Top Short Choppy Cuts For The New Year

Published By Brooke
Updated 11-17-2016

With the new year comes new beginnings. It is perfect for trying out short choppy cuts that you haven't yet got around to yet. From super short to verging on medium length, there are a lot of cuts to choose from. We have compiled some of the stand outs for you right here to help you with your style decision.

Short Undercut

short choppy cuts

The undercut in all shapes and forms is clearly here to stay. The vast popularity of the style has been astounding. If you want the look without a lot of volumes then you can consider a short layered undercut.  This is an easy style to change as it grows out or you decide you may want a design or two-toned color or any other combination.

 Choppy Short Layers

short choppy cuts

There is no question that a short layered cut can be the ultimate cut for major texture and the possibility of highlights and lowlights. This style looks good with or without styling, so if you are busy and want to look good, it is a reasonable option that any barber can pull off. Don't be afraid to try out some highlights or lowlights to make this style better highlight your best facial features.

 The Major Fade

short choppy cuts

 If you savvy the idea of an intricate design or just want a range of length, the Major Fade is the haircut for you. If you are not sure of design, you can always just start with a Major Fade and add a design later. The more intricate versions of this will require the assistance of a stylist with experience doing fades that are beyond the norm. This is not a cut you want to leave to just anyone to do for you.

 Short Heavy Textured Choppy Cut

short choppy cuts

 If you are willing to invest the few seconds that it takes to get this look, it can cause a lot of heads to turn in your direction. A simple wash and wear style combined with just a bit of pomade or texturizing product is about all you need to achieve this look besides the occasional trim.

Growing Out A Shorty Choppy Cut

If you ever want a greater length, then a choppy short cut can easily be grown out, and it looks good throughout the process. If you live where you have a big difference in temps during the seasons then going short when it is hot and letting it grow out through the winter is an option if you don't want to deal with a colder head in the winter.

Playing With Style

Going short may be a big step for you if you are used to mid-length or longer hair. Cutting a bit off and then deciding if you want shorter hair later. Hair does grow back after all, but if you go too short, you may have to deal with it for longer than you would like depending on your personal hair growth patterns.

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