overwhelming options, just start with a fade or an undercut. Later on, in small steps, add extra details and features to the style, and subsequently, you’ll find your perfect, unique, personalized hairstyle.

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