Unbelievable Peekaboo Highlights Ideas

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Updated 01-2-2023

Black Weave with Hidden Orchid Purple Highlights

Black Weave with Hidden Orchid Purple Highlights
Hidden orchid purple highlights are perfect for Asian hair. Blossom.

Peekaboo coloring is not a brand new trend in the beauty industry. However, it adopts new approaches and keeps transforming rather than fade away year by year.So, what is so unique about the peekaboo style that holds boo hair ideas still afloat?The fact you can combine the craziest hair color experiments with a casual healthy hair look. Perfect, isn’t it? Thus, you effortlessly hide the dye pop underneath the top layer throughout your office workday, and in the evening, sweep the hair to one side revealing the juicy outstanding nature of your hairstyle.Even a few strands of a vivid shade will add some mystery and drama to your image. So, no matter if you choose to add some peek a boo highlights to the bang, throughout the cut, or just underside - you’re guaranteed to cut a dash.Ready?

What Is Peekaboo Hair Color?

What Is Peekaboo Hair Color @veeshiiClassic peekaboo highlights are applied underneath the top layer of your hair. They create just a hint of color pop when running your fingers through your hair - this is exactly what a “peekaboo” moment is. When you put hair into a ponytail, a half-up, or just pin it at the sides, the highlights become visible.The curlier the hair texture is, the more visible your highlights will be. However, if you deviate from a classic variation of a boo and try a half-hidden peekaboo highlights option, the color will be much more prominent and noticeable.

How To Do Peekaboo Highlights At Home Like A Pro

How To Do Peekaboo Highlights At Home Like A Pro @kirina.stylesRocking a peekaboo style without any professional help is tricky but still possible. So here is what you need to do to get a peek a boo hair color at home as if you were at a hairdresser’s:First, pick a color for your peekaboo section: to stay safe, kick-start with only one color. If you’re brave enough, try making highlights with two closely matched colors.How do you part your hair for peek-a-boo highlights? Run the tail end of your comb from ear to ear, sectioning off the top part by clipping it up. You can also apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to protect the hair you don't want to be dyed.Take small sections of the middle layer and apply the first shade of hair dye without dripping any onto the bottom section (can wrap it in tin foil or a plastic cap). Do the same with the bottom section (if you use several colors). If it’s your first hair lightening, you’ll need to bleach your hair first.Wait about an hour for the dye to process and rinse the top section first with cold water until it runs clear. Then, repeat it on the bottom section. Remember to use a hair conditioner after bleaching and coloring to protect your hair.Also, to do peekaboo highlights at home like a pro, you can ask a friend to help you.

Before You Start

Before You Start peekaboo @lazuli_salon_Before you start, make sure you've got the following:
  • Color and bleach
  • Petroleum jelly to avoid dips and stains
  • Disposable gloves to protect your hands
  • A rattail comb to separate, detangle your hair, and work the dye through it
  • Sectioning clips to segment your hair
  • A tint brush for perfect application
  • An old towel to cover your clothing
  • Aluminum foil

How To: Step-by-Step Tutorial

How To: Step-by-Step Tutorial @olga.lebedinskaya

Step 1: Preparation

Choose a shade and make sure that the chosen peekaboo hair color will work well against your skin tone.Decide on your boo highlights placement. Are they going to be hidden highlights? Will you combine several colors? Pin the streaks you want to turn bright so that they look consistent.

Step 2: Bleaching (or not?)

Consider your natural hair color to understand if you need to bleach your hair first. Both colorful and blonde peekaboo highlights on dark hair require pre-lightening.When bleaching, apply some petroleum jelly or vaseline on the hair that won’t be colored to protect it. Next, follow the directions on the bleach pack, fold each section with foil, and give it the specified time.Remove the foil, wash out the excess bleach, and blow-dry your hair.

Step 3: Applying the color

Read the instructions on the color pack and spread the color to the bleached strands using the same technique as when bleaching.Wait a couple of minutes so that the color develops and then wrap the strands with foil. Wait about 15 minutes and check the color. When you’re satisfied with the color, wash the hair, blow-dry it, and style.

