27 Pink Hair Ideas

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Updated 09-7-2019

Pink hair is no longer a women's hair trend exclusively for the bold type. From subtler shades like champagne, peach, and rose gold to vibrant ones like fuchsia and bubble gum, there's a hue of pink out there for everyone – and we're here to find the perfect one for you.

But first thing's first – dying your hair pink can be a multi-step process. Unless you already have light blonde hair, you'll likely need to bleach your strands before applying the color. Why? Well, pastels, jewel tones, and light colors in general will not cover your lovely shade of chocolate brown (or whatever it is you're working with). So, if you're unsure what the process of lightening your hair looks like, check out our guide on How To Get White Hair.

Then, scroll on down to our favorite pink hair ideas below:

Blonde Pink Hair

Pastel and blonde hair with a short bob haircut
Photo by @triedandtruesalon

"Pink, rosegold, [and] mauve colors are the easiest to keep up with because they usually will fade out to a pretty blonde or warm blonde tone especially if they’re done correctly," Allison Oliver from Tried and True Salon said. "Also, in my years of doing hair I’ve discovered pink is definitely the more acceptable color in the corporate world and has been more acceptable in any kind of corporate setting."

Purple, Orange, and Pink Blend

A blend of jewel-toned hair colors
Photo by @triedandtruesalon

For something on the bolder side, try this blend of purple, orange, and pink. Fair warning, though – these bright colors will fade quickly and will require you to visit the salon frequently.

Light Pink and Blonde Ombre

Light pink ombre and blonde hair
Photo by @colourmesue

One of the more natural, subtle pink hair color ideas is this ombre. It can be acheived by lightening the ends of the hair and applying pink, or by doing an overall hair color and letting the roots grow out.

Pink and Orange

Pink, blue, and purple hair
Photo by @triedandtruesalon

When you can't choose which hair color to go with, choose them all!

Barely-there Pink

Pastel pink hair with soft curls
Photo by @colourmesue

Another gorgeously-subtle option is this pale pink hue. It's a metallic hair dye that blends well with ashier strands and an olive skin tone.

Lavender Pink Hair

Purple hair color with high half up pony
Photo by @triedandtruesalon

Go for a lavender pink shade if you're looking for something a bit more bold. This hair color works best with fair skin.

Fuchsia with Purple Shadow Root

Fuchsia hair color with purple roots
Photo by @triedandtruesalon

To achieve this look, you have to be seriously committed to dying your hair pink. It's as vibrant as it gets, but it will require a lot of maintenance since jewel tones fade quickly.

Reddish Pink

Bright pink and purple hair color
Photo by @triedandtruesalon
Hot pink top knot
Photo by @triedandtruesalon

"Getting a good toning conditioner has always been my favorite way to keep up with vivids, especially for longevity," Oliver said.  "I usually will provide personalized color packs for my vibrant clients so that they don’t have to come in as often in between appointments. But you can also get toning conditioners online to keep up with the color. I know Kera and Viral have good pigmented premade toning conditioners as well!"

Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob hairstyle with an under layer of pink
Photo by @headrushdesigns

While the stacked bob has the reputation of being a haircut for older women, this hot pink under-layer makes it perfect for women of all ages.

Pink Balayage

Pink Balayage with Beach Waves
Image by @hairbytashalouisec

Want to try something new, but not sure you're ready for a hot pink dye job? Try this shy pink balayage – we guarantee you'll love it.

Soft Pink Hair

Long Bubble Gum Pink Hair
Photo by @colourmesue

Choosing to do an all-over color versus an ombre or balayage will always require a bit more maintenence because it's not meant to blend in with your natural hair color.

Spiral Curls

Rose gold hair with spiral curls
Photo by @colourmesue

You don't have to be born with gorgeous curls like this to pull off this rose gold hue, but it sure doesn't hurt. Opt for this pink hair color if you want something one step above a strawberry blonde.

