The Hottest Hairstyle Trends for Black Men

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Updated 02-2-2022

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Short Part with Fade

Short Part with Fade


No doubt, black men's haircuts with part always look more authentic and unique than an ordinary buzz cut without any twists. You can see how significant the difference is with this sharp hairline and razor parting in the photo above.

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Black Men Hairstyles @byaaronwallace Long gone are the days when naturally curly Afro hair meant an unpretentious bunch of disconnected curls or a boring fluffy mane. Now, the situation has changed so much that guys with thick, messy, and curly hair are even often considered to be lucky as barbers have come up with an incredible amount of haircuts for black men - and some of them are just impossible to do for a straight smooth hair. We can’t but mention that Afro hair is very uneasy in styling and daily care. You’ll definitely need to have special hair products and to know some grooming tips to keep your hairstyles on point. However, in return to your efforts, you can get a vast variety of men’s hairstyles from short buzz cuts and waves to a retro box cut, fresh and trendy Afro mohawk hairstyle, asymmetrical flattops and traditional dreadlocks. The fade also makes a huge change: temple fade, high fade, top fade - thanks to numerous options of fade haircuts, the same hairstyle can look absolutely different. In this gallery, you’ll find all possible variants of black men hairstyles for unruly and textured locks. Scroll down to find your perfect cut, which is appropriate for your lifestyle and image.

Best Hairstyles for Black Men

Best Hairstyles for Black Men @hairgodzzz Let’s begin with the best black hair solutions, which prove that a black guy with long curly hair can always look fresh and good, as well as stylish and trendy. These black guy hairstyles are meant to stand out despite being rather traditional and classical for Afro hair type thanks to small details that make a very big change.

Short Part with Fade

Short Part with Fade @byaaronwallace No doubt, black men's haircuts with part always look more authentic and unique than an ordinary buzz cut without any twists. You can see how significant the difference is with this sharp hairline and razor parting in the photo above.

Faux Hawk with Side Fade

Faux Hawk with Side Fade @hairgodzzz Bold and rebellious black men are the first to try this low skin fade faux hawk. It’s incredible how smooth and clean the fade is, how luxury the hair texture on top looks, and how great this controversial fade hairstyle for black guys works with a full natural beard.

Curly Cut with Unique Designs

Curly Cut with Unique Designs @mr_nicekutz This is how you can update a regular curly black person haircut for medium hair. The lighting design on the faded side spices up the curly top highlighting your individual creative style and uniqueness.

Flat Top + Reverse Fade

Flat Top and Reverse Fade @modelactioncutsllc Well…are you ready for fundamental changes or what? Go to the best barbershop in your city, find the most skillful barber known for the ability to make an extremely edgy burst fade and thorough attention to details, and get this out-of-this-world 3 dimension fade haircut.


Frohawk @fadesbymase Wow! This formidable hi-top hair combination is definitely worth your attention. Firstly, the long hair frohawk is refreshed with dyed light color strands. Secondly, the fluffy hawk goes into a crafty hair fade on the sides. Finally, the image is peppered with the brutality of sharp geometrical hairline in the front part of the hairstyle.


Cornrows @n.childernhairideas No surprise, our gallery of different hairstyles for black men can’t do without the cornrows Afro men haircuts variation. It’s all because of the versatility of braids, which can be fixed into a tight knot at the nape. Another cool thing is the freedom to create any design, any pattern you want.

Short High Fade

Short High Fade @mikesharrpp When it comes to short black men hairstyles, various haircuts with fades for black guys spring to mind. Also, you might consider a tapered afro male cut, a buzz cut, a military cut, or short waves. The last one depends on the hair texture since not every short Afro cut will look this way.

Buzz Cut with Beard

Buzz Cut with Beard @mr_nicekutz Since Afro hair is very uneasy and causes a lot of trouble in fixing it up, most black men prefer short or mid-length hair styles for black men. Any buzz cut works great with a beard and can be spiced up with a nice design touch behind the ears at the neckline.

Line Up

Line Up @mr_nicekutz Enjoy! Even a simple buzz cut on your hair textures looks unusual with those endless beckoning waves and sharp shores. So you don’t even have to do anything special to get a perfect morning look - just wake up.

Short Hair + Burst Fade

Short Hair and Burst Fade @gabriellbarbeiro Another aspect, where the short black hair looks brighter and better than light European hair is fade. The blend and the contrast are incredible in this temple fade - the effect which is impossible to achieve with hair of other colors.

Clean Shave

Clean Shave @mr_nicekutz Well… Probably, no best haircuts list can do without a clean shave that works with every hair color, type, and texture. This is a nice haircut for black men too since it’s easy to maintain - and you know what a challenge it can be to fix your curls with a pomade or a wax. But remember that all new hairstyles for black men should suit your head and face shape.

Twisted Curls with Drop Fade

Twisted Curls with Drop Fade @ths_thehairstudio And how do you feel about such long hair solution? The temples, sides, and back are done into your favorite taper fade, while the hair on top is divided into several sections. The hair length is significantly bigger here, so the strands are twisted in cool unboring braids.

Short Afro Fade with Edge Up

Short Afro Fade with Edge Up @kinglycuts Temple fade hair grows into something more interesting than a classic wave brush or buzz cut. Black men haircuts like this always attract people with their height, volume, and unusual shape.

Ponytail Dreadlocks

Ponytail Dreadlocks @mr_nicekutz Here is another, more usual option of dread braids for Afro hair. Actually, making dreadlocks or sponge twists is one of the best ways to wear very long kinky hair or stimulate hair growth. The sides and neck, however, should be regularly trimmed (maybe, with some extra design) so that small curls don’t mess up the whole appearance.

