Men’s Hairstyles for Summer 2021

Published By Brooke
Updated 01-1-2021

With Spring and Summer just around the corner it's time to think about what the latest hairstyle trends are going to be! While you're working towards that beach body don't forget to keep your hairstyle on point!

1. Summer Bounce



The brushed up hairstyle looks great but requires careful maintenance. To achieve this style you need to know your way around hair brushes, blow dryers and how to give your hair more "bounce".

2. Side Sweep



Remember those long top short side variations we were talking about? Say hello to the side swipe, a classic men's hairstyle updated for 2015. A great water based pomade will do wonders for this hairstyle, try it out!

3. Long on Top Short on Sides Fringe



This style will having you looking great for the summer. The long top short sides styles have spawned so many new variations, this one in particular is our favourite!

4. Disconnected Haircut



Disconnected hairstyles are becoming a huge trend amongst dudes looking for a more edgy haircut! Not everyone can pull it off but that's why we do it during the summer, so we can stay indoors for a month if we get a botched haircut, right?

5. Shaved Head



The summer months are the perfect time to shave your head and make way for new healthy hair when summer is over. Going the buzzed route will keep you cool during the scorching heat and who knows, maybe you'll like having a shaved head so much you'll keep it!

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