The Evolution of Justin Bieber’s Hairstyles

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Updated 10-17-2022

Justin Bieber's hair has probably been one of the most common characteristics that people would describe him with. Throughout the years he’s changed up his look, and started rocking different styles.

From the long, swoopy dark hair he had, through his bleached blond asymmetrical short hairstyles, cornrows made by his wife Hailey, and blonde dreadlocks – to the short simple quiff he’s been mostly hiding it under beanies and caps recently in most photos on his Instagram.

The evolution of Justin Bieber’s hair is quite fascinating because that was a way people would otherwise identify him with. Here it is though folks, JB appearance transformation throughout the years.

Justin Bieber Long Hair

Justin Bieber long hair

Justin Bieber long hair withhat

The latest long interpretation of Justin Bieber hair looked like this: bleach blonde messy chin-length locks showing out of a beanie or a cap. Generally, this scruffy medium-length Justin Bieber hair requires zero styling and can be worn even without being brushed.

Justin Bieber Short Hair

Justin Bieber Short Hair

Justin Bieber short hair blonde

We’ve seen edgy variations of a buzz cut several times during Bieber’s career: the singer tried to shave the head and wear it naturally without upgrades, he had it in cool bleach blonde. Recently, his buzz cut in combination with the glasses looked adorable and even hot.

Long, Swoopy Cut

Swoopy hair

Swoopy blonde medium hair

We bet that Bieber's hairstyle in the first photo is exactly what you imagined when reading the heading. Indeed, this hairstyle is one of Justin’s more iconic and popular hairstyles.

Early in his career, he had this type of style and it was more of a signature look he had as a pop star, with somewhat long hair that framed his face, with a swept front that went to off to the side.

A couple of years ago, Justin Bieber revived his forgotten hair trend with a bit of a new vibe. The “new” swoopy bowl cut interpretation is less innocent and more wild, with a smart touch-up of blonde and a shaggy texture.

Brown Hair

Justin Bieber brown hair


Well, probably, the first time you saw Justin Bieber on YouTube or on TV on the American Music Awards red carpet, JB must have been wearing those signature Bieber’s brown swoopy layers.

But we want you to take a look at a more up-to-date and cute brown haircut by the singer. Here is Justin Bieber advertising that Biebs brew in his Instagram story with a classy texturized version of a Caesar haircut in brown color with a perfect clean shave.

Bleached Hair

Justin Bieber bleached hair


Justin Bieber bleached hair dreads

Justin has never been a natural blonde but he has come up with endless blonde hair ideas so many times. In the world of hairstyles, you can hardly find a style that hasn’t been interpreted by Justin Bieber to be dyed white.

Spiky brush-ups upswept with hair gel, long and messy undercuts, buzz cut hair, and even dreadlocks hairstyles – all of these Justin Bieber hairstyles have gone through that blonde head filter.

Spiked Front

Justin Bieber spiky hair

Going from his long signature hairstyle, Justin then cut it off, and changed it up by getting very short sides, with more hair on the top, as he would spike it in the front. This is a pretty standard hairstyle that a lot of men have, but it definitely was a big change from what he first had!

You won’t need a lot to pull off spiky styles like these: just some texturizing product to add shape and depth, some hair gel for a slicked-up effect, and a blow-drier with a comb to sweep your hair up just like in the photo.


Justin Bieber undercut

Besides the short hair and spiked front, Justin started sporting undercut variations in 2014 and early 2015 Justin.

Instead of having spiked hair, he started sweeping his medium and long locks back or to the side, which looked like a very classy and sleek style, with the front swooped to one side.

Long Bangs

Justin Bieber bangs

A fringe barely covering Justin Bieber’s forehead and unruly blonde bangs that fall down the face in a careless way – Justin Bieber hairstyles have gone through all fringe and bangs variations.

His new styles stroke a lot of people by surprise, but he has always looked good with any hairdo, so why not?

His hair is in an asymmetrical undercut, with one side being significantly shorter than the other, while the other side is quite longer and off to the side. It definitely is an interesting style: with dark roots and extremely white ends, slightly covering the forehead, and a sign of stuffy careless locks at the top.


What color is Justin Bieber’s natural hair?

Bieber's natural hair color is medium-to-dark brown, which can be noticed in his bleach blonde hairstyles with dark natural roots.

Who is Justin Bieber's hair stylist?

Celebrity hairstylist Florido Basallo has been working with JB’s hair during almost all his career. Probably, it’s that swagger vibe that both the star client and the famous hairstylist share. Basallo was an initiator of many bold style moves of Justin including the shaven head and the shades of platinum blond that Bieber has sported over the years. Demi Moore and Hailey Baldwin are among Basallo’s celebrity clients too.

How much Justin Bieber sold his hair for?

So how much did Justin Bieber's hair sell for? Why did he sell it?

The story happened after Justin turned 17 and decided to cut his long hair. His tresses were packed into a signed box, and Ellen DeGeneres pushed it on Ebay. Over the first hour, the bid raised up to $10,000.

Eventually, Ellen managed to auction off Justin's hair for a whopping $40,668. The money was donated to a charity organization in California called The Gentle Barn foundation.

And that my friends, is the Evolution of Justin Bieber’s Hair!

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