20 Trendy Spiky Hair Looks for Men for 2024

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Updated 01-1-2024

Firstly, spiky texture in hair helps to create a rather relaxed and alluringly careless image of a «bad guy». Secondly, spiky hairdos are pretty easy to style, no matter if you have thick hair or fine hair.

All you need to tame the spiky locks of any length is a stronghold and lightweight styling product along with a good pointy haircut inspiration photo to adjust the idea to your face shape and hair texture.

Your hairstylist will help you to choose a pomade, clay, hairspray, powder, or a hair wax appropriate for the specific spiky look you pick as well as your hair type.

As for spiky hairstyle inspiration, we’ve got a bunch of fresh and juicy boys’ spiky hair ideas for an edgy vibe below:

Spiky Hair Fade

spiky hair fade

We can hardly imagine an edgy modern male look without a killin’ fade. So, a combo of a perfect high fade with spiky hairs and some volume all over the crown is the option that always works for guys.

Short Spiky Hair Men

Short spiky hair men@hasonhair

This spiky hairstyle is undoubtedly eccentric and it proves that short spiky hairstyles can look very different and unboring. This mixture of Caesar bangs, tapered retro sides, spiked hair on top, and this crazy red hue make a bold cocktail, indeed.

Spiky Pompadour

Spiky pompadour@rhino.barber

Classic pompadour (take a look at this guide) is super smooth and polished. But who likes boring traditions? Rock your look with some disconnected spikes on the hair of the crown and complete this spiky hairstyle with a break-off beard.

Messy Spiky Hair

Messy spiky hair@eddyliao

Medium spiked hair in a messy upswept cut with tapered sides that fade down dramatically is a totally novel look. But if you add some ash blonde color streaks on top of that, the final result can exceed the expectation. This trick works especially well for men with naturally dark hair like Asians.

Long Spiked Hair

Long spiked hair@eddyliao

Here are some tips on styling long spiky hairstyles: use a texturizing product for starters, and a strong hold product for the long life of your spiky style. Consider sweeping your hair back instead of typically comb it up, so that the spikes are at the back part of your hair – this twist will make your look more authentic and stable. The noble ashy blonde shade will maximize the sophistication of your soft spikes.

Blonde Spiky Hair

blonde spiky hair

Here is another blonde spiky haircut with extra height for everyone who looks for unusual highlights and creative solutions for their long spiky top. Direct the crown forward and up using a wide teeth comb plus pomade and a hairdryer.

Asian Spiky Hair

Asian spiky hair@kennychan_k_c

Men’s spiked hair for Asian guys is usually short and edgy. A well-done high fade, geometric hairline, and a short spiky top messed up with a hair gel – all these make a great casual look for every day. Dirty blonde highlights are the detail making this short spiky hairstyle more unique.

Curly Spiky Hair

Curly spiky hair@haircut.hesam

This is an example of how stunning your curls can look in spiky haircuts, especially if paired with short hair on the sides and back. A delicate hard part will be another cool detail, however, this cut has something more extreme: an edgy asymmetric straight fringe. And here we go with the best thing: such cuts are easy maintenance.

Tapered Spiky Quiff Hairstyle

Tapered spiky quiff hairstyle@masbritish

A tapered spiky haircut can look boring… But with a creative touch like this, it will definitely stand out. Artistic fades and shaved in hairlines – they look like a piece of art, while the basis for this design still is a classic taper.

Textured Spikes with Taper Fade

textured spikes taper fade

If you’re into experiments, you may also like this textured and spiky cut. It’s easier to perform on thick hair, but guys with thin hair can also get this texture with a salt water spray or dry shampoo. Long spiky top heads up, while the fringe is borrowed from an ordinary Caesar cut.

Spiky Fringe

spiky fringe

Short spiky hair can be refreshed with a masterful fade plus on-point shaved design on the sides. The main challenge is not to lose the balance, so the shaved line’s direction should be strictly the same as the eyebrows’.

Spiky Undercut

Spiky undercut@sami_barbershop

It could be another classic undercut, but front spike hair, fantastic color, length, texture, and shaved-in minimalistic design make a huge difference to the whole look. Also, pay attention to the small shaved detail at the back – in this sophisticated spiky hair look, every element counts.

