12 Most Popular Current Men's Hairstyles

Medium Length Haircut for Men

A good looking hairstyle can change everything, but trying to keep up with the latest men's hair trends can be exhausting - right? We're here to help you navigate this year's most popular hairstyles with styling tips and helpful products. Let's start.

1. Loose Undercut

The undercut is a trending men's hairstyle.

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A loose undercut is a great variation of the classic men's haircut. It features a longer top that can be styled messy or slicked back for a cleaner look. And if you're looking to add some edge to this popular men's hairstyle, pair it with a beard.

2. Modern Side Part

Side Part Men's Hairstyle

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The classic side part is becoming extremely popular. Get yourself a nice jar of Suavecito pomade and a comb to ensure your style stays in place all day long. This hairstyle features a slight pomp, but you can experiment with a shorter men's hairstyle, too.

3. Taper Fade

Taper Fade Men's Popular Haircut

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A great looking taper with a mid fade has become one of the most popular men's haircuts of 2019. While it does require a bit of styling, this cut looks good on nearly all face shapes and hair types. However, if you have thin hair, you'll want to keep the top a bit longer to keep your strands from looking stringy. If you have thick hair, on the other hand, you can achieve tons of volume with your taper fade by applying some styling product to damp hair and blow-drying with a round brush.

4. Medium Length

Medium Length Haircut for Men

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If you love a more professional look, a medium-length hairstyle with a side part is a great look. If you have naturally thick hair, this cut will require minimal styling. But, if you've got thinning locks, you'll need to apply a thickening hair product and style with a blow-dryer to achieve the desired volume.

5. Short Sides Long Top

Short Sides Long Top Men's Haircut

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Most men go for some variation of the short sides long top haircut. It's easy to style and can be customized to work for all face shapes and hair types. For instance, if you've got a round face shape, you'll want to go super short on the sides - like a skin fade or a high fade - and go longer on top. Style the top to achieve lots of volume. Each of these steps will make your face appear longer. However, if you've got a long face already, you may want to try slicking the top back.

6. Caesar Haircut

Blonde Caesar Haircut for Men

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The Caesar haircut is one of the most popular classic short haircuts for men that can look good on just about any guy with the right head shape! You can use your favorite products to style a Caesar haircut, whether it's a matte hair clay or a pomade with a bit of shine. To get the purposefully-messy, tousled look, try a texturizing dry shampoo on the top layers of your hair and comb through with your fingers.

7. Slicked Back

David Beckham Hairstyles

Another slightly longer hairstyle is the slick back. To achieve this David Beckham haircut, get yourself a nice pomade and grow your hair out. However, you'll want to make sure to get the sides cleaned up before attempting this style. We recommend straying away from the slicked-back look if you have thin hair or a receding hairline as it will only draw in more attention.

8. Messy Matte

Messy Hairstyle for Men

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This men's haircut is another variation of the short sides long top haircut. It is styled with a firm-hold hair product to keep strands in place and provide a matte finish. On days you aren't feeling like sporting the tousled look, you can always use a pomade with more shine to slick it back.

9. Volume

Zayn Malik Hair

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Zayn Malik is known for the adventurous choices he makes with his hair, from rocking buzz cuts to dying his hair gray. This popular men's haircut, however, is our favorite look on him. It's long and volumized on the top (with the help of a blowdryer, round brush, and volumizing pomade. It's finished off with a light men's hairspray to keep strands in place.

10. Matte Side Part

Side Part Men's Hairstyle with Beard

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A side part doesn't always have to be so shiny and slick. This year, guys are still loving the hard part, but it's all about the maintenance. With a haircut this pristine, you have to visit a barbershop at least once every other week or it will start to look unkept. Try a matte product like Pacinos for this side part look.

11. Platinum/Silver Hair

Zac Efron Platinum Hair

The silver fox look is no longer just a hairstyle for older men - it's a fashion trend. While going platinum, silver, or gray may feel like a giant risk, it's one worth taking considering the number of celebrities who have made it work this year (think: Adam Levine, Justin Bieber, and now Zac Efron).


12. Disconnected Taper

Men's Taper Fade Haircut

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Pairing a disconnected taper with a longer men's hairstyle like a pompadour provides a clean, trendy look. Not sure what kind of beard would go with this haircut? Check out our guide on Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle and Beard Combinations.