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Updated 01-1-2023

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New Ideas of Pixie Bob Haircuts

New Ideas of Pixie Bob Haircuts

Modern pixie bob haircuts are often paired with choppy layers, long side bangs, an angled side fringe, undercuts, side parts. Often, pixie bob haircuts feature longer hair on the top and extremely short tapered sides contrast.

Another great and popular idea for a modern stylish pixie bob is a vibrant hair color you’ve never tried or even a combination of several bold colors.

Check all these styling options below:

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Pixie bob haircuts are way more versatile than a classic pixie because the longer hair game has fewer styling limitations, and they are more low-maintenance than a classic bob since a pixie bob’s maximum is somewhere about chin length.A pixie bob cut is perfect for everyday wear as it allows you to tame your hair in a blink of an eye, creating a sophisticated style, which is office, party, and daily-friendly. Another cool thing is that a pixie bob simplifies the life of women living in a hot and humid climate. Also, a pixie bob can easily adjust both to a rebel girl image and to an elegant lady’s outfit.Emilia Clarke, Jessica Alba, Mia Farrow, Shailene Woodley, Scarlett Johansson and even Audrey Hepburn - lots of female celebrities have tried and tested various pixie bob haircuts. Now - it’s your turn! Look at the up-to-date pixie bob ideas we’ve collected for you in this gallery and give it a try:

What is a pixie bob haircut?

What is a pixie bob haircut @iamfraeuleinhA pixie bob haircut is a short hairstyle for women that combines the elements of a classic pixie cut and a bob cut. Usually, the length of these edgy haircuts is between the ear-length and neck-length (like in a pixie), while the shape is more bob-like.A bob pixie sexy wedge usually features a shorter back section and long layers in the front. Layered bangs and a textured fringe are common too when it comes to cute pixie cuts.

How to Cut Pixie Bob

How to Cut Pixie Bob @kurzehaarstylennWe’re going to provide you with more useful information than just a short pixie haircuts front and back view. Thus, here we go with a basic guide on how to cut a pixie bob step-by-step:
  • Step 1: Make a first cut. Work with damp hair since it’s easier to cut to shoulder length. Tie longer hair into a ponytail and cut underneath the hairband (this way, it’s much easier to cut long locks short.) Don’t worry if the cut is uneven or messy at this stage.
  • Step 2: Pull the hair with a comb to form a V-shape around the middle of your hairline. Next, separate the back and front parts, and comb the hair through on the sides. Work through the sections with the scissors for a better finish.
  • Step 3: Cut the sides on the top, comb the hair upwards and snip it little by little.
  • Step 4: Use a razor or a shaving machine to do an undercut down the lower hair section.
  • Step 5 (optional): Cut the layers/bangs if you’re up to a pixie bob haircut with a fringe.

New Ideas of Pixie Bob Haircuts

New Ideas of Pixie Bob Haircuts @izabelatorrensModern pixie bob haircuts are often paired with choppy layers, long side bangs, an angled side fringe, undercuts, side parts. Often, pixie bob haircuts feature longer hair on the top and extremely short tapered sides contrast.Another great and popular idea for a modern stylish pixie bob is a vibrant hair color you’ve never tried or even a combination of several bold colors.Check all these styling options below:

Layered Pixie Bob

Layered Pixie Bob @short_hair_sweetheartsIf you look for more volume, a layered bob will give you that. Sweep your bangs to the side, layer your hair, add a neat undercut underneath, and you’ll get that desired creamy texture and dimension for your thin hair. Blonde highlights will boost the effect of this fabulous haircut for fine hair.

A Wispy Bob

A Wispy Bob @grayisthenewblondeA wispy bob would be a cool refreshing pixie cut variation for older women. To style this layered pixie, you’ll only need a round brush and a blow-dryer. And just look how incredible this style works in combination with elegant platinum blonde.

Choppy Pixie Bob for Fine Hair

Choppy Pixie Bob for Fine Hair @elevatehairHere is another option of an edgy pixie for fine hair. Most of the top is swept forward, forming face-framing bangs. To get this texture on straight hair, you’ll need to rub some hair wax between your palms and comb through the hair with your fingers.

Pixie Bob Braids

Pixie Bob Braids @tesslinyolaGirls often wanna change something in their look and braids are always a good idea to spice up the pixie bob you wear every day. Despite it is short hair we are talking about, braided cornrows are possible on the top, and sometimes at the sides too. You can also add a narrow braid along your side part to highlight it, or a crown braid variation to remove the bangs from the face.

