Top 52 Men's Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2023

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Updated 04-14-2023

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Classic Crew

Classic Crew


It is hard to go wrong with a classic. For pure simplicity and style, there is the classic crew cut. A staple at any barber shop, this all-American look is the pure vintage style at its best and is one of the most popular and timeless short haircuts for men.

Just like the high and tight fade haircut, the crew cut can be worn with your hair's natural texture, or you can choose to style it. We recommend using your favorite matte product because one with shine may show off your scalp – and nobody wants that.

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While short men's hairstyles may still be the norm for most, a lot of us don't realize just how much can be done with a short hair length. So, we've gathered 50 photos of some of our favorite haircuts for men for you below. Please use them for ideas and inspiration.

What are the best short men's hairstyles?

These are the Top 50 Short Men's Hairstyles that will have you racing to make an appointment with your hairstylist or barber. These hairstyles and haircuts are the most popular all over the world. Many of them are timeless and can be worn in just about any era. Have fun and enjoy!

High & Tight Men's Hair Style

High & Tight Men's Hair Style @nik.liokaftos_barkingberThe high & tight works well on most face shapes and looks good no matter if you are wearing a suit or relaxing in jeans and a t-shirt on the weekend. What's great about the high & tight haircut style is that you can choose to style it how you like, or you can wear it natural and messy and it will still look just as good.If you do choose to style it, we recommend using a matte pomade, like Quai's matte pomade. Simply take a nickel-sized amount of product in your fingers, and run it through your hair until evenly dispersed.

Classic Crew

Classic Crew@besthairstylesmenIt is hard to go wrong with a classic. For pure simplicity and style, there is the classic crew cut. A staple at any barber shop, this all-American look is the pure vintage style at its best and is one of the most popular and timeless short haircuts for men.Just like the high and tight fade haircut, the crew cut can be worn with your hair's natural texture, or you can choose to style it. We recommend using your favorite matte product because one with shine may show off your scalp - and nobody wants that.

Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League Haricut@rzredgeAn Ivy League classic short style like this requires some hair gel and a comb. The front section should be cut slightly longer than the rest of the top hair.

Messy French Crop

Messy French Crop@enzo_m3Uniform length, voluminous hair, a line up, subtle fade, and texture invest into this no-fuss messy style. Wavy or curly hair can also work for a low-maintenance messy French crop, but this edgy square shape is unlikely to be copied on those textures.

Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut@tessavdboogaard.hairOld but gold, a bowl cut is a mixture of a French crop and an undercut for longer hair, that obviously smells like the 80s.

Butch Cut

Butch Cut@topbarberspostThis list of the best short haircuts for men can hardly do without a timeless short hairstyle in the best military style cut traditions. This butch cut is so close to a buzz cut, with trendy skin-faded sides, and a geometric hairline.


Undercut@jhows_barbershopThe Undercut is one of the most popular short haircuts for men on the scene today. You can do a lot of variations of the undercut. The undercut is especially great for men with thick hair because it reduces volume on the sides of the head.

Burst Fade Burst Fade@householdbarbershopA sleek skin drop fade detail makes the difference. Sometimes, to change your personal style, it’s enough just to line up the sides in a hot manner.

Short Pompadour with Faded Sides

Short Pompadour with Faded Sides@besthairstylesmenThis is one of the classiest short men's short hairstyles. The pomp is a lot more than a vintage cut. For guys that have a good sense of style, this is a cut that gets attention and wears well both at work and out on the town.

Short Curls

Short Curls@iamthebarber132Curly hair is not hard to tame with the right short cut. For those that want manageability but still want to show off natural curl, going short has a lot of advantages. Plus, you won't have to worry about styling or maintenance as much when you opt for a short curly haircut.

Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut@iamthebarber132The Caesar cut enhances strong features and can look handsome with a beard. For guys that want to call attention to the eye and jaw areas of the face, the Caesar is a great option. This short men's haircut works well with all hair types.

Side Part Pompadour

Side Part Pompadour@4hairpleasureIt's hard not to love the different angles of this cut and how it gains length as it goes towards the forehead. With a beard, it offers a lot of charm and class. With a short men's haircut like this one, you can put your own spin on things.

Side Part

Side Part@professor_zbsThis classy gentleman's cut is a sure hit for those that need to look well put together and want something beyond a short spiky cut.Just enough length is left to do a nicely structured combover. The way you part it is up to you.

Simple Short Cut

Simple Short Cut@sami_barbershopThis French crop should be a go-to look for any guy that wears short hair. This simple very short haircut is suitable for guys of all ages, whether you're just graduating college or nearing retirement. The best part? This textured crop requires little to no styling.

