12 Most Popular Current Men's Hairstyles

Published By Brooke
Updated 11-4-2023

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Good-looking haircuts for men can change everything, but trying to keep up with the latest men's hair trends can be exhausting – right? We're here to help you navigate this year's most popular hairstyles with styling tips and helpful products. Let's start.

1. Loose Undercut

Loose Undercut@trendhaircuts

A loose undercut is a great variation of the classic men's haircut. It features a straight hair longer top that can be styled messy or slicked back for a cleaner look. And if you're looking to add some edge to this popular men's hairstyle, pair it with a beard.

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Good-looking haircuts for men can change everything, but trying to keep up with the latest men's hair trends can be exhausting - right? We're here to help you navigate this year's most popular hairstyles with styling tips and helpful products. Let's start.

1. Loose Undercut

Loose Undercut@trendhaircutsA loose undercut is a great variation of the classic men's haircut. It features a straight hair longer top that can be styled messy or slicked back for a cleaner look. And if you're looking to add some edge to this popular men's hairstyle, pair it with a beard.

2. Modern Side Part

Modern Side Part@carpesbarberThe classic side part is becoming extremely popular. Get yourself a nice jar of Pomade like Baxter of california and a comb to ensure your natural hair texture stays in place all day long. This hairstyle features a slight pomp, but you can experiment with a shorter men's hairstyle, too.

3. Drop Fade

Drop Fade@carpesbarberA great-looking Drop Fade has become one of the most popular current men's hairstyles. While the thick hair on top does require a bit of styling, and the drop fade requires regular touch-ups, this edgy hairstyle looks good on nearly all face shapes and hair textures.

4. Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

Medium Length Hairstyles for Men@masbritishIf you love a more professional look, a medium-length hairstyle with curtains and a taper fade is a great look. If you have naturally thick hair, this longer hair cut will require minimal styling. But, if you've got thin hair, you'll need to apply a thickening hair styling product and style the damp hair with a blow-dryer to achieve the desired volume.

5. Short Sides Long Top Men’s Haircuts

Short Sides Long Top Men’s Haircuts@carpesbarberMost men go for some variation of the short sides long top haircut. It's easy to style and can be customized to work for all face shapes and hair types. For instance, if you've got a round face shape, you'll want to go super short on the sides - like a skin fade or a high fade - and go with longer hair on top.Style the top with a texturizing hair styling product to achieve lots of volume. Each of these steps will make your face appear longer. However, if you've got a long face already, you may want to try slicking the top back, making a rather classic style with a perfect skin fade.

6. Caesar Haircut

Caesar Haircut@thebarbershopcanberraThe Caesar haircut is one of the most popular classic short haircuts for men that can look good on just about any guy with the right head shape! You can use your favorite products to style a Caesar haircut, whether it's a matte hair clay or a pomade with a bit of shine. To get the purposefully-messy, tousled look, try a texturizing dry shampoo on the top layers of your hair and comb through with your fingers.

7. Slicked Back Tight Fade

Slicked Back Tight Fade@ruben_fjcAnother slightly longer hairstyle is the slick back. To achieve this timeless men’s haircut, get yourself a nice pomade and grow your hair out. However, you'll want to make sure to get the sides cleaned up before attempting this style. We recommend straying away from the slicked-back look if you have thin hair or a receding hairline as it will only draw in more attention.

8. Messy Matte Men’s Haircut

Messy Matte Men’s Haircut@carpesbarberThis men's haircut is another variation of the short sides long top haircut. It is styled with a firm-hold hair product to keep the thicker hair strands in place and provide a matte finish. On days you aren't feeling like sporting the tousled look, you can always use a pomade with more shine for a sleek and polished appearance.

9. Volume Medium Length Hair

Volume Medium Length HairEditorial credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.comZayn Malik is known for the adventurous choices he makes with his hair, from rocking buzz cuts to dying his hair gray. This popular men's haircut, however, is our favorite look on him. It features long hair and a volumized top (with the help of a blowdryer, a round brush, and a volumizing pomade. The textured hair is finished off with a light men's hairspray to keep the strands of different hair lengths in place.

10. The Quiff

The Quiff@refreshbynorbimQuiff haircuts for men are timeless like a crew cut but still rather trendy and neat thanks to that bald fade on the sides. The front hairline is shaved in a geometric angled pattern, which gives this men’s haircut a slightly futuristic vibe.

11. Platinum/Silver Hair

Platinum/Silver Hair @refreshbynorbimThe silver fox look is no longer just a hairstyle for older men - it's a fashion trend. While going platinum, silver, or gray may feel like a giant risk, it's one worth taking considering the number of celebrities who have made it work this year (think: Adam Levine, Justin Bieber, and now Zac Efron). Try using a blonde shampoo to enhance silver tones by removing brassiness.

12. Disconnected Taper

Disconnected Taper@ols.kehagiasPairing a disconnected taper with a longer men's hairstyle like a pompadour trendy look. Not sure what kind of facial hair would go with this haircut? Check out our guide on Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle and Beard Combinations.

13. Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair@iamthebarber132Men with natural texture are always in a win-win position since their naturally textured hair is always easier to keep in place, put into voluminous hairstyles for men to hide any imperfections or even visually balance the face shape. Naturally curly hair texture will look great in a medium to long hair cut with a taper fade and an unruly and wild wavy fringe.

