Practical & Stunning Hairstyles For Blondes

blonde women hairstyles

Blonde hair can look stunning on a lot of women, and it is a look that is easy to get. If you are a natural blonde, then you have it easy. The darker your natural hair, the more processing you are going to need but rest assured because there are a lot of hot hairstyles for blondes of all shades. Here are a few styles to consider.

Long Side Part Layers

Hairstyles For Blondes


The long layered look is always hot. It can take some time to train your hair to stay parted the way you want, but this style of parting can help hair look more voluminous. This is a look for straight haired gals as the layers and parting can be difficult to achieve with super curly hair. This is a very easy cut to get at any stylist, so you don't have to find the best stylist in town to get this one.

Short Shaggy Bob

Hairstyles For Blondes


This short cut is perfect for women that have active lifestyles and want a style that looks coiffed and ready to go without much fuss. The multitude of different layers is set off by the color of this blonde. Highlights and lowlights are plentiful in this look adding contrast that is sure to catch the eye of everyone around.

Ash Blonde Balayage

Hairstyles For Blondes


Not all blonde looks have to be bright all over to be beautiful. This ash blond balayage hair color combines cool blonde tones with white blonde tips. This is a much more natural and stunning look than a lot of the run of the mill bleached out blonde color you see or get from the drugstore.

Balayage takes longer to do at a salon so be prepared for a more lengthy visit and a higher price tag. On the other hand, this method of color lasts a long time because it doesn't look so stripey and different from the rest of your hair as it grows out if you had it done right.

All The Lights

Hairstyles For Blondes


Highlights and lowlights can make for a striking look. This gorgeous cut combines asymmetrical styling with a custom lowlight and highlight color job that is hard not to stare at. A skilled colorist is required for a quality job so take a peek at a few salon portfolios if you don't already have a trusted go-to person for your hair color needs.

Tips For Going Blonde

Compare shades of blonde carefully. If you have darker hair, you may want to go lighter gradually.

Overprocessing is very common for women that dye their blonde tresses at home. It is pretty hard to avoid coating areas that have already been treated when touching up new growth. If you intend on regular coloring, do your hair a favor and let an expert take care of it.