Thick Pixie Bob

Thick Pixie Bob @fashionforpixiesThicker hair looks especially stylish in a pixie bob haircut when the texture is sophisticated and thoughtful. This platinum pixie for thick hair is full of volume thanks to the magical power of layers. The center swept bangs make this pixie hair more dynamic, and definitely much more memorable.

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut @larissamfmachadoAsymmetrical pixie bobs always offer tons of layers and side-swept bangs. This voluminous pixie is not weighed down by that volume, on the contrary, it looks rather airy, playful, and flirty.

Inverted Pixie Bob

Inverted Pixie Bob @jerrygunawanirwanteampluitAn inverted pixie bob for long straight hair is not doomed to look boring and trivial. On the contrary, it can look tremendously cool if you experiment with the hair color a bit. Blonde champagne ombre blending into extremely dark roots and a tiny touch of pink are definitely not something you expect to see.

Wavy Pixie Bob

Wavy Pixie Bob @carrie__jessicaShort hair styles don’t mean you have to sacrifice your naturally wavy hair texture. In fact, a choppy pixie cut is perfect for showing off the wavy texture. A deep side part allows creating extra volume. Also, pay attention to how win-win the silver hair looks in this cut.

Voluminous Blue Pixie Bob Cut

Voluminous Blue Pixie Bob Cut @tamralordsEven if you keep your thick hair in short hairstyles, you can always balance the situation by embracing the fullness of the haircut. This blue pixie bob with an undercut is seamlessly emphasizing the top hair section while leaving you with a bunch of styling possibilities.

Rainbow Colored Bob Pixie

Rainbow Colored Bob Pixie @uggoffIf you are up to hair color experiments, this rainbow-inspired pixie cut will make you fall in love and forget about everything else. It is unique, it is bold, it is outstanding. To get this perfect rainbow effect on your pixie cut, make sure you have a trustworthy colorist.

Pixie Bob with Red Side Bangs

Pixie Bob with Red Side Bangs @headrushdesignsThis pixie bob haircut looks ideal for straight hair with long bangs. If you are up to rock this world, a pop of red on a black shaggy pixie bob will be an awesome idea for women of any ages. You can keep your natural color at the roots, or change into a deeper, more intensive one.

Pixie-Bob Haircut With Headscarf

Pixie-Bob Haircut With Headscarf @inmadelopeA headscarf or a headband is a backup plan for girls with all sorts of hairstyles. On a bad hair day or just when you wanna have something special and not trivial, a headscarf is the best way to go. In the photo, it’s only one of the hundreds of variations a headscarf can complement short hair pixie cuts.

Side Swept Pixie Bob

Side Swept Pixie Bob @larissamfmachadoThis is a very simple and sleek pixie bob variant that every woman with any hair type can pull off. One half of the hair is tucked behind the ears seeking for attention, another is swept carelessly to the opposite side. Top off this pixie cut with massive earrings.

Pixie Bob With Side Undercut

Pixie Bob With Side Undercut @tamralordsUndercuts are meant for edgy babes with bright personalities and equally bright facial features. You can get an undercut all around the sides and back, while the rest of your naturally curly hair is swept to the side. The size and placement of an undercut in a pixie bob is up to you as well as the hair color you chose for your crown.

Perfect Bob for Black Hair

Perfect Bob for Black Hair @grayisthenewblondeBlack hair, especially black Asian hair which is naturally straight and smooth, will greatly benefit from a choppy pixie bob cut. Remember that to achieve this slightly messy hair effect without weighing it down, you have to limit the amount of hair product you use. Especially, if you choose a hair gel, don’t overdo it. A tiny droplet will be more than enough.

Stacked Pixie Bob with Bangs

Stacked Pixie Bob with Bangs @ashlayys_styleA stacked pixie bob with bangs will work magic for women over 50 with thinning hair. However, eccentric young ladies should also bear this awesome shorter hair option in mind! The layers on the sides and extra volume at the back will unquestionably draw all the eyes on you.

Very Short Pixie Bob

Very Short Pixie Bob @headdictivebeautyShort pixie bobs are always fun, sweet, and stylish. They show off the face and the character. This tapered pixie is shaped into an angled bowl cut with extra volume in the front and at the back. This look is perfect for framing a symmetrical face shape or to ease up the maintenance of thick hair.

Straight Pixie Bob

Straight Pixie Bob @therealdanitzaHere is another simple but edgy pixie cut for blonde hair. Thanks to the specifics of the pixie bob cut itself, the dimension and hair movement can be demonstrated even on straight hair due to blonde pixie highlights, layers, and long bangs.