14. High Skin Fade

High skin fade@carpesbarberA flawless skin fade is a winning trick for any hair length, hair type, hair texture of men’s haircuts. High fade visually elongates high and tight men’s hairstyles allowing for an outstanding smooth contrast between the longer hair on top, a bald fade on the sides, and a well-groomed beard.

15. Mid Fade Haircut

Mid fade haircut@refreshbynorbimMid fade is believed to be the safest and most versatile type of skin fade. Mid fade typically works with any face shape and various men’s hairstyles on top. This French crop fringe haircut was styled in a hawky manner by applying some pomade on towel-dried hair, sweeping it forward, and forming a tiny hawk while blow-drying it.

16. Low Taper Fade

Low Taper fade@iamthebarber132Low fade haircuts are mostly rather edgy and eccentric: the bald fade drop looks so unexpected and is typically placed at the temple area or at the very back of the men’s haircuts. Medium-length hair like in this red-head thick hair style brings in even brighter contrast between the sections.

17. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk@4hairpleasureThis reconsidered, updated, and modernized medium-length faux hawk can hardly serve as a low-maintenance men’s haircuts solution. Still, no challenges in styling and cutting this viral medium-length natural texture wavy hair faux hawk can prevent a guy from actually getting this cutting-edge men’s haircut.

18. Ivy League Haircut

 Ivy League haircut@jorgescbarberIvy League men’s haircuts are meant to be the ambassadors of the best short hair traditions and classy hair solutions. This tapered drop fade, crafted side-part, skillfully upswept fringe, and a smooth finish slightly run counter to the ear tunnels, piercings, and a messy facial hair style. But such kind of style blends do level up a good old Ivy League haircut.

19. Curly Locks

Curly locks@zaebis.haircutsIf you’re looking for the best wavy or curly hair credit photo, look no more. This longer hair men’s haircut says “retro” in a new way, emphasizing the curly hair textures you were born with.

20. Buzz Cut

Buzz cut@daniil.dmitriev_ukUndoubtedly, a buzz cut men’s haircut is among those short hair styles that never get outdated. The most low-maintenance, easy-to-cut, easy-to-style, easy-to-wash, and easy-to-wear, this short hair men’s haircut will look especially adorable if the head proportions, face shape, and facial features are born in mind while modeling the hairline and the ideal same length of your buzz cut.

21. Military Haircut

Military haircut@fellowbarberA military haircut also implies a pretty limited range of low-maintenance shorter hair solutions for men who have no opportunity to keep up their hairstyles on a daily basis. And although the style is rather basic and low-maintenance, the military haircut short hair variations look adorable on every hair type.

22. Crew Cut

Crew cut@CarpesbarberCrew cut haircuts for men are timeless and beloved since they keep things simple, and stylish. And comfortable at the same time. A crew cut is high and tight, low-maintenance, neat due to that high fade, and trendy thanks to the geometric hairline, emphasized hair texture (even on that short hair), and thoughtful facial hair design.

23. High and Tight Haircut

High and Tight Haircut@pmcutsHigh and tight men’s hairstyles stand for the traditional classics frontline in this endless fashion war. And since this low-maintenace basic tight cut stands solid in line with a crew cut, buzz cut, and Ivy League haircut till these days, there’s no evidence for them to ever fade.

24. Modern Pompadour

Modern pompadour@iamthebarber132Just look at this innovative out-of-this-world modern pompadour! The volume and height from the 90s are blended with the texture and detailing of the present day. All you need to rock this fantastic men’s haircut is to keep longer hair on top and to buy a good stronghold volumizing hair product. A modern pompadour might be not the best option for fine hair and thinning hair though.

25. Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray@iamthebarber132A sea salt spray is a versatile styling solution leading to a diversity of finishes in men’s hairstyles for different hair types. The general mood of the sea salt hair texture is slightly messy, “frozen” effect, which you can place on top of shorter hair, longer hair, straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, thick hair, and fine hair equally.

26. Bald Fade

Bald fade@4hairpleasureThis straight hair skin fade embodies pure perfection and an uncompromising attitude to style. The taper fade collides with the smooth surface of the long hair on top, creating a distinctive borderline, which comes from the same spot as the side part.

27. Low Fade

Low Fade@arod_blendzTo curb a thick hair and long hair combo, you can use the good old trick with a low taper fade. The low fade professionally cleans all the mess of longer hair textures. Skin fade and shaved-in design will look especially cool on dark hair.

28. Flat Top Haircut

Flat Top Haircut@ols.kehagiasWell, this flat-top haircut says you’re in jeopardy ‘cause it’s too edgy and on point not to catch all your attention. This tight haircut is asymmetrical, with an ideal taper fade, and a full beard to balance out this bright men’s haircut.

29. Fringe Haircut

Fringe Haircut@zaebis.haircutsWhat do you get if you mix a French crop, a faux hawk, and textured longer hair? It’s a trendy fringe haircut we’re talking about. These days, the tendency is to rethink the medium-length men’s haircuts from the previous century and emphasize the hair textures with a good hair product.

30. French Crop

French Crop@iamthebarber132This French crop men’s haircut variation speaks for the modern generation, their values and aesthetics. Low fade, fringe haircut, enhanced hair textures, volume, and edgy lines - these are the cornerstones of the best current haircuts for men.

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