These Are The 12 Most Popular Current Men's Hairstyles

A good looking hairstyle can either make or break a man's appearance as demonstrated in our post how much does hair really improve your look . It can be tiresome trying to keep up with the latest trends and that's why we're here to help you. Let's start.

1. Loose Undercut


A loose undercut is a great variation of the classic. It features a longer top and a more messy way of styling.

2. Modern Side Part


The classic side part is becoming extremely popular. Get yourself a nice jar of pomade and a comb. This hairstyle features a slight pomp.

3. Taper


A great looking taper with a mid fade and styled top. Men LOVE this hairstyle and it's becoming extremely popular.

4. Medium Length 


If you love a more professional look a medium length hairstyle styled as a side part is a great look.

5. Matte Spikes


This style is achieved with a matte product styled with a twist and spike method. The haircut should descend from long on top to shorter on the back.

6. Caesar Haircut


The Caesar haircut is a classic short hairstyle that can look good on just about any guy with the right head shape!

7. Slicked Back


Another slightly longer hairstyle is the slick back. Get yourself a nice pomade and grow your hair out. Make sure to get the sides cleaned up before attempting this style.

8. Messy Matte

cool hair

Short sides with a slight disconnect on the sides. Styled with a matte hair product in a messy variation.

9. Volume


Long and volumized top achieved with a blow dryer and hairspray. Check out more hairstyles by Mariano Di Vaio

10. Matte Side Part


A side part doesn't always have to be so shiny and slick! Try a matte product for this side part look!

11. Platinum/Silver Hair


This style is more about the colour than the cut. The platinum/silver/gray hair color is a risky style but can pay off if you can rock it!

12. Disconnected Taper


A super popular hairstyle currently in Asia. The disconnected taper is a hot style catching on in the west!