Suave Hairstyles For Older Men

When it comes to hairstyles for older men and we're talking 40 and over, the name of the game is suave and classy. You want a hairstyle that resembles James Bond slick but business professional at the same time.


Speaking of suave, this classic side part hairstyle by none other than George Clooney is a perfect example of the type of haircut we're trying to achieve - Simple and Classy.


This is another example of the slicked back side part hairstyle that looks GREAT on middle aged men and over. Hair product such as a water-based pomade is recommended to achieve this look.


If you like your hair a little longer and your beard with some stubble, this is a great masculine look to try out. Medium length hair with frequent trims on the sides and slicked back to perfect to achieve this hairstyle for older gentlemen.


Speaking of James Bond, whom better to get some inspiration from than the man himself! This close cropped hairstyle by Daniel Craig is a very mature and classy cut that looks great in any situation.


If you're more of a business guy this executive haircut is right up your alley. Look like the experienced man you really are with this classic hairstyle.