Best Peekaboo Hair Color Ideas

Best Peekaboo Hair Color Idea @kawaicat_salon

Black Hair with Blonde Highlights Underneath

Black Hair with Blonde Highlights Underneath @ans0403If you’re looking for a way to add some sass to your fair hair, This is the right hair color idea for girls looking for a rather conservative option for fine hair. Not too bright, but still so badass, this black hair with ash blonde hair highlights will make a statement.

Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights @danamarie_cosmetologyA darker shade of brown is often paired with red peekaboo highlights. Contrasting and passionate, choose this mix only if it reflects your inner state and spirit.

Blonde Highlights for Redheads

Blonde Highlights for Redheads @mariianiinaShort hair styles have much more fun when you put blonde highlights over the expressive red. With this look, you don’t have to choose: just have both blonde and red.

Rainbow Peekaboo Hair

Rainbow Peekaboo Hair @thefashionfanaticzWe can’t but talk about the rainbow peekaboo hair trend since it has soooo many variations we can hardly count. This is only one of the ways you can spread rainbow colors over the lower layer of your red hair.

Side Peekaboo Streaks

Side Peekaboo Streaks @hlbuttonThis is how you can spice up your short hair with a couple of blonde peekaboo highlights underneath and at the bangs area. This classic brown hair bob looks very elegant and playful.

Peacock Peekaboo Hair

Peacock Peekaboo Hair @christine_salon_jakartaAdjusting a peacock hair color doesn’t mean your style will look overly pompous and eccentric. If you make thin sections and mix emerald green, platinum blonde, and blue highlights on dark hair, you’ll get such picturesque but still rather reserved peekaboo hair.

Purple Peekaboo Highlights on Brown Hair

Purple Peekaboo Highlights on Brown Hair @funhaircolourGirls with dark brown hair especially like this active purple peekaboo hair effect. However, just like with bright red highlights, you should feel as expressive on the inside as you’re gonna look with this peek a boo on the outside (to avoid mental discomfort)

Blue and Teal Peekaboo Highlights

Blue and Teal Peekaboo Highlights @hair.bistroAmong all shades of green peekaboo highlights, teal is the latest fad. Especially, if mixed with the ash blue hue. Works magic for girls with cold skin tone and any natural hair color from blonde to dark hair.

Peekaboo Blue

Peekaboo Blue @sohea_hyunDirty blue peekaboo hair with ash ends, hidden under a solid layer of dark brown hair. To achieve this fantastic boo effect, you’ll have to properly bleach your locks first.

Pastel Pink Peekaboo

Pastel Pink Peekaboo @funhaircolourTaste pastel pink peekaboo highlights mixed with unicorn purple peekaboo hair underneath the naturally dark hair. In this way, you can soften and romanticize your image.

Blonde Hair with Blue Peekaboo Highlights

Blonde Hair with Blue Peekaboo Highlights @do.your.colorThis blue peekaboo hair idea is just magnificent. Look, how ideally that electric blue matches the bluish blonde hue on top! Of course, a bob like this will require proper care, using color-saving products, and toning… but this cosmic subtle contrast is worth all the effort!

Black Hair with Blue Highlights

Black Hair with Blue Highlights @kawaicat_salonThis long peekaboo hair style is rather minimalistic and concise. On one hand, it takes only one color under rather typical dark hair, however, on the other hand, the length, the bright blue peekaboo color, and the fiery contrast between the layers make this style so worth copying.

Brown Hair with Blonde Underneath

Brown Hair with Blonde Underneath @doubleqnycBlonde chunky highlights can become your first step in the world of peek a boo highlights. It’s a kind of demo version that makes it clear if you’re ready to dig deeper into the pallet of pink, purple, red, green, and yellow peekaboo highlights.

Chic Bob with Peekaboo Color

Chic Bob with Peekaboo Color @kawaicat_salonLooking for a hot pink peekaboo hair solution? Look no more! Officially: this is the hottest pink peekaboo bob with pastel mermaid highlights you can find.

