40 Trendy Haircuts for Oval Faces to Try in 2024

Published By Brooke
Updated 06-18-2024

The great thing about the oval face is that almost any length and texture of hair can go with it: long haircuts below the chest, medium length haircuts, super short haircuts, haircuts with strands, with bangs, or asymmetrical haircuts. These will all go well with the oval face. Forty ideas for different haircuts are described in this guide below.

Flattering Haircuts for Oval Faces

We have selected a variety of haircuts and hairstyles so that every girl who turns to this guide could find the best idea for herself. No matter what your character, lifestyle, profession, and style is – something from this list will definitely suit your fancy.

Side-Swept Pixie Cut

Side-Swept Pixie Cut


A pixie cut is a great way to highlight your natural beauty and unusual personal style. Subtle layers of short hair highlight and emphasize the oval face shape, while the slightly tousled texture keeps the perfect balance between the restraint and boldness of the short hairstyles.

Low Braid with Layers

Low Braid with Layers@josephmaine

It's probably the most low-maintenance hairstyle for oval face shapes. Anyone can do it. All you have to do is make a loose low braid, you don't even have to choose equal sections of hair, the messier the better. And don't forget to leave a few strands around your face to emphasize your well-proportioned features. This hairstyle looks better on medium-length hair or long hair, it is more difficult to collect short hair in such a braid. However, this braid hairstyle is suitable for thick hair as well as for thin hair.

Chin Length Bob

Chin Length Bob


Bob is one of the most popular haircuts for oval faces. In this guide, you will find many variations of these short hairstyles. The model in this photo has a short hairstyle that emphasizes the natural beauty of the oval face shapes. If you want to emphasize your facial features, a chin-length bob is definitely for you.

Layered Bob for Oval Face

Layered Bob for Oval Face@brianaguilarhair

A layered bob is always a good haircut idea for an oval face shape. Subtle layers are a great way to lighten up thick hair and at the same time make thin hair look voluminous. The best way to style a layered bob is with lightly tousled waves. You don’t have to be a professional hair stylist. It doesn't necessarily have symmetrical waves, just grab a couple of strands with a curling iron and fix them with a texture spray.

Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob@passion_carre

We already mentioned that the bob is one of the most popular haircuts for oval faces, right? So check out this blunt bob that perfectly frames the natural beauty of the oval face! And to compliment your particular face shape even better, style your blunt bob with subtle loose waves like in the photo. Don't be intimidated, it is low maintenance. All you have to do is blow dry damp hair with a round brush.

Choppy Long Bob

Choppy Long Bob@hair_by_christina

Another variant of the wavy bob. This hairstyle is for those who want to try short hairstyles but not too much. And trust, you will realize that it is worth it, once you feel how easy it is to make loose waves at this length.

Long Layered Haircut

Long Layered Haircut@milan_haireducation

What is the volume level? Just crazy beauty isn't it? imagine how much attention you will get because of this hairstyle. Something unreal for long hair. Such long layers require special care and more time for blow drying and styling. But just take a large round brush and do it. This haircut for an oval face shape is worth all the effort.

A Line Haircut

A Line Haircut@thetroomsalon

What about asymmetry? There's also a bob for oval faces. No waves, but accentuated. A line haircut for those who like to be flashy and simple at the same time. Short and straight hair is a perfectly framing match for oval face shapes.

Shoulder Length Waves

Shoulder Length Waves@muahfediv

If sass isn't your thing, here's a cute look for the oval face shape. Shoulder-length waves are reminiscent of hairstyles of the past and add some innocence to the look. It doesn't matter if you have natural waves or if you have to curl your hair. Try shoulder-length waves and you'll be surprised how this hairstyle highlights the well-proportioned features.

Layered Haircut

Layered Haircut@styled_by_selena

Face framing layers are probably the second most popular oval face shape hairstyles. Long-layered haircut are becoming very popular. At first view it is just long hair, but long layers and curtain bang, as in the photo, add extra style and successfully frame the oval face shape. You can leave straight hair or curl the ends with a round brush like on the model.

Textured Bob

Textured Bob@asulihairbeauty

With soft layers and curtain bangs that are swept up with a round brush, the textured bob adds freshness and lightness to the look. There is a stereotype that short hairstyles are not as feminine as long hair. This photo of a layered haircut for oval face shapes proves the opposite.

Sleek Bob

Sleek Bob@stacy_roserussell

Girls with straight short hair prove to the world that feminine style is not only about voluminous hairstyles. By the way, a sleek angled bob is suitable for girls with an oval face shape and triangular shape. It's probably the most low-maintenance hairstyle. To maintain that sleek and polished look, all you need is a paddle brush.