Slicked Back

Slicked Back@besthairstylesmenOut of all of the styles we've showcased on our site, this is one of the most popular short haircuts for men with short thick hair. Slicking back your hair makes it look instantly more polished, and you look more put together overall. This undercut shows what you can get when you leave enough length on top to do something with.

Undercut With Design

Undercut With Design@nik.liokaftos_barkingberWhile the top of this cut is not technically short, you can choose whatever length you want for the top. This high skin fade with a mandala style design is going to get you a lot of attention. To keep it looking sharp, be prepared for the occasional touch up at your stylist.

Super Short High & Tight

Super Short High&Tight Instagram:wagnerandreas86The slightly longer on the top look makes this high and tight even though there is not much hair to speak of in other areas. This is also a great hairstyle for balding men because it only requires a little bit of hair on the top.If you're Tom Hardy, for example, you can pull off just about any short men's haircut, but not everyone will like the "wet hair" look that's pictured here. If you want something a bit more natural-looking, use a matte pomade. But, if you'd like to rock this slick, shiny haircut, use a hair gel.

Faded High & Tight

Faded High & Tight@cjdabarber_This well-done fade almost borders on a shorter high top style but the rounded shape is softer and more approachable for a lot of guys.It is a super clean haircut that pairs perfectly with a chin strap, full beard, or even clean-shaven. Besides, this style is great for men with thinning hair. With a high fade this short, you'll have to head to the barbershop every other week to maintain it to perfection.

Super Slick Wing Back

Super Slick Wing BackThis is a different approach to a slicked-back style because there are four distinct different slicked back areas. It gives off old-school vibes, but it's a fun way to approach slicked back hair. Keep in mind, you'll need to have thick hair to be able to pull off this short haircut.

Short Sides Textured Top

Short Sides Textured TopShort haircuts for men like this one have been extremely popular in 2021. A bit of product and a comb are all that is needed for this short haircut for wavy hair each morning. This cut is easy to get at any hair cutter and great for guys who want a basic short cut with a little something to comb.Bonus: you can change up this short haircut by adding a beard or opting for a high skin fade or low taper fade.

Shaggy Short

Shaggy Short hairstyle Instagram:parlourprecisionThis shaggy razor cut is good for guys with round faces or prominent foreheads. A razor short comb can be used for touch ups and highlights or lowlights can add interest around the face-framing layers.

Wavy Texture Taper Fade Haircut

Wavy Texture Fade Instagram :headzoo.derfriseurThe wavy texture of this cut is tricky to get yourself so make sure to leave this to a professional stylist. This cut is customized to fade accordingly depending if you have facial hair or not.

Curly Texture Cut

Texture haircut for curly hair Instagram:haizehairIf you have a natural wave or curl to your hair, this is the perfect short men's haircut for you. It's timeless and works for men of all ages. Since it's a bit longer on top, you'll want to make sure you take maintain a haircare routine to keep your locks moisturized and shiny.Nobody likes a dull flow.

Fringe Crew

Top Fringe Crew cut Instagram: tamara__portoThis crew cut is a good mix of longer than usual and the traditional short lengths. You can always ask for more feathered bangs. The blunt cut bangs may not be for everyone but on some this is a good look. Crew cuts like this look best on men with long faces, whether that be oval, diamond, or heart-shaped.It's a good idea for guys with round faces to stay away from short haircut style with bangs like this because they will only add width to your face.

Swept Up

Top 50 Mens Short Hairstyles for 2020 - 20 Instagram:sjay_johnsonThis style is so carefully combed and has amazing texture. A good comb, dryer, and styling product will have you looking like this in minutes if the cut is done well. You can pull off this haircut regardless of what your hair type is, too.

Natural Flow Crew

Natural Flow Crew Cut Instagram:mens.crewIn this classic men’s haircut, he has a unique hairline and this style is cut to accentuate it. For those with thinning hair, this is a stylish choice. The classic taper directly around the face is what makes this cut what it is.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk haircutThe secret to a faux hawk is a lot of texture and length that goes from short to long in the front. To style, take a dime-sized amount of styling balm or product and run your fingers back to front. It is supposed to be a messy short haircut with slightly longer hair on top, so don't worry about getting it perfect.

Short Spiky Hawk

Short Spiky HawkTo pull off short men's hairstyles like this one, you have to have thicker hair. This particular faux hawk is a lot spikier than some and doesn't have as extreme of a taper from front to back.This fun style can be worn lower on the head as well if you want to comb it down. It's one of the best short haircuts to pair with a mid fade or drop fade, too. Many men like to do a bald fade on the sides to create contrast.