Auburn Hair with Blonde Highlights

Auburn Hair with Blonde Highlights @alexacolormyhairWanna have some fun of being a blonde and still maintaining your auburn hair? Incorporate some peek a boo highlights. Besides bleaching the lower layer of the hair, also highlight the strands near the face. Make sure that the shade of blonde suits your skin tone, though.

Peekaboo Highlights with Long Bob Haircut

Peekaboo Highlights with Long Bob Haircut @beautylaunchpadA long bob aka lob is a rather outstanding hairstyle by itself, especially, if it’s an A-line bob with trendy bangs. But a color touch-up will make a win-win change into your permanent hair color.

Silver Hair with Peekaboo Highlights

Silver Hair with Peekaboo Highlights @funhaircolourMeet another piece of art: chic silver hair with an array of pink-purple-blue peeking lowlights. To copy this elegant style without losing this eye-catching flair, you’d better ask for professional help rather than trying to copy it by yourself.

Braided Hairstyle with Peekaboo Highlights

Braided Hairstyle with Peekaboo Highlights @artistryxmonicaBlue is the perfect color to add some edge to your hairdo: several shades of blue, delicate ash-grey highlights, and a braid - this is all you need to bring out your inner mermaid.

Mermaid-Inspired Peekaboo Hair

Mermaid-Inspired Peekaboo Hair @starks.hairAnd here is another variation of mermaid-inspired purple highlights.

Bright Pink Hair Highlights Underneath Light Brown Hair

Bright Pink Hair Highlights Underneath Light Brown Hair @paisleykates_hairLooking for a big change? Probably, playing with random purple peekaboo highlights may seem too basic to you. How about such a hardcore solid hair color underneath?

Aqua Blue and Green Peekaboo Highlights on an A-Line Bob

Aqua Blue and Green Peekaboo Highlights on an A-Line Bob @saloneasthartfordWho said aqua blue peekaboo highlights look good only on blonde hair? Here is an awesome example of how to incorporate the ocean mix of colors in brown hair.

Peekaboo Color Mix Highlights

Peekaboo Color Mix Highlights @kawaicat_salonThey don’t usually blend purple and yellow peekaboo shades. But you’re not them. Wanna stand out? You’ve got the idea - so what are you waiting for?

Red Hair with Black Underneath

Red Hair with Black Underneath @beautylaunchpadDarker shades are often paired with burgundy highlights. But what if you play big with red peekaboo hair and, even more, swap the upper and lower layers so that the color is on top?

Blonde Hair with Red Underneath

Blonde Hair with Red Underneath @doubleqnycBut, still, it’s not only brunettes who can experiment with red peekaboo hair. This is a variation of red peekaboo hair blonde bob for a change.

Blonde Hair with Black Underneath

Blonde Hair with Black Underneath @beautyby__lexiAnd here we can see how peekaboo highlights can visually add volume, thickness, and depth to thin and fine hair.

Red With Yellow And Blue

Red With Yellow And Blue @hotonbeautyIf you’re into exotic color combinations, you might like this crazy blend of the basic red with yellow and blue peekaboo highlights. You can go further and include orange and green as well. This hair dye idea will look great on layered hairstyles.

Dark Hair with Magenta Highlights

Dark Hair with Magenta Highlights @alehairninjaThe intense dark brown of this pixie masterpiece is made more playful with the addition of magenta peekaboo highlights on top.

Brown Bob with Red Highlights

Brown Bob with Red Highlights @hairbymisskittyAnd here we go with another inspirational black and red hair peekaboo hair picture.

Strawberry Blonde Style

Strawberry Blonde Style @hair_eliseevStrawberry blonde with peachy orange - what a catchy combo!

Peekaboo Highlights on Bangs

Peekaboo Highlights on Bangs @paisleykates_hairWe previously mentioned that if you’re not ready for a big change, can try to start with a delicate peekaboo touch-up. This is how you can slightly diversify a mid-length undercut with a blue boo highlight on bangs.