Spiky Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Spiky hairstyles for medium length hair@iamthebarber132

Spiky hairstyles for medium length hair allow for easy-to-do but outstanding hair solutions. Medium hair can be styled in more different ways than short spiky hair, and it’s easier to handle than long spiky haircuts. Just let your medium-length hair fall down the sides, and back, and face, use just a finger comb spreading the styling product while blow-drying, and get the goal hair textures.

Spiky Hairstyle for Round Face

 Spiky hairstyle for round face

Spiky hair with skin fade is a good option for people with a round face shape. Short sides spiky top visually elongate the face making the look more balanced. Another detail you can add if you like is a beard – beards also suit guys with round faces.

Brushed Up Spiky Hairstyle

Brushed up spiky hairstyle@kawaicat_salon

Another significant benefit of hair spiking is that the hair volume adds extra inches of height, which is usually an advantage for guys. This brushed-up look is basic, so don’t be afraid of trying to make it yourself. Or ask your barber to teach you.

Mohawk Hairstyles

mohawk shairstyles@ho3ein_jefri

Mohawk hairstyles are meant to be eccentric and outstanding, that’s where you can demonstrate the full power of your creativity. Get inspired with this spiky hair mohawk, incredible color contrasts, artistic shaved design on the sides, and the freedom vibe.

Faux hawk spiky hair

faux hawk for spiky hair

Brush up a faux hawk to give extra volume to your fine hair, or just to spice up your everyday look. Spiky hairstyles look nice even when they’re rather disconnected, so the only thing you need to worry about is the fresh fade on the sides.

Spiky Hair with a Hard Part

Spiky hair with a hard part

No matter if you wear long or short spiky hair, an edgy hard part will always be a great complement to your look. You can try a classic side part version (separating the upswept layers on top and clean-shaved sides) or experiment with unusual locations of the hard part like in the picture above.

Mid Fade Spiky Hairstyles for Men

mid fade spiky hairstyles men

Spiky hair is a favorite look of yours? Try different variations of it. Play with fade: low, middle, high… Or change the directions of the spikes hair on top.

Textured Short Top with a Line-up

Textured short top with a line-up

A line up is always a good idea when it comes to balancing the disconnected movement on the crown. The combination of “right” shapes and neat hairlines with spiky hair makes the look perfectly harmonious.

How to Get Spiky Hair

While some guys keep asking “Why is my hair spiky?” and “How to do you fix short spiky hair?”, you can benefit from making your hair spiky… If you follow these tips on how to spike hair:

  • Shampoo your hair with products that don’t contain heavy ingredients like oils, as they make your hair more difficult to spike.
  • Towel dry your hair and leave it slightly damp.
  • Gently remove all the knots and tangles with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Start with a small amount of pomade, wax, or gel. You can always add more if it’s not enough, but it will be impossible to remove the product if you apply it too intensively.
  • Warm up the hair product by rubbing it between your hands and start spreading it through your hair with your fingers.
  • Move from the roots to the tips in a combing motion.
  • If you want a neater finish, use a comb to spike up the hair.
  • Fix your hair throughout the day by touching it up with a small amount of wax, gel, or pomade if necessary.


How do you maintain a spiky hairstyle?

A short and spiky haircut is rather low-maintenance. Minimal hair length requires minimal styling: just apply a very small amount of hair mousse to your hands and run it through the front section of your hair moving it upward. If you want to tame long spiky hair, you can use a comb along with a more stronghold product to brush your hair upward. Do this while the gel or wax is still wet in your hair. Also, you can finish the styling with a touch of hair spray.

How long should spiked hair be?

As we’ve found out from the gallery, the lengths can vary to achieve a good edgy style with messy spikes. However, the minimal length to create spikes should be mentioned. On average, hairstylists recommend keeping the strands at least 1 ¼ inches long. Otherwise, if you get an extremely short style, spikes will just disappear among the rest of the hair.

Is spiked hair still in style?

Spiky textured cuts used to be a fashion statement at the beginning of this century. However, this versatile hairstyle still prevails as an element of modern trendy haircuts. Also, we believe that messy spiky layers and short spikes are unlikely to fade away due to their simple styling and a great visual volumizing effect: with a high-quality gel, a spiky style looks fuller and thicker, balances the head and face shape, adds a couple of inches of height.

Bottom Line

A short spiky haircut is a quick-fix solution. Long spikes are more like a piece of art requiring extra care and styling. Actually, if you’re considering a longer version, you can also check out women’s short edgy cuts as a source of inspiration.
Never forget that a particular style can change the flow of your whole day. So, play big – a spiky style deserves to be tested out.

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