17 Awesome Side Part Haircuts For Men

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Updated 03-15-2021

Parting hairstyles have entered the world of the best male looks of today. Also known as a businessman haircut or a gentleman cut, the best side part hairstyles are proven to be a perfect red carpet option, a cool special occasions style, a classic haircut for a busy man, and a great solution for trendy guys who wanna spice up their look with a fresh and edgy detail.

Men's side part haircut has been evolving through the years form Cary Grant comb over side part haircuts, through the iconic Don Draper side parted hair – to hot hard part hairstyles for men in the best David Beckham traditions.

Hard Side Part and Burst Fade

Hard Side Part and Burst Fade

Burst fade always grabs a lot of attention, especially if it’s made on dark or bright colored hair. This great contrast between the cropped hair and the shaved hard part also catches the eyes.

Classic Side Part

Classic Side Part

Since classic never fades, traditional one side hair parts will always succeed due to their versatility, elegance, and perfect proportions.

Modern Side Part

Modern Side Part

Unlike classic men's side part haircuts, modern variations can have a way more different twists, cool details, and stunning features. Nowadays, barbers play and experiment with a side part as much as they want – just look at this hairstyle in the picture above!

Long Hair and Side Part

Long Hair and Side Part

Long hair in the crown gives plenty of options for a side part haircut. A ponytail undercut, an upswept quiff, or disconnected waves – each style looks different with a dramatic side part.

Side Part Wavy Hair with Low Fade

Side Part Wavy Hair with Low Fade

All you need to take control over your textured strands is to take some wax, disconnect your waves with fingers, and keep your hard part fresh and clean.

Short Side Part Haircut and Disconnected Undercut

Short Side Part Haircut and Disconnected Undercut

This is another example of how cool messy and neat components of the side part haircut work together. Disconnected crown, clean fade, and an aggressive hard side part – a win-win hair combination for boys.

Side Part with Straight Hair

Side Part with Straight Hair

Side flipped hair for a guy with straight locks can look like this. Consider sweeping the top hair forward in a Caesar-like style, and give the haircut a modern twist with a delicate hard side part.

Medium-Length Side Part Haircut with Asymmetrical Fringe

Medium-Length Side Part Haircut with Asymmetrical Fringe

Wanna play big? Get inspired by this crazy asymmetrical fringe side part idea. People will shower you with attention, that’s for sure!

Side Part with Curly Hair

Side Part with Curly Hair

The juicy side part makes all the difference in this curly hairstyle – it separates the whole look in two contrasting parts.

Messy Side Part

Messy Side Part

The structure is everything in this amazing hard side part cut with a beard.

Textured Side Part

Textured Side Part

A textured side part is a quick hair solution for all possible situations and occasions – even if you’re gonna save the world like Clark Kent.

Soft Part

Soft Part

It’s not necessary to make your side part very distinctive and emphasize it. A soft side part is also a good accent for any short sides haircut.

Taper Side Part

Taper Side Part

As an alternative to the traditional fade side part, the taper side part can become something new for you to try.

Side Part and Slick Back

Side Part and Slick Back

If the weekend is over and you have to turn your office setting on, a classic side part haircuts variation – a slick back with part side will come in handy.

Side Part Pompadour

Side Part Pompadour

An ideal hard part is able to bring that effect of perfection, shine, and beauty to every hairstyle, not to mention the pompadour, which is an authentic alluring hair solution by itself.

What Is the Side Part Haircut?

What Is the Side Part Haircut

Classic side parted haircut is the style with short hair combed to the side and back (traditionally, 3 inches or even less), usually with faded short sides and back, and a distinctive parting line that gives lux to the style.

The basic variant of men’s side part is short like a military haircut, however, more updated side part hairstyles for men feature more length in the hair on top. This allows for added volume in the front and, eventually, such medium length hairstyles as a quiff, a pompadour, a faux hawk.

Where does a side part come from?