Rose Gold Peekaboo Highlights

Rose Gold Peekaboo Highlights @jenny__hairstyleCompliment your platinum blonde hair color with soft and tender rosy peekaboo highlights.

Black Hair with Red Peekaboo Highlights

Black Hair with Red Peekaboo Highlights @funhaircolourMeet girls’ favorite saturated black and red to show everyone who is the mommy here!

Black Weave with Hidden Orchid Purple Highlights

Black Weave with Hidden Orchid Purple Highlights @herusalonn Hidden orchid purple highlights are perfect for Asian hair. Blossom.

Pixie with Lavender Peekaboo Highlights

Pixie with Lavender Peekaboo Highlights @hotonbeautyIntense hair colors are all the rage right now, and who said they are for young girls only???

Thin Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

Thin Blonde Peekaboo Highlights @kawaicat_salonThin peekaboo highlights throughout your hair will create a fun look without being too pesky.

Blonde Hair with Pink Highlights

Blonde Hair with Pink Highlights @hairby_jzPurple peekaboo highlights allow you to get creative without sacrificing your glorious blonde. Pair with a layered cut to show off the contrast.

Peekaboo Rainbow With Grey

Peekaboo Rainbow With Grey @hotonbeautyIs it legal to have such an ideally perfect coloring? No, for sure. It’s like a rainbow peeking through the cloudy sky. And the “sky” shines so magically with a silver hue.

Hidden Midnight Purple

Hidden Midnight Purple @colorloungeburbankFor those who aren’t brave enough, we’ve got an idea of how to hide a couple of midnight purple peekaboo highlights inside the natural brown hair.

Blonde Hair with Burgundy Peekaboos

Blonde Hair with Burgundy Peekaboos @kawaicat_salonDo burgundy peekaboos work for dark hair only? The picture above is an eloquent answer!

Short Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Short Blonde Hair with Lowlights @queenstylistaCompletely hidden and so surprisingly bright - these yellow and pink peekaboo highlights are the recipe for a constantly good mood.

Subtle Highlights for Brunettes

Subtle Highlights for Brunettes @kawaicat_salonWhat a sophisticated job! To give your long brown hair a similar vibe, save this photo and arrange a visit to your colorist.

Lavender Peekaboo Highlights

Lavender Peekaboo Highlights @almacienfuegosThese soft lavender peek a boo highlights are meant for a romantic nature. Or the one, who wanna seem like that.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was peekaboo hair invented?

In 1941, an American film, stage, and television actress Veronica Lake first appeared with a brand new hairstyle: her blonde hair curled under at the ends was parted to the side, and her peek-a-boo bang occasionally slipped in front of her face covering one eye. Despite being so impractical, the trend exploded among U.S. women.

Are peekaboo highlights low maintenance?

High maintenance they are not! Peekaboo highlights are insanely low-maintenance and very manageable. The only thing you should consider if picking blonde peekaboo highlights is that you’d better tone them occasionally to keep the cold blonde color. Are peekaboo highlights low maintenance @funhaircolour

Who Should Get Peekaboo Highlights?

Peekaboo hair highlights can be worn by anyone. There are so many variations that literally every girl with any hair type, length, taste, and vision can find an appropriate option.

What Are The Best Colors For Peekaboo Highlights?

You are the one to choose. However, you should bear your skin tone in mind (at least, if it’s warm or cold) so that there isn’t a visual color conflict between your hair and your face. Among the most popular options now are electric blue, emerald green, subtle purple highlights, pink highlights, and all sorts of pastel peekaboo highlights.ConclusionIntroducing peekaboo highlights into your style will give you a quirky and unique look. Great for short and long hair, straight and curly hair, thick and fine hair, peekaboo coloring can work for every type of hair.Another thing that peek a boo highlights provide is freedom: you can effortlessly hide the dye if it’s not allowed in the office and flaunt it when you wanna shine bright at a party or another event.

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