People Are Going Crazy For This Hairstyle

Men and Women alike are loving this hairstyle. It's a mix between a classic barber style and a modern chic. It's not too outrageous like a braided top knot, but it's also not too conservative like a traditional buzz cut or high and tight. Take a look at this amazing hairstyle!

We love this hairstyle as it includes a traditional taper and fade mixed with some textured scissor work on top.

What do I tell my barber?

To achieve this look you will need a mixture of clippers and scissor, because of this it will take a very skilled hairstylist or barber to pull it off. Ask for a high to medium fade on the side depending on your preference, the fade should be done with clippers. Make it clear you'd like the top to be cut with scissors to achieve that natural textured look that makes this hairstyle different than a traditional barber cut. Good luck!


This hairstyle is very flexible, depending on your preference you can choose a low, med, to high fade or you can choose a short top or long, here are some pictures of variations you can achieve.