Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for the 2021 Season

Published By Brooke
Updated 04-13-2019

We may have just surpassed cuffing season, but we haven't escaped the focus on love just yet… It's wedding season! Whether you're trying on your 27th dress or ready to tie the knot, these wedding hairstyles will give you some inspiration for the special day.

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Soft Waves and Metallic Hairpiece

Soft Waves and Metallic Hairpiece
Posted On Instagram @sabrinadijkman

To make your locks glisten on the special day, use a light-weight shine spray – anything too heavy will make your curls fall toward the end of the night. The best of the best is Eufora's Shine Illuminate Mist.

Loose, Curled Updo

Loose, Curled Updo |
Posted on Instagram by @tonyastylist2

Most brides wonder how their hair will last for hours on end at the wedding. With a gorgeous updo like this one, you'll need a stronghold hairspray – but one that won't make your strands literally harden.

Voluminous Curls

Voluminous Curls|
Posted on Instagram @styledbywren

There's no need to pull your hair up when it looks this beautiful down and curled. Show off your personality with curls like these. Trust us, your future spouse will melt.

Baby's Breath Bride

 Wedding Curls | Hairstyle on Point
Posted on Pinterest by Sloane Stringer-Byerly

How sweet is this wedding style? It shouts romance and isn't all that hard to accomplish. After curling hair with a 1.25-inch wand, loosely pin half of it up and place a Baby's Breath hairpiece along the curls.

Braided Half Updo With Curls

Braided Half Updo With Curls |
Posted on Instagram by @oliviamillsmua

This wedding hairstyle combines all our favorite trends into one. With loose, soft curls, braids, and a little volume, it's no wonder we've seen brides everywhere trying out versions of this look. We recommend using amika Fluxus Touchable Hairspray to keep everything where it's supposed to be.

Curled Updo With Hairpiece

Curled Updo With Hairpiece |
Posted on Instagram by @tonyastylist

A gorgeous hairpiece can make or break a wedding hairstyle. The best part? You can find them as simple or as elaborate as you want to fit your personality.

Carefree Updo

Carefree Updo |
Posted on Instagram by @styled_by_olivia

Pull your tresses up like this, and your new hubby will swoon.


Braided Chignon

Timeless Chignon | Hairstyle on Point
Posted by @tonyastylist on Instagram

Ah, the timeless chignon.

For the girl who hates wearing her hair up, but doesn't want to deal with her curls falling flat on her special day — this one's for you. Because of how loose this updo is, it's incredibly feminine and romantic.

Halfup Fishtail

Halfup Fishtail |
Posted on Instagram by @thestyleroomgc

If you want to wear your hair down for the wedding, you've got to consider this romantic fishtail. It's elegant and fun, and pairs perfectly with a strapless gown.

Braided Halfup Style

Braided Half-up Style |
Posted on Instagram by @thestyleroomgc

Whether you've got a ball gown or a fitted mermaid dress, this braided half-up style is one of our absolute favorites this year. To achieve those full-bodied curls, use a product like BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray.

Low Pony Wedding Hairstyle

 Low Pony Wedding Hairstyle |
Posted on Instagram by @styled_by_olivia

Glam up a low pony with some hair extensions and a hair piece.

Twisted Low Bun

Twisted Low Bun |
Posted on Instagram by @kirstyannehair

One of the most common issue brides run into when attempting updos is lack of volume. A quick and effective fix? Clip-in hair extensions – they add length and volume that makes replicating your favorite looks possible.

Low Updo With Curls

Low Updo With Curls |
Posted on Instagram by @styledbywren

This loose and curled look is timeless and gives you the perfect opportunity to show off statement earrings.

Medieval Updo

Medieval Updo |
Posted on Instagram by @thestyleroomgc

Intricate, medieval-looking wedding hairstyles are all over Pinterest right now. (Side note: we're totally obsessed with this Targaryan hair. Check out our guide on how to get white hair.

Mermaid Waves

Mermaid Waves | Hairstyle on Point
Posted on Instagram by @morganparks901

This darling 'do is incredibly elegant. Its simplicity couples beautifully with any dress, and the jeweled pins add an extra flare.

Tip for achieving this wedding look: using the right product is key. Before blow-drying, use a heat protectant and oil treatment. Then, curl with a 1.5-inch iron, wrapping around the barrel (not using the clip). Spritz with a light hairspray, and once it sets, run through with a wide tooth comb to loosen waves.


Bridal Blowout

Bridal Blowout |
Posted on Instagram by @kirstyannehair

Why does everyone think brides have to pull their hair back on the big day? This look is a total knockout and is a modern twist on classic 20s curls.

Loose Braid

Loose Braid |
Posted on Instagram by @nicoledrege

Pair this thick, loose braid with an open back dress and jaws will hit the floor. Plus, that accent hairpiece adds the perfect amount of glam.

Side Swept Fishtail

 Side Swept Fishtail |
Posted on Instagram by @anele.leni

We're fawning over these voluminous curls. They're sexy, but sweet and show off thick locks (or faux-thick locks if you rock extensions).

Bouncy Curls

Bouncy Curls |
Posted on Instagram by @hairbyhannahtaylor

A little hair poof never hurt anybody. These bouncy curls look absolutely elegant.

Timeless Low Bun

Timeless Low Bun |
Posted on Instagram by @xenia_stylist

Sweep those locks into a low bun to complement a strapless dress. We're totally picturing this with teardrop earrings, too.

Untied Curly Bun

Untied Curly Bun |
Posted on Instagram by @natalia_shevchyk

Brighten up whimsical curls with a floral hairpiece. How sweet would this look at an outdoor wedding?

Beachy Braid

Beachy Braid | Hairstyle on Point
Posted on Instagram by @morganparks901

This beachy braid is ideal for late spring and summer weddings. Pair it will a blush pink, light blue, or nude bridesmaids dress for an angelic-looking bridal party…We can picture those Instagram pics already.


Flower Hair Piece

Flower Hair Piece |
Posted on Instagram by @tonyastylist

2019 is welcoming hair pieces like this one. Adding a sweet, romantic flair to voluminous waves is one of our favorite looks of the season.

Bridal Bouffant

Bridal Bouffant | Hairstyle on Point
Posted on Instagram by @skyecoutinho

This wedding hairstyle may be pageant-esque, but there's something fun about it. For the glam-loving bride, invest in some volumizing hair extensions, a teasing comb, and lots of hairspray.

Classic Bun

Classic Bun
Posted on Instagram by @anabelenapen

A sleek dress paired with this classic bun will melt hearts on the big day. We're thinking lace.

High Pony

High Pony |
Posted on Instagram by @thestyleroomgc

Traditional updos are not for everyone, but neither is having your locks in your face all night. A perfect compromise? This stunning (and a little sassy) high pony. Adding clip-in hair extensions to the pony is a perfect way to achieve length and thickness.

Simple Low Pony

Simple Low Pony |
Posted on Instagram by @sarahwhair

This simple, classy hairstyle follows the latest trends and gives you a chance to show off bolder makeup, your dress' intricate neckline, and a stunning jeweled headband or flower crown.

Textured Bun

Textured Bun |
Posted on Instagram by @sarahwhair

Messy buns in the morning, messy buns in the evening, messy buns at your wedding – we love 'em anytime. Especially when they're classed up with curls and a dainty hairpiece. To check out other variations of messy buns that might inspire your wedding day hairstyle, check out 7 Super Easy Ways to Get the Perfect Messy Bun.

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