Pixie Bob With Clean Shaved Sides

Pixie Bob With Clean Shaved Sides @espaco_cristian_mirandaThis back view pixie short stacked bob reminds once again that when it comes to a pixie bob hairstyle, you can include an undercut of any type. Here is how those tiny undercut areas at the neck and at the napes with shaved-in design turn a basic short hair pixie bob into a piece of art with a personal style and a unique vibe.

Textured Pixie Bob Cut

Textured Pixie Bob Cut @kratkovlasky.czIt’s always a great idea to style a long choppy pixie with hair texturizing products. They add short hair volume, dimension, and charm. A wavy pixie like this shines in combination with platinum blonde hair color.Also, try a trick from the photo: sleek back and pin one side of the hair and completely disconnect the second long part of your layered pixie to create this visual conflict of textures that always has an alluring effect.

Messy Pixie Bob

Messy Pixie Bob @boisebalayagegirlIf you have super thin hair and you are not too sure how to style it in a good way, just get a pixie bob haircut and make it messy. A messy pixie cut will look a lot fuller than you are used to, and if you slightly disconnect the top layer of the hair, it will add some juicy vibe to a rather formal haircut you can easily style with a round brush.

Curly Pixie Bob

Curly Pixie Bob @elevatehairBelieve it or not, but naturally curly hair looks fantastic in a pixie bob. Curls can be challenging to control in short styles if they’re not cut in a proper way. Thus, it’s necessary to focus on adding layers that will create a contained yet stylish shape. A long fringe is also a good idea for curly girls.

Shaggy Pixie Bob Cut

Shaggy Pixie Bob Cut @kratkovlasky.czRebellious and youthful, this blonde pixie is meant to break hearts. Paired with nice accessories and a casual outfit, this blonde pixie is an amazing everyday solution for any face shape. Sweep it all to one side, put a central parting, or just let the bangs fall down the face - everything works here.

Long Pixie Bob for Fine Hair

Long Pixie Bob for Fine Hair @larissamfmachadoCompensate your fine hair with the length. Do your best with a long hair pixie bob - a spunky style from the dreams of ladies with thin hair. The longer your hair is, the more shape and texture you need to add (to prevent it from falling down without any volume.)

Pixie Bob for Black Women

Pixie Bob for Black Women @princess_lizcIt’s not a problem to give a smooth bounce to your pixie bob when your hair type is naturally curly. Afro hair has a dozen of advantages, and the ability to keep the shape and volume almost effortlessly is one of them. Forget about your hair getting dull during your busy day - with curly hair in a tapered pixie bob, you’ll get a long-lasting messy but elegant look, which is suitable for all kinds of events and outfits.

Pixie A-Line Bob

Pixie A-Line Bob @shmoakin_hairAsymmetrical pixie bobs with straight or slightly wavy hair are the sexy feminine style you should try at leas once in a life, especially if short hair is not strange for you. Besides looking cool, this edgy style is incredibly wearable. To frame the chin, you can add long side bangs.

Bob Pixie with Highlights

Bob Pixie with Highlights @jeanclaudeelmoughayarSilver hair changes everything, indeed! So, here we offer another idea of how you can style a wavy pixie bob with trendy salt-and-pepper highlights. With such a deep side part, you’ll need a medium-hold hair product (or even strong-hold) to keep those layers in place.

Pixie Bob with Side Part

Pixie Bob with Side Part @shmoakin_hairAnd a side part doesn’t necessarily mean that it should recemble a straight perfect line. Here is a messy pixie cut for straight hair that combines incredibly ideal sleekness of the strands and an absolute disorder at the part area. And the undercut at the neck is a small but meaningful secret detail that makes this cut wholesome.

Icy Blue Hair with Low Fade

Icy Blue Hair with Low Fade @jcx28Even ultra-short hair can fall into the category of pixie bob hairstyles until your hair contains a few inches of length to texturize it and give it a fuller bob-like shape.A short undercut around the sides will give your pixie a tomboyish vibe, while longer bangs and top section allow you to display your hair’s texture and play with unboring colors.

Flattering Bob for a Round Face

Flattering Bob for a Round Face @cabelocurtooficialIf you worry whether or not your new short cut suit your round face shape, consider a pixie lob. A lob is a longer bob that will frame the chin, slightly cover the cheeks, and will visually elongate your face.Create a style with lots of small, subtle layers or make the cut asymmetrical a bit with long swooping bangs. All these details of a pixie bob cut will flatter your round face.

Bob with a Long Side Part

Bob with a Long Side Part Side bangs will highlight your eyes as well as your facial features, and the makeup if any. Want to stand out? Go for this short pixie bob cut with asymmetrical shorter tapered side and a longer layered side. This airy option is the perfect choice for women who love attention.

