Scarlett Johansson Short Hair Inspiration

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Updated 12-24-2019

Scarlett Johansson is a hair icon, from her pixie cuts to sexy tousled bobs. Over the years, she has rocked every kind of style and has left plenty of inspiration for the rest of us to follow in her footsteps. Scarlett is known best for her voluminous, bouncy curls, whether she is wearing a cropped cut or a shoulder-length lob. She's got naturally thick hair, but her voluminous locks can be attributed to her celebrity stylist, as well as some expensive products. She is also known for changing her hair color quite often, rotating from a rich brunette and black to a fiery red and platinum blonde. We can't say we have a favorite because she does them all justice.

Whether you are looking to mimic her hot red hairstyle from the Avengers, or copy one of her gorgeous formal updos she's been spotted wearing on the red carpet, we've got all the best Scarlett Johansson short hair cuts and styles. We've also added some pro tips to help you replicate your favorite Scarlett Johansson hairstyles!

Scarlett Johannson Short Hair – Pixie Cuts

Brunette Pixie

Scarlett Johansson Brunette Pixie

This pixie cut has tons of playful, feathery layers that frame Scarlett's face rather well. This cut is perfect for ladies with diamond, oval, or heart shaped faces because it provides a bit of coverage around the forehead and slightly frames the sides of the face.

Styling Tip: She likely achieves her volume by apply mousse to damp hair and blow drying with a round brush. To get those piecey layers, it is recommended to use a large-barrel curling iron and finish off with a strong-hold hairspray.

Scarlett Johansson Short Red Hair

Scarlett Johansson Short Red Hair

Scarlett's porcelain skin looks ravishing alongside this bold red hair color. In this look, she is wearing a purposefully-messy do, pulled back to accentuate her glowing makeup. Her hair is quite short here, so she doesn't have much to work with, but the ends are pinned to the back of her head to give her an elegant updo.

Styling Tip: If you're rocking a longer pixie or short bob, you can replicate this look by applying texturizing spray to dry hair and teasing at the crown. Pull your hair back, pinning the ends to the back of your head with bobby pins that match the color of your hair. Manipulate your locks with your fingers to give it a tousled look, and finish off with hairspray.

Blonde Side Swept Bangs

Scarlett Johansson Blonde Pixie

This is one of our absolute favorite haircuts from Scarlett Johansson. The long hair pixie is unique, flirty, and elegant all at the same time. The length also allows for some freedom when it comes to styling. As you'll see in the next couple of looks, she slicks this haircut back, as well as curls it and styles it with tons of volume. Oh, and fun fact – this is the look Scarlett wore to the MTV Movie Awards in 2015. Talk about a throwback.

Styling Tip: If you have a similar haircut to the one pictured, you can easily style your hair this way. Simply blow dry with a round brush and part your hair into a deep part. Then, flat iron in the direction you want the hair to lay. Finish off with some texturizing spray, and tousle with your fingers.

Short Slicked Back Hair

Scarlett Johansson Short Slicked Back Hair

The slicked back look has been one of the most popular hair trends of 2019. We're loving this Scarlett Johansson haircut because it's extremely simple, yet bold and elegant. On a normal day, this short hair pixie can be styled with curls, flat ironed, or worn natural. But for more formal events, her slicked back pixie is perfect.

Scarlett Johansson Voluminous Blonde Pixie

Scarlett Johansson Voluminous Blonde Pixie

If you're looking for hairstyles with a lot of height on top, this one is super stylish. It is perfect for women with rounder faces because the height of the hair will elongate your face and make it appear thinner. It's a great hassle-free do that will stay in place all evening, whether you are at a formal event or out on the town.

Short Hair Shaved Sides

Scarlett Johansson Short Hair Shaved Sides

This Scarlett Johansson hair short is great for someone looking to achieve an edgier style. The shaved sides are bold and scream confidence, but you do not have to be an Avengers movie star to pull it off. The great thing about hairstyles like these is that they work with all types of hair, from thin locks to thick, coarse hair.

Scarlett Johannson Short Hair – Bob Haircuts

Warm Blonde Bob

Scarlett Johansson Curled Bob

One of Scarlett's more feminine, simple looks is this tousled short bob. In fact, this cut is one of the most popular short haircuts for women of the year, and we do not see that changing in 2020. Its simplistic elegance, and ease of styling, makes it a go to for many women.

Scarlett Johansson's Slicked Back Bob

Scarlett Johansson Slicked Back Bob

As you can tell, Scarlett can work slicked back hairstyles like no other. Styles like these work best for women with oval, round, or oblong face shapes – not so much for those with more square bone structure. This is because the blunt cut stops right around the chin, which draws attention and prominence to that area. If you already have square face (you are blessed, believe us), it may make the structure look harsh.

Scarlett Johansson's Blonde Lob

Scarlett Johansson Tousled Lob

This is it – the most iconic look Scarlett has ever worn on a red carpet. Why is that? While we think we can all agree that she looks breathtaking regardless of the way her hair is styled, there is something timeless and sexy about this lob. It's a classic blonde bombshell look that all platinum-hair ladies strive for.

Strawberry Blonde Short Hair

Scarlett Johansson Short Bob Hair

This short bob takes us all the way back the 1920s. The bouncy curls, side pin, and red lip were definitely not invented in this generation, but we love how Scarlett can rock a throwback look just as well as she can something more modern.

Scarlett Johansson Curled Lob

Scarlett Johansson Shoulder Length Hair

You may not be able to tell here, but Scarlett is wearing some (most-likely clip-in) extensions. When you rock short hairstyles most of the time, it is a great idea to have some of these on hand for the times you want to experiment with something a bit longer.

Pin-Up Curls

Scarlett Johansson Platinum Blonde Lob

We're loving this Marilyn Monroe-esque look that Scarlett rocked at a red carpet event. Her platinum blonde hairstyles are some of our favorites. This formal hairstyle can be accomplished with a large-barrel curling iron – or if you want to go old school – use a set of hair curlers.


Scarlett Johannson Short Hair – Updos

Milkmaid Braids

Scarlett Johansson Braided Updo

This can be one of the more complicated hairstyles to attempt at home, so if you are interested in replicating it, check out this quick YouTube tutorial.

Voluminous Updo

Scarlett Johansson Short Hair Updo

Scarlett Johansson Short Haircut

When you've got short hair, it can feel impossible to find an updo that works with your cut. However, this curled, voluptious look works perfectly for short hairstyles. All you have to do is curl the hair with a one-inch barrel, tease the top, and pin the ends up at the back of the head.

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