Men's Hairstyle Inspirations From 14 Top Male Models

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Updated 05-27-2021

Male models are at the forefront of fashion and style. They are the first to catch and follow new trends. So, if you wanna keep up with the tendencies, it’s an awesome idea to sneak into their Instagram accounts to check the latest hairstyle fads.

In the gallery below you’ll find the most iconic images of 9 top male models who set the standards for great hair in the industry.

We’ve collected outstanding hair ideas for different hair textures, lengths, and face shapes. Don’t skip this opportunity to upgrade your hair with these amazing models hairstyles:

These Male Models are at the top of their game both in hairstyles and in the modeling world, some have more conservative hairstyles and others not so conservative. Enjoy.

Justin Gossman

Justin Gossman haircut


Justin Gossman hair

@justingossmanJustin Gossman hairstyle

@stormshootsJustin Gossman


Men with medium hair can copy the hair solutions of Justin Gossman. Since shag hairstyles have made a huge comeback, you can play with different interpretations of this style. Messy and disconnected options are so popular these days, moreover, they don’t require much effort in styling, especially for men with textured and thick hair.

For a more classic look, try to copy the hairstyle from the first photo. To add a note of uniqueness, try a wet effect, which looks really hot.

Francisco Lachowski

Francisco Lachowski hairstyle

francisco lachowski hair


francisco lachowski hairstyle


Tony Thornburg

Tony Thornburg Hairstyle

Tony Thornburg


For guys with long hair, we’ve picked up some of the best hairstyles of Tony Thornburg. If you’re tired of your long locks and can’t get a new way of styling them, one of these options can work for you.

Firstly, the combination of long hair, a short beard, and even a mustache is a nice way to spice up the look. Also, you can add some color highlights. Secondly, you can experiment with top knots, half-ups, and the accessories you use for them.

Marcello Alvarez

Marcello is rocking a perfectly shaped beard and medium-length hair. This look is absolutely amazing if you can grow a beard like this (unfortunately I can't). Give it a try!

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Brock O’Hurn

Brock O`Hurn Hairstyle

Brock O`Hurn Hair


Brock O’Hurn is that man with huge muscles, wild long hair, and deep eyes. If you’re looking for masculinity and uniqueness, this way of wearing long hair is definitely an option to try for you.

Such hairstyle works magic for naturally wavy hair. However, men with less textured locks can get it too. All you need is a good hair product to add texture and volume to the roots (you can use a texturizing spray or a dry shampoo.)

Blonde bleached strands will help to achieve that effect of the messy, thick hair of a hot wild warrior.

Lucky Blue Smith

Feeling extra adventurous? The platinum hair look is Lucky Blue Smith's signature look. It's a hugely risky hairstyle and only few people can pull it off, but if you can, it looks amazing.


Lucky Blue Smith

Lucky Blue Smith short Hair

Lucky Blue Smith Hairstyle


a900b77b52d8210975e8922a38826e0a cc15ca35c4038ad211e31f01a866e9ef



Lucky Blue Smith breaks into this gallery with a fresh short hair vibe. Above, you can see the most win-win hairstyles by this male model to copy. A retro slicked back combover with extra volume is a trendy idea for this season. It will suit any outfit and any occasion. Add some strands falling down the face for a sexier image, or sweep back for casual wear.

Also, if your head and face shape allows you to, you may LIKE a usual buzz cut in an unusual color.

Stephen James Hendry

Going for the bad boy look like Stephen? His slick variation of the disconnected undercut might just be for you. Tats not included!

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Jordan Barrett

Jordan Barrett Hair

Jordan Barrett


Jordan Barrett's hair is all about good old retro. Medium-length hair, layers, central parting, volume, and blonde highlights – these make up a one-of-a-kind hairstyle for men. It’s cool that you can style it in so many ways: sweep to the side, slick back, or disconnect with some hair pomade, or not to style it at all and… look amazing anyway!

Nick Bateman

Like a more conservative look? Nick Bateman pulls off a standard stubble and matte spiked look perfectly.

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As you can see the biggest difference we see with these hairstyles is the lack of extreme fades and other barber techniques, this is primarily because these hairstyles are done by stylist who are trained more with scissors than clippers. So if you want to achieve any of these hairstyles, your best bet is going to a hairstylist!

Presley Gerber

Presley Gerber hairstyle


Longer on the top, shorter on the sides, Presley Gerber’s hair represents the most typical image of modern young men. However, this fact doesn’t make it look less attractive.

If you want a good hairstyle, which is not too eccentric but versatile, show this photo to your barber and enjoy the irresistible you!

David Gandy


David-Gandy hairstyle

David Gandy hairstyle


Jon Kortajarena

Jon Kortajarena Hair

Jon Kortajarena Hairstyle

If you’re growing out your hair from a buzz cut to mid-length styles and your hair is at the transition stage now, these hairstyles of Jon Kortajarena can be a nice inspiration for you. You can hardly avoid the mess on your head during the transition period so why not emphasize it and disconnect your hair according to your own rules?

Just spread some hair wax or pomade between the palms and comb the hair in the preferred direction with fingers.

Pietro Boselli

Pietro Boselli

Pietro Boselli Hair


The classic taper on the sides and back plus longer hair on top. Pietro Boselli experiments with the crown: he disconnects it for a more careless, romantic look, and sweeps to the side in a decent manner like in Ivy League hairstyles. You can do the same.

Neels Visser

Neels Visser Hair

Neels Visser hairstyle


Neels Visser has been playing with the length of his hair recently, so you can borrow hairstyles for medium and shorter hair equally. It can be a challenging task to style pretty long hair like in the second picture, so if you’re not confident, ask your barber to explain to you the basics on how to adjust this magnificent male model hairstyle to your hair.

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