Short Pixie Bob Haircut with Bangs

Short Pixie Bob Haircut with Bang @iamfraeuleinh Who said that when you hear “bangs”, it’s only about long face-framing strands falling along your face? Short forehead bangs can also be used in pixie bobs to create cohesion on a short haircut. In this beautiful short blue bob, the hair has a choppy, layered feel, so short choppy bangs fit in, adding extra flair.

Medium Bob Pixie

Medium Bob Pixie @cabelocurtooficial Just a basic medium pixie bob with side bangs to accompany you on a busy working day. No stylers, no complications - just a round brush and a hair dryer. And the right haircut, of course.

Pixie Bob with Long Bangs

Pixie Bob with Long Bangs @short_hair_sweetheartsTry growing your fringe slightly longer than you’re used to - give it a chance. Especially, with thick hair, this trick will add a vibrant lively vibe to your short charming cut.

Pixie Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

Pixie Bob Haircut for Thick Hair And here is another option for thick hair. Here, you’re supposed to use all the volume that thick hair can give you by cutting it into layers that fall to the side.

Edgy Textured Pixie Bob

Edgy Textured Pixie Bob @boisebalayagegirlThis textured and defined pixie bob with blonde highlights looks very rock-chic and also has a fierce mood. If you combine it with some accessories (earrings, studs, jewelry, hairpins), you will get a more glamorous look. Either way, without accessories, you’ll love the finished look for everyday wear too.

Pixie Bob with Long Wavy Bangs

Pixie Bob with Long Wavy Bangs @dyachenkohairstyle Long wavy bangs on the pixie bob cut look rather playful and romantic. Waves with texture will suit women who prefer unique cuts and want to give some power to their thin hair. If you are in your 20s and looking for something different, search no more and go for this chic hairdo.

Burnt Orange Hair + Pixie Bob

Burnt Orange Hair + Pixie Bob @inmadelope It’s possible to find an ideal short pixie bob haircut for everyone - with any preferences, hair type, and texture. However, to make this minimalistic cut more personalized, you’ll have to find your perfect unique catchy detail. The fade, the shaved-in design can change a lot. However, first, consider experimenting with your hair color.

Pixie Bob For Blonde Girls

Pixie Bob For Blonde Girls @irinagamessBlonde girls could have already found lots of ideas for inspiration in this gallery of the trendiest pixie bob hairstyles of the year. However, here we go with one more pixie in platinum blonde colors that is 100% off the competition ‘cause it’s over it!

Frequently asked questions

What face shape is good for a pixie haircut?

Oval, square, and heart-shaped faces work great with most pixie haircut variations. For other face shapes, you should take the pixie cut texture and shape into account. For example, when it comes to round faces, only particular pixie hairstyles with angles and bangs will be able to soften the face's roundness.

Is a pixie bob a Karen haircut?

The Karen haircut in its classic form is an inverted bob or lob aka A-line cut. Thus, an angled pixie bob hairstyle longer in the front and shorter in the back can also make this “I demand to speak to the manager” kind of look. However, it all depends on how you style your bob pixie.

What Is The Difference between Long Pixie Bob vs Short Pixie Bob?

The longer your pixie bob is, the more styling options you have - this is how it works. A long pixie bob is rather versatile, you can literally change your style every day - that’s why a lot of women prefer it. As for a short pixie bob, it limits the styling options you have, however, on the other hand, you get a low-maintenance hairstyle, which is much easier to tame.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Out Pixie?

Pixie hair grows pretty fast as you need it to be quite short. Thus, several months will be enough to grow out of it. For a shorter pixie bob, you’ll need 1-2 months, for a long pixie haircut, you’ll have to wait for 3-4 months.

Are Short Pixie Bob and Pixie Cut Same?

Yes, these two hairstyles are quite the same in terms of length. But if we talk about the upper section of the hair, a pixie bob has much more volume and definition, especially at the forehead area. If you choose between a short pixie bob and a classic pixie cut, consider your natural hair texture. The first option works best for women with thick hair, and the girls who can’t grow such a full volume should better opt for a regular pixie cut.


So, are ready for a short crop?Here are some bonus reasons to choose a pixie bob haircut:
  • Perfect for experiments (both style and color experiments)
  • Versatile (can complement any outfit for any occasion)
  • Easy to maintain (takes minimal time for styling)
  • Expressive (flatters the face and highlights the cheekbones)
Put all your hesitation aside! A pixie bob is a perfect hairstyle to test shorter hairstyles. Probably, the only drawback possible with a short bob is that a lazy ponytail is not an option anymore.Still not sure? Try on some pixie wigs first and afterward, get one of the styles we’ve listed above.

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