The Quiff Is The Next Big Men's Hairstyle

If you guys have been browsing any social media lately you'd have seen a lot of people are going crazy for guys with the quiff hairstyle. A rendition of an oldie from the 50's, yet again an old school haircut from the past has made it's way into 2017 but of course with a modern twist.


The modern quiff is not as 'outrageous' as the greaser quiff many old timers would be familiar with. It's toned down because it speaks for itself, in the age of subtlety and not trying to come off as too brash, this is a perfect way to stand out but not too far out.

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The modern quiff is achieved with two very important tools, a strong pomade or wax and a blow-dryer.  You can of course use a comb if you'd like but for a more natural gritty look, finger combing works great.

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Be selective of where you get your haircut for the quiff, it requires some decent barber skills like fading and tapering to get the proper look. Good luck!