Top 5 Dramatic Celebrity Hairstyle Changes

Celebrities often use their hairstyle as a way of communicating to their fans about upcoming changes in their career and lives. Often times a dramatic hairstyle is a way for them to transition into a new stage in their lives and distance themselves from the past. Here are 5 dramatic celebrity hairstyle changes (for better or worst)!

1. Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas went from having a moppy head of curly hair to a classy slicked back hairstyle that guys would love to emulate.



2. Harry Styles

Harry styles signature long locks were something many thought he would never cut, but alas, Harry has opted to go for a shorter layered undercut style.

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3. Justin Bieber

Justin stepped onto the scene with a classic boyish mop top haircut, but he quickly changed it once his sound and his image went through A LOT of changes.


4. Zac Efron

Like many young stars of the 2000's, Zac had the signature young teen medium winged hairstyle, but just like Bieber, as he moved onto the next stage of his career, so did his look.


5. Zayn Malik

Zayn has had a so many drastic hairstyle changes it's hard to keep up, but the biggest and most shocking was his transition from long hair to a buzz.9f98e8b80483d8267bb60907ee7d48bc 45219c8f5e8ed467a7eb12ef3ec2ca52