Fuchsia with Shadow Root

Fuchsia hair with dark brunette roots
Photo by @triedandtruesalon

"Cold water and color safe shampoo and conditioners are really important when it comes to vivid colors," Oliver said. "Cold water will keep your cuticle closed and will prevent bleeding as much as possible. As far is daily care, heat protectant and leave-in conditioner will help protect your hair from fading from the elements outside. Even if you don’t use hot tools often, any kind of heat will fade your color! The sun will fade your vivids faster than anything."

Pastel Pink and Blue

Pink and blue pastel hair color
Photo by @theniksters

If you're not sure which pastel you want to try out, go for a dual-tone look like this one. It's nothing short of perfection and looks gorgeous with big, soft waves so you can see both layers.

Metallic Peach

Long Pink Hair with Beachy Waves
Photo by @maayanbirnstein

"I call this color Metallic peach," Hairstylist Maayan Birnstein said. "Maintenance is: wash with cool water and no more than twice a week to prolong the longevity of the color. Be sure to avoid heat styling with anything above 350 degrees. This is a high-maintenance pastel color! It will get lighter and more pastel with each wash."

Pretty in Pink

Shoulder Length Pink Hair with Dark Roots
Photo by @elena_beauty_vlg

Medium length hair is perfect for bright and fun colors. Plus, pink hair is easier to maintain at this length than it is with long hair because you can easily touch up roots and re-color the whole head.

Pink Hair Pixie

Short Shag Haircut
Photo by @hair_by_dolovac_concept

Pair a trendy haircut like this one with a rosy light pink hair color for a classy, yet fashionable look.

Elegant Bun

Elegant low Bun Hairstyle
Photo by @elena_beauty_vlg

Going with light pink hair may seem like an edgy choice, but when you pair it with an gorgeous updo like this one, it's nothing short of breathtaking.

Champagne Pink Hair

Champagne hair parted down the middle
Photo by @celheliz

If you don't feel like maintaining an overall color after your pink hair starts to grow out, you can always touch up the base and leave your roots as is. It creates this edgy look that can eventually grow into an ombre.

Blunt Bangs

Model with long hair and straight-across bangs

You don't have to be a super model or Katy Perry to pull off these blunt bangs and bubble gum pink hair. If you're into this look, check out these 30 haircuts for women with bangs.

Bubble Gum Pink Pair

Woman with long hair
Photo by @katia_miyazaki

"To have a hair in pastel tones, it is necessary to discolor, i.e. remove the natural pigment from the hair," Hairstylist Katia Miyazaki said. "Along with natural pigment, hair also loses vitamins. So after bleaching your hair, you need a treatment to replenish the nutrients. Then we apply the rose in pastel shades, and leave the shaded root to give more depth."

Hailey Bieber Light Pink Hair

Hailey Bieber top knot

Try this angelic pink hair color if you have light blonde hair or if you're willing to go through a multi-step process to achieve this shade.

Rumer Willis Pink Hair

Rumer Willis has gone from red hair to black hair and everything in between, but we think she looks great with these bright pink, face-framing strands.

Nicole Richie Hair

Nicole Richie short hair

We're all used to seeing Nicole Richie with her adorable blonde hair, but we can't say we were mad to get this kind of hair inspiration from her.

Soft Peach Pink Hair

Peach hair color
Photo by @Colourmesue

"We wanted to create a soft peach pink that eventually would fade into a soft baby blonde," Sue from Colourmesue said. "I always like to make colors that are low maintenance and that grow outs softly with almost no visible lines. This is why I sketched in babylights before toning it to this delicious color. Same [thing] for the curtain bangs; she can grow them out but still enjoy face-framing layers. At the moment, I’m really loving the modern 70's vibes with some badass bangs."

Rachel McAdams Pink Hair

Rachel McAdams doesn't have a history of testing the waters with her look (she's a classic lob kind of girl), but when she debuted her hot pink streaks and matching lip, we couldn't help but want to play copycat.

What's the Best Pink Hair Color/Dye?

So, what if you want to dye your hair pink at home without the help of a stylist? You won't want to pick up any random box color at the nearest drugstore – you'll want to find a reputable, high-quality color. These are the brands we know and trust:

  • Joico – Soft Pink
  • Pravana Pastels – Pretty in Pink
  • Jerome Russell Punky Hair Color – Flamingo Pink

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