The Hottest Hairstyles in Hip-Hop Right Now

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Updated 01-13-2022

Appearance is just as important in Hip-Hop as music. Many artists have a unique eccentric sense of fashion as a way to set them apart and make them stand out. Hairstyles have seen a lot of changes in Hip-Hop within the last few years with new styles popping up all over the place.

Hip-Hop has a huge influence on men’s style and fashion, so no wonder the rappers’ hairstyles and haircuts have always become trendsetters and icons. Barbers keep getting requests from their customers to have their hair cut with reference to cuts of Kanye West, Jay-Z, ASAP Rocky, Drake, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap, Machine Gun Kelly, Post Malone, or Coolio.

Despite the stereotypes, hip-hop hairstyles go far beyond the limits of one image – just like the rap lyrics vary from light and basic things to serious social and political issues. The hip-hop hairstyles vary from dreadlocks and cornrows to spiky hairstyles, curly messy styles, skin fades, undercuts, and more.

Thus, every man can find his perfect inspirational hip-hop cut to suit his face shape, hair type, and style. However, to get a really cool rapper haircut with the necessary vibe, you should care about tiny details that do change a lot.

Wanna learn more secrets of a win-win unique hip-hop haircut? Here are our favorite Hip-Hop Hairstyles along with recommendations for you:

1. ASAP Rocky's Braided Man Bun

ASAP Rocky's Braided Man Bun

ASAP Rocky's Braided Man Bun

ASAP Rocky's Braided Man Bun

Ever since his first mixtape back in 2011, ASAP Rocky has been gathering lots of fans to follow his creative work and copy his eccentric sense of style as well. To stand out from the crowd, ASAP Rocky has developed the image of an unpredictable guy in terms of his artwork, which allowed him to experiment with his rap drastically and try a new trick every now and then.

That’s why it’s such a surprising fact that ASAP Rocky tends to be so faithful to his box braids. Or it’s not a surprise at all?

If we think about it, this contrast lies rather logically in line with his impulsive, unpredictable guy image. So, he has been sticking to his box braids for many years and is unlikely to make a change.

If we dig deeper, this classic hip-hop hairstyle is an ideal choice for such a long-term hair commitment. Box braids are an effortlessly cool look, which is extremely versatile. From time to time, it needs renewing but generally, it’s a wake-up-and-go kind of hairdo.

Typically, ASAP Rocky has his hair divided into square-shaped sections, which are braided afterward. Most often, ASAP Rocky is noticed with his braids tied into a tiny man bun or a top knot.

Lifehack for you: if you don’t have enough hair to try this hip-hop hairstyle, you can add synthetic hair into the braids.

2. Beard and Skin Fade Ft. Drake and Dj Khaled

Beard and Skin Fade Ft. Drake and Dj Khaled

Beard and Skin Fade Drake

For the guys, who are not fans of long hairstyles, we offer to check another long-lasting hair solution from Drake and Dj Khaled.

Drake throws the tough rapper stereotype into the window – and does the same with the expectations concerning a rapper’s hairstyle. He opts for a signature buzz cut combined with a dramatic full beard. The same style choice Dj Khaled makes.

Pairing an extremely low-maintenance buzz cut with edgy faded sides and an artistic beard, this duet achieves that vibe of casualness that goes well with their tune.

3. Fetty Wap's Colored Dreads

Fetty Wap's Colored Dreads

Fetty Wap's Colored Dreads

Fetty Wap's Colored Dreads

Dreadlocks have always been a part of hip-hop culture. Fetty Wap has taken this iconic hip-hop hairstyle to an absolutely new level by highlighting his dreadlocks. Contrasting to the natural dark hair color, Fetty Wap’s highlighted dreadlocks are a great idea for black men with long hair.

However, actually dying your long hair is not the only way to get this out-of-the-world rapper hairdo. Fetty Wap’s dreadlocks are made with hair extensions – thus, the hair length and coloring are not an issue nowadays.

Thus, you don’t have to wait around for your hair to grow or risk highlighting your natural hair – just stay safe and opt for hair extensions.

Generally, the dreadlocks are considered to be a low-maintenance hairstyle but be ready to moisturize them regularly to keep your hair healthy and the dreadlocks good-looking before booking a hair appointment.

4. Machine Gun Kelly's Spiky Hair

Machine Gun Kelly's Spiky Hair

Machine Gun Kelly's Spiky Hair

In the past, Machine Gun Kelly used to be recognized for his signature top knot. However, in recent years, this hip-hop artist has made a switch to short and messy hairstyles. Usually spiky and disconnected, his new style is equally bold and stylish.

It is that sophisticated platinum blonde color that makes Machine Gun Kelly’s hairstyles really outstanding. No matter if he sweeps all his mane up or styles it down in a Caesar hairstyle manner, every his look is a killer. Just save the pic for inspiration, choose the perfect color for your face, and go for it.

5. Post Malone's Curly Hair

Post Malone's Curly Hair

Post Malone's Curly Hair

Post Malone's Curly Hair

Post Malone’s man bun is an excellent hair inspiration for men looking for a relaxed look – but it’s not his signature style anymore. Whether it’s due to aging (and a man bun is not the perfect option for a receding hairline) or due to a change of his outlook, Post Malone isn’t sporting his messy man bun anymore.

Shorter but not less alluring hairstyles have come instead. Today, Post Malone emphasizes his curly hair nature in faded undercuts and ducktail-inspired retro cuts. Thus, following in his footsteps, you can shape up your hairstyle any way you wish.

For years, the popularity of rappers has been non-contestable. So, why not copy their killer hairstyles? We hope, these 5 hairstyles ideas from the trendsetters in the modern hip-hop era will get you to the right track with your new hot hairstyle.

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