29 Straight Hairstyles and Haircuts Trends in 2024

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Updated 01-1-2024

Lots of girls dream of having straight, silky, smooth hair. If you’ve got this naturally straight hair, you’re lucky already!
You don’t have to struggle with making your hairdo straight – all you need is to choose your perfect style and cut for straight hair, suitable for your face shape and color type.

This gallery of awesome straight-hair hairstyles will give you a lot of straight-hair ideas inspiration. Our guide includes basic and simple hairstyles for work, casual straight hairstyles for natural hair, as well as fancy and elegant hairstyles for straight hair for special occasions.

Trendy Ideas for Straight Hairstyles

Trendy Ideas for Straight Hairstyles

Straight hair hairstyles can be neat and clean, swept-back, or just falling down the shoulders. They can be layered, slightly messy, with extra volume and unboring shape. You can style them in a ponytail, a top knot, a bun, a braid, a half-up, or just to add a small accessory that will change the whole look. You can easily curl your straight hair and completely change the image. Yes, you are lucky indeed!

How to wear straight hair and highlight its beauty?

How to make a quick and easy hairstyle for straight hair?

What hair look to choose for fine straight hair?

All the answers, cool straight hair tips, and a huge variety of amazing hairstyles for straight hair are below:

#1 Long Straight Hair With Bangs

Long Straight Hair With Bang

Adding bangs is the easiest way to refresh your image without changing your cut and length significantly. Moreover, this year, bangs probably are the biggest, most favorite trend for girls. Layered bangs, eye-skimming bangs, curtain bangs, thin bangs, long bangs, wispy bangs or blunt bangs – whichever you choose, it will give more body and breathe new life into your sleek hairstyle.

#2 Braided Crown on Medium Straight Hair

Braided Crown on Medium Straight Hair

Another nice solution for medium length straight hair is a braided crown. You can experiment with different braids and their directions: a waterfall braid, a french braid, cornrows, but anyway, you’ll get a brand new beautiful straight hair image. A crown braid can look different too!

#3 Simple Cut for Long Straight Hair

 Simple Cut for Long Straight Hair@_jackiecalderon

A simple cut for long straight hair has a lot of benefits. Firstly, it is a flattering haircut that suits almost every woman regardless of your face shape – all you need is to find your perfect length. Another cool thing is that you can style it in an endless amount of ways. However, if you’re not into upstyles, braids, and different hairdos, just ask your hairstylist for a low-maintenance haircut for long straight hair (face-framing layers will add some fun and give more body to a sleek straight haircut).

#4 Pinned Back

Pinned Back

In this picture, you can see how important the accessories are. These side pins are real game-changers that take the whole look to a more sophisticated, graceful league. You can also curl the length slightly or leave it straight locks. Consider it as a straight prom hairstyle option or an easy straight hair solution for a random night out.

#5 Sleek Straight Half Updo

Sleek Straight Half Updo

A sleek straight half updo allows for an endless flow of creativity and many ways to style straight hair. Braids and twists, hair beads and pins… Girls with super straight hair, do you wanna try this pretty charming half updo with pearls?

#6 Messy Straight Hairstyle

Messy Straight Hairstyle@andrew.gilbertt

There is one problem with straightened long hair: if it’s fine hair, these choppy layers may lack the volume and look a bit greasy. In this case, messy hairstyles for straight hair come in handy. To give your fine thin hair lightness, texture, and volume, use a texturizing spray, a dry shampoo, try a layered cut. If the cut is chosen right for fine hair, you’ll be able to perform fantastic do-it-yourself hairstyles daily.

#7 Cute Braids

Cute Braids

No matter if it’s a fishtail, a Dutch braid, a French braid, or a waterfall braid, any braid will make you look sweet, romantic, and charming. We have chosen these unboring cute hairstyles for straight hair with stylish accessories because we’re absolutely sure you’re gonna fall in love with these long straight hair solutions.

#8 Highlighted and Blonde

Highlighted and Blonde@hairbynicolereyns

Blonde highlights as a brief reminder of warm sunny summer days at the beach. Such sun-kissed hair coloring always looks unique as a hairstylist chooses and mixes the shades of blonde, especially for your straight blonde hair.

Blonde highlights also visually increase the thin hair volume, which can become a lifeline for very straight hair. Don’t go for too many layers if your mid-length cut is excessively bleached to avoid frizzy hair.

