Mullet Haircut: 50 Ideas for Modern Mullet for 2023

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Updated 02-24-2023

Fashion nowadays is a fast-developing and quickly changing mechanism, so more and more often, we can see the comebacks of retro vintage styles because it allows us to slow down and touch the era of long-lasting fashion trends with huge value.

This desire for nostalgia explains the vast popularity of the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s hit song hairstyles.

Today, you can find both classic mullet haircut variations with the “business in the front, party in the back” type of look, and creative modern mullet solutions developed by talented barbers and hairstylists.

From the pompadour mullet to mullet fade, below you’ll find cool mullet ideas to inspire you and try right now:

What Is a Mullet Haircut?

What Is a Mullet Haircut

A mullet hairstyle features shorter hair on the sides and top combined with long locks at the back of the head. A mullet can resemble a mohawk, it’s also known as a rat tail haircut since the hair in the back is always kept longer than the rest of the hair.

It’s curious that the word “mullet” is made up of “mull” meaning “to ponder” and “et” meaning “eternally”. Thus, the mullet hairstyle refers to those who are deeply and forever engaged in intellectual processes.

Indeed, only personalities with a unique sense of style are able to combine two active haircuts in one so that they coexist harmoniously.

The mandatory element of any mullet style is the long backside. But it also varies from a full flowing mane to a wispy neck-length tail. As for the front part, you’re free to choose any short or medium length cut you like: a bowl cut, a flat top, a Caesar cut, a military fade, a fringe.
And mix it all together into a sophisticated cohesive look.

History of the Mullet

History of the Mullet

Why is a mullet hairstyle called a mullet?

They say the term “mullet” was inspired by the Beastie Boys when they coined this term in the name of their song Mullet Head in 1994.
However, the mullet hairstyle itself dates back much further than its name.

The first mentions of mullet haircuts date back to the first century AD in Native Britain; later, it was found in the texts from the sixth century as the Hunnic look for men.

The history of a modern mullet starts in the 1970s when David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust, Rod Stewart, Florence Henderson, and many other celebs began wearing mullet haircuts with choppy hair at the back, shorter hair at the front, and bangs that framed the face.

But only in the 1980s mullet heads truly went mainstream.

Patrick Swayze wore it with voluminous wavy locks, Kiefer Sutherland rocked spiky white mullet hair, Meryl Streep and Jerry Seinfeld opted for disconnected mullet style with tall coifs up top and long curtains underneath.

In the ‘90s, some of the most iconic mullet hairstyles were made by country music star Billy Ray Cyrus, sportsmen Jon Daly (who added a bowl cut to the mullet) and Andre Agassi.

During the 2000s, the mullet hairstyle lost its popularity and was replaced by glamour. But then again, starting from the 2010s, the modern mullet arrived: updated, fresh, and ready to shine both for men and for women this time (thanks to the adoption of this trend by Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Zendaya.)

How To Get a Modern Mullet Haircut?

How To Get a Modern Mullet Haircut

The 2023's modern mullet is a truly cultural moment since it’s a completely new life for the mullet hairstyle.

The modern mullet breaks all the rules: it doesn’t necessarily have a significant transition from short hair at the front to long back section – it can be more graduated and soft. Or, on the contrary, ignores all the conventions of symmetry.

Take Morgan Wallen, Cameron Smith, and Troye Sivan, for example. All of them are wearing mullets that look absolutely different.
Scissors-cut, faded, asymmetrical, with shaved-in design and a dramatic fringe: the modern mullet is here, transforming into another unusual form.

How To Grow A Mullet?

How To Grow A Mullet

So, you want to get a mullet. The first thing you need is to grow your hair between 2-6 inches long – this is just enough length, but the longer your hair is, the more defined your mullet will be.

How long does it take to grow a mullet?

It completely depends on several factors which are: how long your hair is already, if you want a long mullet or a short mullet, and how fast your hair grows. On average, it takes from 6 to 9 months to grow the rat tail long in the back.

However, guys with mullets say that time flies when you start experimenting with various transition hairstyles.

Well, you’ve got the length. Next, decide on how much conflict you wanna have between the front and back sections, choose the style of the hair at the front, and get it trimmed. Make sure the tail is also cut in the way you want it to be. And enjoy your stay at the land of mullets.