Voluminous Pompadour

Voluminous Pompadour@michellenyreehair

Pompadour is not a face-framing haircut, it is a haircut that reveals the balanced proportions of the face. It is often difficult for girls to decide on short hairstyles. But if you are already thinking about it, try to go for it.

Shoulder-Length Loose Waves

Shoulder-Length Loose Waves@rsdoeshair

This hairstyle is perfect for vacations and for the oval face shapes. Imagine you're having a cocktail on the ocean and your light wavy hair is developing an ever-so-slight flow of warm wind. And even if you can't dream of a vacation yet, it's a great hairstyle for the daily office routine emphasizing balanced proportions of your facial features.

Highlighted Shag Haircut

Highlighted Shag Haircut@un.rooted

Shag haircut is one of the best medium haircuts for oval face shapes because balanced proportions of face-framing layers emphasise balanced face shapes. The tousled texture and highlighted strands of hair are the natural contours for well-proportioned features. If you have fine hair on which the style does not hold – a shag haircut and lightened strands is a great solution. Flattering strands give the volume of hair, and coloured hair holds styling better.

Medium Wispy Shag

Medium Wispy Shag@allthingshairuk

And going on about the Shag haircuts for oval faces, another great option is to add tousled waves to this haircut. The subtle layers of wavy hair add a drop of tenderness to the bold style of the shag haircut. Choosing a forest haircut for an oval face, you can't go wrong!

Straight Cut for Oval Shaped Face

Straight Cut for Oval Shaped Face@jeypi.beauty

The polished appearance of long hair is probably the most universal and low-maintenance hairstyle. And you have to admit it's perfect for an oval-shaped face. In that case, no complicated styling is needed, just the natural beauty of the hair. P.S. the longer hair, the more graceful and memorable it is.

Face-Framing Layers

Face-Framing Layers@butterflyloftsalon

Face-framing strands are one of the best hairstyles for oval faces. For girls who want to make their haircut more interesting, strands are a great way to refresh their look. And the stronger strands are cut, the more attention will be paid to your hairstyle.

Messy Bedhead Layers

Messy Bedhead Layers@ernestomeneses

Look at this! how much drive! the most flattering haircut for the oval face shape is exactly for girls who are not afraid to be bright. This hairstyle is suitable for those who have natural curls or you can make this hair texture by yourself.

Super Side Part

Super Side Part@bellazonhair

How else to accentuate your facial features? Open up part of your oval shape face with a super side-part hairstyle. This polished appearance is super versatile. Such oval face shape hairstyles will be suitable for a business suit and a casual outfit and even for an evening dress.

Feathered Shag

Feathered Shag@act.hair

We have already mentioned that flattering haircuts for oval faces are a very good solution. And we have also said that the shag haircut is great for an oval face. And as an example of how these two hairstyles combine into one. The best haircut combo, isn't it?

French Bob

French Bob@joycemariehair

Can short hairstyles be associated with tenderness? If it's a French bob, definitely yes. This haircut is not often seen (although it is starting to become a trend), so it will accurately emphasize a unique personal style. And also this length will highlight the balanced proportions of a beautiful oval face.

Side-Parted Pixie

Side-Parted Pixie@frisurella

Beauty and boldness are the words about this short haircut for oval faces. no matter if you have thin hair or thicker hair, this haircut will suit you in any case. But remember, the pixie haircut needs to be trimmed from time to time to maintain a well-groomed look.

Center-Parted Shaggy Bob

Center-Parted Shaggy Bob@nada__salon

Once again, one of the best haircuts for the oval face structure is combined here – the bob and the shag. If the sleek bob is not for you and you prefer a more voluminous style, the shaggy bob is exactly what you need.

Long, Tight Waves With Center Part

Long, Tight Waves With Center Part@ellecia_blondebottega

Curls are often associated with a celebration, but what prevents you from making such a hairstyle every day? Especially if it suits the oval shape of the face. and using fixing products for hair, it is possible to keep this hairstyle for several days.

Side-Swept Bangs

Side-Swept Bangs@sarahangius

This hairstyle is not only for oval faces but we couldn't mention it in this guide. Actually, you can do this hairstyle with any haircut, if the length of your hair allows it. It may take some practice before you get something you're satisfied with. But that shouldn't stop you from experiments.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs@romeofoxtrotsalon

Curtain bangs have been one of the most popular hair solutions for several years now. And it's also a universal haircut that's not just for oval faces. The curtain bangs are comfortable to wear and very easy to style. it's the one little detail that makes any haircut more interesting.

Half-Up, Half-Down Topknot

Half-Up, Half-Down Topknot@k8_smallthings

How else to show off your beautiful face shape? By completely opening it up. But if you don't like to gather all your hair, the half topknot is for you. It's the easiest hairstyle you can do, forget the comb, just grab half of your hair with your hands and tie a bun. Done.