Hawk Fade Hairstyle

Top 50 Mens Short Hairstyles for 2020 - 24For two styles in one, there is this look. While an airplane might not be your choice for stencil designs, you can see there is a lot of potential for this cut. You do not even have to have a design cut into the fade - a clean, bald fade with the mohawk on top is a slick look in itself.This short men's cut, however, requires a lot of maintenence. You can't go more than a week or two without get the sides cleaned up.

Arrow Crew Fade

Top 50 Mens Short Hairstyles for 2020 - 25This is definitely an interesting take on the undercut fade. While there is something to be said for the arrow design, having hair cut this way opens up a lot of eye catching design opportunities. You can customize your undercut however you want, but just keep in mind - it will require a lot of maintenance if you want it to look fresh.

Spiky Textured Short Cut

Top 50 Mens Short Hairstyles for 2020 - 26 Instagram:forge_studio_azThe spiky textured short cut is edgy and fun. You will need some serious styling gel or product to get the height the gentleman in the pic has but styling really takes just a few minutes. All you have to do is apply hair product all over to dry hair.Use your fingers to tousle it, and spritz with a bit of sea salt spray for added texture. The spiky textured short cut works best with second-day hair, so do not feel the need to use shampoo every day with this cut.

Ultra Short Textured Top

Top 50 Mens Short Hairstyles for 2020 - 27 Instagram:shianna_the_stylistThis buzz cut is good for shaping the face and for those that do not want a lot of thick hair on their head. Older, active guys look good wearing this high face haircut. If you are in school and want a basic style, consider an ultra-short length.This is also a great style to aim for after you get a buzz cut. If you do not want to stay buzzed, you can easily grow your hair out to be this length. Add a small, dime-sized amount of texturizing product to your strands to style it, but not too much or it will look greasy.

Asymmetrical & Short Sides

Top 50 Mens Short Hairstyles for 2020 - 28 Instagram:spankthesinnerA good asymmetrical cut with short sides and a long top looks modern but is not over the top. For an edgier look then you might consider some highlights.This cut is best for guys with thick loncks and an oblong, diamond, or oval face shape. It is not the most flattering on round faces because the long bangs make the face look wider.

Curly Textured Mid Top

Top 50 Mens Short Hairstyles for 2020 - 29 Instagram:tmelongThe way this cut takes control and defines curly messy hair while making it manageable is amazing. For guys in school or the workplace, this is a look that will make you look put-together no matter what.We suggest using a hair diffuser. Diffusers are used to enhance curl without over-drying and reduce naturally occurring frizz. Just attach to blow dryer and scrunch wet hair from ends to root while using.

Major Short Texture Cut

Major Short Texture haircut Instagram:rambutlakiGuys with round faces can look to cuts like this to add more dimension to their face. The short sides elongate the face (which is great for guys with rounder faces), while the long top gives you something to style numerous ways.If you want to get the matte, messy look like the one in this photo, you'll need to use a product without any shine. We love a good sea salt spray to add texture and create the tousled look. It is a super cheap product to buy, too.

Short Tight Curls

Short Tight Curls mens short haircuts Instagram:theshop_atblankcanvasHere is the solution for guys with kinky curly hair that want manageability and style in the same cut. A curl defining line of shampoo and styling products is recommended for maintenance.

Short Sides High Slick Cut

Short Sides High Slick CutInstagram:masculinemensfashion

Faux Hawk Flow Low Fade

Faux Hawk Flow FadeThis unique cut is like having two or three awesome styles at once. The tribal like the design on the fade part of this look and the longer on top fringe gives a guy the option of having a low spiked mohawk or slicking hair forward or back.

Short & Spiky All Over

haircut for short spiky hair Instagram:topmenshaircutsShort spiky hair on top is great for fun-loving guys that just want a short style they can wash and run their fingers through and still look good. It can be styled for a casual look (just create thick spikes using your favorite styling color) or cleaned up by combing it down and taming it with some product.If you're not a huge fan of the spikes on the sides, try doing something a bit more clean-cut like a short fade. You can still keep the spiky texture on top, but it won't be as messy looking.

Wavy Slight Undercut With Side Part

Wavy Slight Undercut With Side Part Instagram:seasonssalonspaThis cut is different because of the unique style of parting the hair and the volume on top. For those that want some hair to style, this is a very handsome option for the fashion savvy man.And while it is a clean-cut hairstyle, it pairs well with a thick beard fade or a bit of stubble.

The Quiff

Quiff haircut for short hair Instagram:envybarbersWe suggest investing in a blow dryer and round brush to create built-in volume.

Square Blunt Bangs Texture Cut

Square Blunt Bangs Texture Cut Instagram:micdamianoThis is one of the most interesting styles of cut coming from the best hair stylists in Europe. The square cut look can be rocking, but if you have a very prominent forehead, you might avoid this look.It is best suited for guys with oval or diamond face shapes, not those with round ones because the blunt bangs will make the face appear wider than it is. It's a very androgynous style that you've got to have a lot of confidence to rock.

