Salon vs Barbershop – Which is better?

Published By Brooke
Updated 05-17-2015

Many guys often wonder where they should go for their haircut, a salon or a barbershop?
There are pros to each (which I'll list below) so you can make the choice yourself. Just know that salons and barbershops both provide different types of haircuts and you should go to the one which will provide you with the style you're looking for.


– Salons usually have both male and female stylists to service you

– Salons specialize in textured / layered hairstyles

– Salons are great if you want hair colour

– Salons use a lot of scissors and are minimal with the use of clippers (This gives a more messy / organic look as opposed to the neat look clippers give)

textured hairstyle
Hair Salons are great at Textured Hairstyles




– Barbershops are great for classic Men's haircuts

– Barbershops specialize in Fades / Tapers and the user of clippers

– Barbershops don't use scissors as much as a salon stylist, so your hairstyle will look more uniform and neat as opposed to messy and organic

– Barbershops are usually all male

barbershop fade
Barbers are experts at styles like the Fade and Taper

Hopefully this helps you decide where you should get your haircut done!



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