Top 6 1970s Hairstyles for Men

Published By Brooke
Updated 09-22-2016

The main 1970 hairstyle men wore was long and flowing. The length of men’s hair had grown exponentially in the past 20 years when only short styles were really allowed to be shown. Although the main option was long for everyone, there were really six top styles that fit in the category


While not a hairstyle in itself, moustaches quickly gained popularity in the hairstyling world. Many men were now sporting moustaches paired with longer locks. It seemed to make the look complete in that day and age.


Shoulder Length

By the 1960s, hair reached the back of the neck. By the 70s, hair was at least shoulder length for many men. Musicians were a large influence in this change, particularly those from the Beatles who kept their hair long and flowing freely.


Long and Natural

Men began to let their hair grow long and natural, rather than using all the oil that was once used to keep hair slicked back and out of the way. This look was a long ways away from the shortness that was once mainstream. Some even went without a brush, letting their hair flow freely and hang loose with no inhibitions.


The Afro

African American men began using the afro as their go-to hairstyle by the 1970s. It had rarely been seen before this decade, when many attempted to keep their locks cut short to fit into the mainstream crowd. The afro let men be proud of their big and tall hair.



The slicked back look had men combing their hair back, while the pompadour had them putting the bangs up. The side-combed style was a new option in the 70s that had men combing their hair to either side. Many combed all hair over to one side, while others kept a side part and brushed only one section over to the other side of it. This type of style is still popular today.


Shaggy Style

The shaggy style that is used often today became extremely popular during the 1970s. Men often left their hair down and shaggy, no matter what length it is. The shagginess worked best when the hair was medium length. The ends fell around the ears, sometimes slightly slower. This option showed more curls for men than had previously been seen.


The 1970s hairstyle options changed greatly just from 10 years prior. The long hair seen during this time was far away from the short styles previously seen in past decades. Many men in today’s day grow their hair long and keep it shaggy as seen in the 70s. The decade forever changed how men got to choose their hairstyle.

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