360 Waves + Shape Up

360 Waves and Shape Up @yobarberrileyy Whatever you say, thick and textured Afro hair is meant for buzz cuts with millions of waves that fade back like in the pictures in this gallery. The magic is that even an ordinary basic fade haircut works in a completely different way with black men’s hair.

Mini Afro Taper

Mini Afro Taper @andrew.cuts The only part of this hairstyle for a black man, which requires being regularly trimmed is the temp fade. The fuzzy natural top shouldn’t be often touched with scissors so that a careless nature of the style isn’t ruined.

High Drop Fade + Crew Cut + Beard Fade

High Drop Fade Crew Cut and Beard Fade @mikesharrpp A full massive beard is surely a salt of this image: so full, glossy, and fading. However, bear it in mind that a luxury beard, as well as a luxury cut, needs permanent upkeep with good beard products.

Hard Part with Cool Twists

Hard Part with Cool Twists @asantihairstudio If you wanna something more unusual than dreadlocks for your medium length, ask for similar black men haircuts styles in barbershop next time. The hard part in the middle sorts out the mess made by these fantastic twists.

African American Male Hairstyles

Natural hairstyles for black men in this section are mostly retro-inspired and are examples of a successful classics comeback in 2020. The trends from the 80s and 90s can get a new life with a spicy detail, a little bit of asymmetry, unusually cut angles, or just cool bears addition. Want to know how it works? Scroll down.

Natural Fauxhawk with Line Up

Natural Fauxhawk with Line Up @thefadetasticgroomingllc The right flat top with edgy side part fade design can change the whole image. Make your temple fade a place for self-expression: create personalized haircut styles with an outstanding part line and extreme edges.

Curly Afro Fade

Curly Afro Fade @stylerroom This is an example of how to slightly fade black hair so that it looks old school and up-to-date at the same time.

Full Afro

Full Afro @barberfitness82 While many black men hairstyles tend to avoid the natural volume of fluffy locks and mostly are short hair cuts, dreads, and flattops, this one stands out of all fashionable haircuts for black men.

Retro High Top Fade

Retro High Top Fade @chicagobarberexpo This awesome haircut with a high fade, edgy forehead hairline, and flat top requires regular trimming to keep it fresh. However, black men hairstyles like this are definitely worth all the inconveniences.

Skin Fade with Curly Hair and Beard

Skin Fade with Curly Hair and Beard @a2beautysupplyclt This low fade haircut black style is a nice idea for multiple occasions - from a business meeting to a family barbecue on Saturday.

Professional Black Male Hairstyles

Professional Black Male Hairstyles @byaaronwallace This messy knot of amazing curls features a total disorder on the top and absolute accuracy below. To get this magnificent cut, don’t neglect using a hair conditioner for curls when you wash your hair as well as a high-quality texturizing product to finish the styling.

Low Fade Haircut With a Shaved Side Part

Low Fade Haircut With a Shaved Side Part @mikesharrpp The trend for fade black men haircuts is firmly fixed in the fashion world. The main rule says: the sharper the better. That’s why a shaved side part is always a good idea.

Angled Top With Fade

Angled Top With Fade @thankqthebarber Don’t hurry up with your judgment if your barber offers you a flat top experiment and you doubt the relevance of these good old black men haircuts. Check up this updated version of a geometric flattop with a modern twist. The best part is you can play with endless shapes and lines to create your own unique flat top fade hairstyle.

Bald Fade + Short Kinky Hair + Full Beard

Bald Fade Short Kinky Hair Full Beard @thankqthebarber Here is one more example of the new generation haircuts for black men. Learn the ingredients: taper fade, slicked curls on top, masculine beard that emphasizes the jawline, and an edgy hairline with a sharp angle at the temple.

Taper and Hard Part with Wave Cut

Taper and Hard Part with Wave Cut @mikesharrpp Black men with brown hair will love this easy in maintenance top fade cut with alluring waves and a bold hard part.

Box Fade

Box Fade 1 @armondoo_ The typical shape of such flat top high fade haircuts for black men is refreshed with a very catchy though small detail - a tiny shaved line over the fade at the temple. Box Fade 2 @thirdworldphenom

High Skin Fade with Flat Top

High Skin Fade with Flat Top @dee2ill Young black men also enjoy luxurious black men haircuts, so a clean high fade with a medium flat top with the sharp geometric design is a win-win idea for a junior lion.

Low Taper Fade + Short Textured Hair

Low Taper Fade Short Textured Hair @mr_nicekutz From one side it’s an ordinary taper fade mohawk for solid men, and from the other - an eye-catching creative cut for young boys. It’s cool to be both at the same time.

Temple Fade with Sponge Twists

Temple Fade with Sponge Twists @kerryshairportfolio You need to buy a special brush and hair product to achieve this incredible sponge twists texture at the top.

Short Black Mohawk

Short Black Mohawk @mikesharrpp Variety is a key of this super clean young black men hairstyle. The thick crown goes into a medium fade and leads down to a bald fade. And the extremely edgy hairlines add some contrast in front.

Faux Hawk Fade with Hair Design

Faux Hawk Fade with Hair Design @thirdworldphenom Wow! Probably, this one is the brightest and most personalized mohawk fade cuts on the list. Crazy blue curls on top, geometric patterns all over the sides - this is a recipe of the ideal hairstyle for a young rebel.

Short Clean Cut

Short Clean Cut @therealpat_da_prodigy Just a laconic top fade hairstyle for classics lover to end our gallery of the best haircuts black men will surely enjoy!

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