Simple Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

If you have thick hair like me you know the trouble of finding a suitable hairstyle that actually agrees with your hair and doesn't require extensive maintenance and up keep. From my years of experience I've found out that thick hair is at its most workable when it is shorter in length. When thick hair gets too long it tends to give a poofy effect that doesn't look very good. Below are hairstyles I believe look great on men with thick hair and are currently trendy.

thick hair men

Thick and Voluminous Hairstyle


thick hair

Thick Hair is Easier Controlled When Short

zayn malik thick hair

A Blow Dryer and Hair Wax are Essential for Thick Hair

Hope you guys benefited from this article and found a suitable hairstyle for your thick head of hair! If this helped you out share it with another thick haired bro!