Short Mid High

short mid-high hairstyle Instagram:susanne.salongprebenThe short mid-high hairstyle is one of the most popular short men's haircuts of the year. It's classic, easy to maintain, and pairs well with any kind of hair type, face shape, and facial hair.The volume on the top sets this short cut apart from a lot of others. Super short sides add the illusion of more height than there is.

Super Slick Side Part

cool super slick side part Instagram:blakescottIf you want to look like a happening guy, then consider this slick and cool style. Major shine is a component of this thanks to styling balm. If you are not a fan of shine, you can use your favorite pomade or hair clay to create a more matte look.This style is best for guys with silkier, straight hair, as well as those with medium to coarse thickness. If you have thin or fine hair and try to pull this off, you may be able to see straight through to your scalp!

The Flats

Top 50 Mens Short Hairstyles for 2020 - 43 Instagram:eye_of_the_barber_While a very high flat top is not something a lot of guys are into, this offers the flat look at a reasonable height. If you like to get outdoors and have manageable thin hair, then consider The Flats.

The Depp

Top 50 Mens Short Hairstyles for 2020 - 44While this is a little longer than a lot of short cuts, it is great for guys with thick hair. This 1990s look still has a place in the world of great hair today.

Slick & Part

Top 50 Mens Short Hairstyles for 2020 - 45This style presents a very prominent part to anyone looking at you. For those that work in the public arena a lot, this is a fashionable look that can be worn slicked over as you see here or simply combed over.


Top 50 Mens Short Hairstyles for 2020 - 46

The Well Tapered Sides

The Well Tapered hairstyles for men Instagram:cutsuniverse

The Front Line Fade

The Front Line Fade short haircutsThis style is often seen on stylish black men but has a lot to offer any guy that is looking for a manageable solution to thick or curly hair types. The line at the front gives definition and catches the eye.

The Marcel Fade

The Marcel Fade short haircut for menWe call this a Marcel fade because the curl pattern and style are similar to the highly popular Marcel curls of the 1920s-30s. This blocky around the face fade is one to remember.

Wavy Pomp & Low Fade

Wavy Pomp and Fade short haircutFor guys with naturally curly or wavy hair, this is a retro style that is stylish, handsome, and it goes well with facial hair.

Picking A Short Haircut For Your Face Shape

The variety of short haircuts for men, which you’ve encountered in this guide is definitely not a one-size-fits-all. To give your style a more professional setting, it’s crucial to bear your face shape in mind.For round face shapes, choose high and tight haircuts for men like a pompadour or a flat top.The oblong face shape requires well-proportioned short haircuts with not a big difference between the hair lengths on top and at the sides.Oval face shapes mostly look great with all types of styles from an Ivy League haircut and a military buzz cut to a short textured crop or a pompadour. Every classic and timeless style with a side part or slicked-back hair is good.Classic and neat haircuts for men complement a square face shape best. A classic Caesar cut, a French crop, a medium fade, and a side part are among the best options.Heart-shaped and diamond-shaped faces look best with longer hair, which is textured, layered, voluminous, and messy.

Asking Your Barber for a Short Haircut

Oh, that awkward moment when you need to explain what your desired short hairstyle looks like… But you don’t have to be a professional to do that effectively. What we recommend to simplify this task:
  • Save several photo references of short haircuts for men from this gallery.
  • Pay attention to details and choose 1-2 elements you definitely want to implement in your new short hairstyle.
  • Mention whether or not you’re ready for morning styling. Maybe a low-maintenance hairstyle is your only option.
  • Let your barber compare all your wishes to your hair type and face shape. Together, you’ll decide on the best variant for you.


Which haircut is best for short hair men?

The one, which suits you, that’s for sure. Fashion trends come and leave, but what’s always on point is a professionally-cut haircut that perfectly suits you and your lifestyle.

How to maintain a short haircut?

Don’t over-wash your hair and don’t rub the hair when drying it. Give your short hair a regular trim: once every couple of weeks. Use hair products appropriate for short hair like a styling wax or pomade.

How do I style short hair?

Generally, most short haircuts for men are extremely easy to style. All you need is to spread some hair pomade or wax between your palms and gently sweep your hair with your fingers in the desired direction. This method will allow for a messy and textured style. If you wanna get a smooth and classic finish, just spread the hair product through your hair with a comb.

What is the easiest short haircut to maintain?

A military cut aka buzz cut, probably. These very short men’s haircuts can be easily trimmed by you in the comfort of your own house.

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