Straight Layered Hairstyles For Every Woman

Published By Brooke
Updated 11-24-2016

Straight layered hairstyles are extremely popular among women of all ages. All of your favorite celebrities have likely at one time or another decided to go with a layered straight style. Layers add a lot to a straight style and allow hair to have more body and not look so weighed down. Here are a few straight layered hairstyles that are sure to please even the pickiest fashionista.

Go With The Emo

straight layered hairstyles emo

Whatever age you are there is something to be said for the emo inspired choppy look. This is not a mullet so forget that stigma right here. The emo cut combines a lot of choppy layers into a cut that can be designed to fit you correctly. There are no rules for an emo cut except to pile on the layers and different lengths. You can also add fab highlights and color of your choosing. There are plenty of temp colors or clip in extensions if you don't want permanent color or have dark hair and want a color that is hard to achieve without harsh dyes and bleaching.

Going Down The Ladder

straight layered hairstyles ladder

This style is for those with super long hair that want texture and body without losing any of their lengths. Be warned that you should be very clear with your stylist if you want to keep as much length as possible. It is a good idea to at least take off enough that you are left without a lot of split ends. If hair seems damaged, then a keratin smoothing or a gloss treatment can help out a lot.

Shoulder Length Layers

straight layered hairstyles shoulder

For a lot of women, this is a length that works well because it is a compromise between daring short cuts and lengths that are either unattainable or a lot more work to maintain and style. With shoulder length hair you still have enough to have an updo when you want too. The way you part your hair is up to you but something that is important to discuss with your stylist. A good hair cutter will ask you anyway, but there is nothing wrong with giving them a heads up if you have a major preference.

Short Layered Bob

straight layered hairstyles bob

This short cut is simply amazing. The layers are cut precisely enough that with a little styling this short do has a lot of body and volume on top making it almost look like you have more of an updo from the front rather than a short cut. The short layered bob can help show off your amazing eyes and cheekbones. For those that need to look professional and want easy styling at the beginning of the work day, this is truly one of the ultimate short cuts out there.

Taking Your First Style Steps

The overall length and volume of your hair are important when deciding which straight layered style is right for you. Taking off a lot of lengths can be a big deal for a lot of women because of how long it takes to get it back if they don't like a shorter look. Extensions can help if you take off more than you think you should have.

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