#9 The Pixie-Bob for Short Straight Hair

The Pixie-Bob for Short Straight Hair

All hairstylists agree that women with straight hair adore a pixie bob. The thing is that this haircut for straight hair makes the hairstyle very dynamic and face-framing so that you don’t have to make extra effort to keep the hair straight.

Pixie-styled short bob straight hair works great with ash blonde highlights. A round brush and a bit of hair product are enough for styling through blow-drying this fine straight hair pixie bob.

#10 Shoulder-Length Shag for Older Women

Shoulder-Length Shag for Older Women@growinggray_

Shoulder length hair is usually the very maximum older women can afford. The thing is long straight hair rarely suits older ladies since the hair is weak, fine, and there are split ends. So, the hairstylists agree that medium length is the only win-win alternative to keeping your hair short. And this stick straight strands accentuate facial features.

#11 Blunt A-Line Bob

Blunt A-Line Bob@stanleyman001

Blunt cut is a rather formal hairstyle, which is an ideal solution for thick and heavy straight hair. Short at the back, longer in the front, this straight bob hairstyle suits women with oval and round face shapes.

#12 Straight Hair and Deep Side Part

Straight Hair and Deep Side Part@pelzgalore

This is an example of how different hairstyles for straight hair with a side part can be. While usually, the mission of a side part is to give shape to long and extra voluminous hair, in this case, the side part helps to make the style creative and authentic.

#13 Graduated Layers

Graduated Layers

Women with round face shapes are gonna love graduated layered hairstyles for medium straightened hair like this. The reason is obvious: the curtain bangs along with layers make the face visually thinner, balancing the whole image.

#14 Sleek and Straight for Long Hair

Sleek and Straight for Long Hair@elena_gromova_sk

To keep your hair straight and loose, you should make sure that it’s healthy, shiny, and the color is on point. The majority of trendy hair coloring techniques allow you not to dye the dark roots every month – due to a high-quality color extencion, they grow out in balance with the bleached length.

#15 Ponytail with a Twist

Ponytail with a Twist

A ponytail is one of the most popular and best hairstyles for straight hair. However, often it looks so boring and trivial. If you wanna give your pony a fresh update, consider this simplistic but bright fine hair idea. You can vary the width of the wrapped part – so, it will work both for short and medium length hair, as well as for longer locks, for sure.

#16 Straight-Hair Barrette Hairstyle

Straight-Hair Barrette Hairstyle@barrettebae

Barrette hair clips are the tiny details that will completely change the style and look of your hair. The amount and the arrangement of the clips on your hair will change the whole hairstyle from classic to playful, romantic, or sophisticated.

#17 Braided Waterfall Headband

Braided Waterfall Headband

The waterfall braid is a very versatile hairstyle that is equally appropriate for a special occasion (e.g. a half-up hairdo for a bride), a night out, or as a variation of straightened hairstyles for school and every day. Medium length is the perfect base, but it will also work with any other length hair. For a fancier look, add a bouffant on top and loose curls over your long layers.

#18 Medium Haircut with Long Side Bangs

Medium Haircut with Long Side Bangs

Lob with long side bangs softens the appearance and makes the facial features brighter. Remember that such bangs require extra attention: styling, washing… as a messy fringe can ruin the whole blunt bob hairstyle.

#19 Twisted Low Ponytail

Twisted Low Ponytail

Well, and this is a photo-proof that even such a basic hairdo as a ponytail can look super sophisticated and elegant. Unfortunately, you’ll hardly be able to make this crazy twist by yourself, but you should definitely save this sleek hairstyle pic as a reference to show your hairstylist and get your unique hairdo for a special event.

#20 Black to Brown Ombre Lob

Black to Brown Ombre Lob

Black to brown color fade adds extra volume and texture to the haircut. So, if you’re used to keeping your hair straight, try ombre or another coloring technique your hairstylist recommends you to give some movement to the sleek look of your straight lob.

#22 Slicked Back Shoulder-length Hair

Slicked Back Shoulder-length Hair@tinochkin

Despite it’s rather easy to perform, this hairdo is a true piece of art – amazing hair straight option for a big celebration, which is also low-maintenance. To get this incredible hair finish, you need to sweep your hair back with a wide-tooth comb and a hair gel or hair cream. Don’t overdo the hair product not to get an overly greasy finish. You can also use a glossing spray to increase the delicate shining damp hair effect.

