The Pomade Don Draper Wished he Used - Admiral

Are you one of those dudes who spends hours in front of the mirror every morning trying to replicate

that classic Don Draper hair style?

don draper

The perfect side part and effortless comb-over with that impossible to achieve texture. Even if you've mastered the movements, your pomade could be cramping your style. You're busy and don't have time to try jar after jar, if only there was a Tindr for grooming products… The good news is, you can stop your search for the perfect match, I've found it and it's name is Admiral.

I'm constantly trying new products and from my experience, pomades made in California are by far the best in terms of quality and bang for your buck. Because of this reason, I knew I had to get my hands on this product. It's $12.00 (w/ free shipping), it's water based and it's gotten amazing reviews elsewhere.

Introducing Admiral Supply Co Pomade.

admiral pomade review

The Texture

As I mentioned, I am constantly trying out new products. These, I must admit, have to be my favourite thus far. There are many Pomades on the market that have similar texture to a either a grease or a old school hair gel. The thing I loved about Admiral Pomade was it had neither. It was lite and easy to style through my hair without tugging or a having that "Wet" feeling.

I loved the smell, I loved the hold and I loved not having to fight with the grip of the product in my hair when applying admiral pomade.

I loved the smell, I loved the hold and I loved not having to fight with the grip of the product in my hair when applying admiral pomade.

The Hold

So if you're looking for that Draper look, you have to have a Strong-hold. This product was pretty awesome for that. After applying the pomade to slightly wet hair, I was able to immediately feel my hair almost thicken but become easily style able. After about 10 minutes the product started to really firm up but I was still able to still run my fingers through it. Amazing.

The Fragrance

The fragrance is a very subtle Coconut smell. It reminds me of going to the beach every time I style my hair.

The Price

So, one of the main ways I found out about this product was because of the price. I use a good amount of product during styling and $18-25 for Pomade just wouldn't do. The great thing about Admiral Hair Products is they're the first "Direct to Consumer" Men's Grooming Line (I think ever). Basically, they don't sell to Barbers/Salons/Stores and only sell their products direct to consumers online. Because of this, you get a high quality product at wholesale cost. Very impressive stuff (I <3 the Internet)

If you're looking for a pomade to use on the daily for your undercuts, pompadours or slick backsAdmiral is a must. 

It definitely receives my seal of approval.

If you want to pick up your own jar of Admiral Pomade check out: