The Evolution of Justin Bieber’s Hairstyles

Published By Brooke
Updated 02-10-2021


Justin Bieber's hair has probably been one of the most common characteristics that people would describe him with. Throughout the years he’s changed up his look, and started rocking different styles.

From the long, swoopy dark hair he had, until now with his blonde asymmetrical short hair. The evolution of Justin Bieber’s hair is quite fascinating because that was a way people would otherwise identify him with. Here it is though folks, Justin’s hair throughout the years.

1. Long, Swoopy Cut

Justin bieber long swoopy hair 4 Justin bieber long swoopy hair

This hairstyle is one of Justin’s more iconic and popular hairstyles. Early in his career, he had this type of style and it was more of a signature look he had, with somewhat long hair that framed his face, with the swept front that went to off to the side.

2. Spiked Front

Justin bieber spiked haie 3 Justin Bieber spiked hair

Going from his long signature hairstyle, Justin then cut it off, and changed it up by getting very short sides, with more hair on the top, as he would spike it in the front. This is a pretty standard hairstyle that a lot of men have, but it definitely was a big change from what he first had!

3. Gentlemen's Cut

Justin bieber gentlemens cut 3 Justin bieber gentlemens cut

Besides the short hair and spiked front, later in 2014 and early 2015 Justin started to style a pompadour type look. Instead of having spiked hair, instead it looked like a very classy and sleek style, with the front swooped to one side.

4. Long Bangs

Justin bieber long bangs 3

A few months ago, we now see Justin’s new hair. Yes, it has taken a lot of people by surprise, but he looks good with it, so why not? His hair now is an asymmetrical cut, with one side being significantly shorter than the other, while the other side is quite longer and off to the side. It definitely is an interesting style.

And that my friends, is the Evolution of Justin Bieber’s Hair!

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