#23 High Ponytail Crown

High Ponytail Crown

To show off your high ponytail, try braiding French cornrows on the top and pin them up like a crown. To get this progressive hairstyle for straight hair, separate the top section of your hair and make a high ponytail using the rest of the hair. Wrap the hair tie with a strand from the pony.

Afterward, separate the top area into 3 sections and braid the cornrows, leading them to the basis of the ponytail and down. Secure the braids with hairpins at the core of the ponytail hairstyle.

#24 Top Knot and Bangs

Top Knot and Bangs

Topknot and bangs – so lightweight and romantic, this hairstyle is eternal classics for ladies with straight long hair. You can experiment with the shape of your knot – twisted bun or messy bun with extra accessories, and texture. Thus, this straight hair updo the hairdo can vary from casual to smart, from careless to elegant and graceful.

#25 Twists and Cornrows for Straight Hair

Twists and Cornrows for Straight Hair

This butterfly bubble braid and the half-braided ponytail from the pictures above are just some random examples of how imaginative you can be with your long straight hair. Create, experiment – your long layered hair is the perfect material for that.

#26 Straight Asymmetrical Haircut

Straight Asymmetrical Haircut

Straight asymmetrical haircuts ideally suit women with a square face shape. Such lob with or without bangs will maximally soften the edgy angles of the face. However, a blunt straight fringe is not an appropriate option for this face shape.

#27 Sleek Pompadour

Sleek Pompadour

Sleek pompadour undercut is a statement hairstyle for women with short straight hair. Concise and simplistic, this short hair cut is perfect for girls with thin hair and for those who can’t stand or can’t afford to spend a lot of time on everyday styling and haircare.

#28 Wavy Hair with Braided Crown

Wavy Hair with Braided Crown

Just look how incredible this wavy braided style looks on long highlighted hair. This fantastic fade from dark brown to cold blonde makes a breathtaking mix with the braided waterfall.

#29 Overgrown Pixie Hair

Overgrown Pixie Hair@slhairstudio

Short and extra short straight haircuts will look more unique and outstanding if you play with unusual shades and colors. Silver, pink, purple, blue, ash… or a mixture of them. As for the shape, you’d better choose an asymmetrical bob, a lob undercut, a pixie, and don’t forget about bangs too.


How Can I Make My Straight Hair More Interesting?

Straight-haired ladies tend to get bored with their straight strands and in the search of answers to “how to wear your hair straight but not boring?”, they often lose the “straight hairstyle” part and pull out the curling iron.

However, the solution for straight-haired women is often much easier than going for shorter hair like a blunt bob or changing the hair color drastically.

Here is how to spice up your boring straight style and transform that stick-straight hair:

  • Create a nice dramatic deep side part (it’s a quick hairstyle with the extra volume you can get just by using a fine-tooth comb)
  • Use a sea salt spray for soft waves hair texture and a messy hairstyle
  • Consider getting some face-framing layers – they will give a dozen of new ideas on how to refresh the straight strands' smooth look.

What is a heatless hairstyle for straight hair?

Heatless hairstyles are getting the most popular straight hairstyles since they mean you don’t expose your thin straight hair to damaging high temperatures of a flat iron, a curling wand, or even a blow-dry.

Here, you can experiment with different braiding techniques like a Dutch braid, a waterfall braid, a fishtail braid, a braided headband, a crown braid, and a braided updo. Another way is a ponytail hairstyle, which is a fairly simple hairstyle but also rather flexible and can be easily adjusted to your style.

To experiment with your stick-straight hair even more effortlessly, arm yourself with a couple of bobby pins and get a classic style vibe, or an elegant updo. For second-day hair, try a predictable messy bun or a combination of the sea salt spray and a half-up.

What straight hairstyles are best for fine straight hair?

The shorter your naturally straight hair is, the easier it is to show thin hair in a flattering way. Thus, a chin-length layered haircut, a pixie cut, or at least a short bob with choppy layers are the perfect match for your fine straight hair.

Bottom Line

Straight hairstyles are mostly simple and easy – no matter if it’s thick hair or thin hair we’re talking about. Get inspired with this up-to-date straight hairstyles guide and personalize your look in the most flattering way.

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