Updo with Cascading Curtain Bangs

Updo with Cascading Curtain Bangs@zohnabeauty

For this hairstyle, it is better to have longer hair and a little skill in hairdressing. To accurately comb the hair up, use a paddle brush, then make a voluminous bundle and fasten it with hairpins. And of course, do not forget to leave the curtain bangs at the face because it is the main detail of this hairstyle for oval faces.

Ombre Hairstyle with Off-Center Parting

Ombre Hairstyle with Off-Center Parting@volkandalkilic

The ombré hairstyle remains one of the most popular hairstyles for quite several years. Girls love this way of refreshing their image without losing the main hair colour, just adding new dyes to the tips. And if the visible transition of hair colour starts from the chin line, your natural beauty will not remain inattention to others.

Bob with Deep Side Part

Bob with Deep Side Part@yuya_engol

The middle parting is the most common but let's be honest it suits not everyone. In such cases, it is better to get a haircut by cutting the hair considering the side parting. Especially as for the bob. Sometimes, cutting a bob is like jewelry work. It doesn't mean that you should be afraid to get such a haircut just choose a checked hair master.

Wispy Lob with Layers

Wispy Lob with Layers@painted_platinum

Any haircut will look new if you add loose curls to it. it's a simple style, so it can be part of your daily routine. in this case, you don't need to curl all your hair, just twist the top strands to create an interesting hair texture.

Wavy Hair for Oval Face Shape

Wavy Hair for Oval Face Shape@tanjaniemelainen_muah

Wavy hair looks great on any length. Here is an example of long waves. As usual, such a hairstyle is associated with a celebration, but as we see from the characters of TV shows of the 2000s – curls can be a part of a casual look.

Medium-Length Cut for Fine Hair

Medium-Length Cut for Fine Hair@dreybradford

Who said that fine hair is a judgment? Yes, with this structure, short haircuts can look weak and long hair loses volume. But there is a golden mean – a medium-length haircut. At this length, it is easy to experiment with styling and hairdos with little time consumption.

Medium Cut with Textured Bangs

Medium Cut with Textured Bangs@baby_a______

Several times in this guide have already mentioned haircuts with curtain bangs. There is another variant of bangs for oval faces – textured bangs. it is less thick but no less stylish. Yeah, textured bangs are best matched with medium-length haircuts, and also with face-framing layers, like in the photo.

Polished Curls

Polished Curls@lauri_kc

You may have naturally straight hair, but nowadays, thanks to styling products, this is not a problem for any girl. It is enough to spend 20 minutes with a flat iron and you are the owner of polished curls.

Mid Shag

Mid Shag@samvillahair

Shag is not only about medium-length hair, this haircut looks great in the short version. and the short version of this hairstyle even better creates natural contours and emphasizes the unique structure of the face.

Asymmetrical Shoulder Cut

Asymmetrical Shoulder Cut@sueshairstudio_

Asymmetrical long bob is not as popular now as it was before. But there is a certain number of people to whom such a sleek and polished look is very much suited. And in this case, it is really better not to run after trends and stick to your personal style.

Shoulder-Length Beachy Waves with Golden Highlights

Shoulder-Length Beachy Waves with Golden Highlights@sophieortonhair

Highlighted shoulder-length waves. No wonder this combination is associated with the word "beauty" for many people. We extract a few more associations to this hairstyle for the oval faces – lightness and perfection.

One-Length Midi Cut with Waves

One-Length Midi Cut with Waves@kyndall.fullglambb

The midi cut is a super simple and chic haircut, which is perfect for an oval facial structure at the same time. As a common practice, waves increase the level of chic, make the look more memorable, and can even give a girl more confidence.


  • Is short or long hair better for oval faces?

Any length of hair looks great on an oval face: pixie, bob, medium length hairstyles, long straight or curly hair.

  • What haircuts to avoid for oval faces?

Oval face should avoid haircuts that visually elongate or shorten the face. Also do not make simple bangs, for example. It is better to choose a haircut with lightly cut strands to give more volume.

  • Does an oval face shape complement bangs?

As we have already mentioned, it is better to avoid simple bangs, but structured stocking or stem bangs are perfect for an oval face shape.

  • Where should you part your hair if you have an oval face shape?

With an oval face shape, you can emphasize both the side and middle part of the face. Above in the guide, there are examples of both ways. of course, the side part of the hair looks more interesting, but if you are so uncomfortable bravely stay with the classic middle parting.

Bottom Line

Girls with an oval face, you are lucky. As you can see in this guide, almost any haircut and its interpretation fits your facial structure. Long hair, short hair, medium length hair, sleek or casual look, and even bangs. You can add any detail to your haircut, styling your hair as you like and feel comfortable, and it will match the oval shape of the face. Fantastic.

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