So you've decided to try out a new look.

Maybe you want something new that you've never had before and are looking to go with something wild or you're starting a new phase in your life be it a new school or new job and want to look your best or you've never really paid much attention to your hair but want to start now but are clueless about what direction you should be taking.

Whatever your reason is, Hairstyleonpoint is here to help you out.

There are many questions you need to find the answers to before going forward with your new hairstyle.

These include:

What is my hair type?

What is my face shape?

What hairstyles in general have looked best on me before?

You should have a slight idea about these questions before going forward, but keep in mind NOTHING is set in stone in terms of what this information tells you, if you have curly hair but still want to rock a hairstyle that is mostly recommended for people with straight hair, go ahead and try it! In the end only you know what works best for you, we are here to give you tips, advice and inspiration – the rest is up to you.

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We have many many more hairstyle inspirations for you to look at throughout our website, so feel free to check out anything that interests you.

Good luck on your hairstyle journey!