New Hairstyles for Men 2015

With 2015 on the horizon many guys are wondering what's going to be the next big hair trend. Based on our findings and latest hairstyles from the fashion capitals of the world we have a pretty good idea about what's going to be the new big hit men's hairstyle for the new year. Take a look at these awesome new hairstyles for men.

1.The Angular Fringe

This new hairstyle is seeing a strong resurgence among male fashion models. This haircut features a taper on the sides and back of the hair (similar to an undercut) but it keeps the top long and cut at an angle. This hairstyle looks great on most face shapes but it can especially help out guys with a rounder face shape as the short sides and long top give a round face more length.

New Hairstyles for Men 2015 2

New Hairstyles for Men 2015

fringe undercut

Variation #1: Choppy Messy Hair

Like all great hairstyles, variation is key. This variation of the angular fringe is a choppy almost spiky type of hair that has short sides but also a shorter length on top with a distinctive disconnection of the hair near the top. This is a great look for men with straight thick hair.

choppy hairstyle

mens hair 2015 asiansung kyu haircut

Variation #2: Longer!

Take it to the extreme and stand out! Growing the top of your hair longer for an awesome trendy look.

angular fringe

Variation #3: Side Swept

Another way to style this haircut is a side sweep, which looks great.

cool 2015 mens hairstyle

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