Historically, this trendy, versatile, and easy to style all-around timeless look comes from the 1940s, when the Hollywood movie stars and celebrities were rocking it.
Parted hairstyles are still a huge trend that grows, develops, gains sophistication, and isn’t likely to fade ever.

How to Get a Side Part Haircut?


When planning the visit to your barber, make sure that you know exactly what side part variation you wanna get. Are you able to describe all your needs in detail? Or, maybe, you’ve got some photos of your perfect side-swept look?
As for side part cuts pictures, just scroll down this page and you’ll find all variants of the haircut possible and find your ideal combination of fade, length, top texture, and parting style. Pick your perfect picture to make sure you will have your best cut in a barbershop.

Now, here is some advice on how to explain to the stylists your side part request in words:

  • Tell if you want your hair parted to the right or a left hair part works best for you. You can follow your natural part or choose to change it up for a bigger volume.
  • Would you like to leave longer hair on top? Are you planning to style it in different ways? Or you’d prefer a shorter, low-maintenance option?
  • Do you want a statement hard part, shaved to the scalp with a razor? Or just a classic side parting?
  • Describe or show examples of the sides style. How short to cut? Would you prefer a taper fade, a classic fade, or an extreme skin fade? Low fade or high fade?
  • Mention all the details, which are important for you: the hairline style, beards or mustaches, any updates, color experiments, etc.

And, finally, remember that if you don’t have any specific requirements or wishes, or just don’t know what’s gonna work better for your appearance and hair type, grab a couple of photo examples and trust your stylist. Every professional barber will offer your win-win side part hairstyles.

How to Style a Side Part Hairstyle?

How to Style a Side Part Hairstyle


Whatever locks length you finally end up with, you will be able to find your ideal side part haircut that fits any occasion, lifestyle, and appearance because this cut can be styled in lots of different ways – combover, mohawk, quiff, pompadour, slick back, faux hawk… just grab the right styling product.

Although side part hairstyles work best for thick hair, you can still get a great men’s side part style for fine and thin hair – just follow these basic steps:

  • Wash and dry your hair with a towel.
  • Rub some hair product between the palms and apply it through the hair on top of the head.
  • Comb the parted hair to the side and back.
  • Optionally: add some volume and height in front with a brush.
  • Experiment with the styles and textures. Scroll down to find out, how to do it.

How to choose the right hair products?

Each of the men's side part hairstyles above can’t do without an appropriate styling product. Here is some basic navigation for you:

  • Wax – Gives a neat finish, which is also rather relaxed, not too tight.
  • Clay – Makes your hairstyle more natural and disconnected, can be used daily.
  • Pomade – Results in a sleek, shiny look.
  • Gel – Also gives a smooth and even slightly greasy look, very stronghold, and rather heavy, not appropriate for daily use.

What side should hair be parted?

Parting hair: left or right? To decide which way to part hair men, you should understand where your natural parting is and if you wanna keep it.

If you do, the part side will be easy to maintain but you won’t get big volume. As for the opposite option, men parting hair against natural direction for added volume sacrifice the simplicity in styling.

How to style a side part for your face shape?

Oval face
There are no limits when it comes to the side part hairstyle for oval face men. It is the most proportional of all face shapes, so any side part variation will work for it.

Round face
Consider a low hard part with an angular outline to balance the look.

Oblong face
The main task is to make the oblong silhouette more angular. Choose the styles with longer sides (scissors crop or taper fade.)

Square face
No need to choose – all variations of side part will work great for the square-faced gentlemen.

Diamond face
Clean, tight fades are not the best choice for diamond face shape. It’s better to keep the top volume for a balanced well-groomed look.

Heart face
Opt for full and voluminous side part options – pomps, quiffs, and hawks.

Triangle face
Low, clean, and tight classic side part styles will suit your face shape and balance your prominent jawline.

The side part will always be a classic gentleman’s hairstyle for every occasion. With so many different styling opportunities, it’s the best haircut for any guy. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our collection of side part haircuts and found your perfect cut.

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