The Side Part Hairstyle, An Old Look for a New Age

If you're looking for a classic and timeless hairstyle, the side part / comb over might just be the right haircut for you.

I'll be introducing two different variations of the side part: The classic and a more modern version that guys are really liking for 2020.

1. The Classic Side Part

The classic side part is a style your grandpa probably had at one point in his life.

It's a very conservative and clean haircut that features a slick and tight hold on every strand of hair on your head. This is a great business professional hairstyle.


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2. The Modern Side Part

The modern version of the side part is a wild and looser variation of the classic. You'll notice this style gives the hair more of a natural "life" and every strand is not forced/combed down. Some side part styles even feature many wild and lengthier styles and people have been absolutely loving this stuff for 2020. Check out these examples of the modern combover/sidepart.

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