How To Style a Mullet?

How To Style a Mullet

How you need to style a mullet haircut depends completely on what kind of mullet you prefer.

If talking about a classic mullet, it includes a messy natural hair look, which is combed back or to the sides. For this variant, you’ll need no styling product at all or a light texturizer like a sea salt spray.

If talking about a spiky mullet, you’ll have to use some pomade or gel and sweep the top hair up. For an undercut mullet or a pompadour, you’ll also need a blow-dryer to get the necessary shape and volume.

Popular Mullet Styles

Popular Mullet Style

As we’ve mentioned before, the modern mullet is full of controversies, rebellion, and is a result of hipster influence.

Here, we’ve collected the brightest and the most diverse examples of a modern mullet haircut for any taste, face shape, and hair type.

If you have some prejudice or Beasty Boys stereotypes concerning the mullet style, you should also check out the gallery below:

#1 Long Natural Mullet

Long Natural Mullet

Out of all types of mullet, a long natural mullet is the easiest solution that never fails. It won’t shout out to use some special styling products or do anything besides brushing it sometimes. Just keep the hairline neat at the front, and the shaved temples. As for the tail – just let it grow and don’t worry.

#2 Spiky Top + Wavy Back

Spiky Top + Wavy Back

If you’re into bold experiments, try out this rare combination of a straight hair mullet with a wavy back. You’ll need to spike up the hair on the top with volume and height, so this mullet works best for guys with straight thick hair. As for the rat tail, you’ll need to add some texture to it with a sea salt spray or slightly curl the hair with a curling iron or by braiding it.

3# Mohawk Mullet Haircut

Mohawk Mullet Haircut

The mohawk is a versatile boy’s haircut that screams edgy. However, the combination with a mullet creates a stylish, sophisticated look. This one is also personalized with the shaved-in spider net design. You can choose to spike up this cool mullet, let it flow naturally, or sweep it back.

#4 Short Curly Mullet

Short Curly Mullet

You don’t need any extra length for your luscious locks if they are curly. Curly hair type is an ideal match for a short mullet as the natural volume softens the whole hairstyle. Keeping the fringe long frames the face in a flattering way and makes the look modern.

#5 Flat Top + Fade

Flat Top + Fade

This short mullet haircut combines two of the hottest hair trends for men right now: a sharp fade on the sides and a layered texture at the back. The flat-top mullet with fade demonstrates how easily you can mix two worlds together.

#6 Classic Mullet

Classic Mullet

A classic mullet is easy to get, maintain, and match with the outfits. This iconic haircut is one-size-fits-all. It features quite short hair, a decent taper fade above the ears, and a tail slightly covering the neck. The back and front hair blend together in one seamless, slightly shaggy look.

#7 French Crop Mullet

French Crop Mullet

The French crop mens mullet is an unboring take on the traditional hairstyle. This look works best for men with straight or a bit of wavy hair: thus, you’ll be able to create the right shape at the front and the right texture for a party at the back.

#8 Afro Mullet

Afro Mullet

Cutting a mullet is something a guy with Afro hair should try for sure. The curly hair texture allows for creating the desired shape, the shaved sides make the look neat and clean. Even Kanye West has rocked this haircut once.

#9 Pompadour Mullet

Pompadour Mullet

This beautiful combination of classics and modernism makes this male mullet hairstyle effortlessly cool and timeless. Here, you can see that in a modern mullet interpretation, it’s not even necessary to incorporate faded sides to accentuate the longer hair on top: all you need is to sleek the hair on the sides with a matte styling product.

#10 Surfer Mullet

Surfer Mullet

Forget the typical Australian surfers’ mullet look the modern surfer mullet goes far beyond the Australian beach culture. It’s still messy and disconnected, but the colors are way bolder, and the cut at the front stands out much more.

#11 The Modern Mullet

The Modern Mullet

Probably, the most recognizable version of the mullet is the long and straight one with a spiky top and a short fringe. Give the ‘80s favorite a new life with small but meaningful details: long sideburns, mustache, and a beard.

#12 Blown Out Mullet

Blown Out Mullet

A blown-out mullet is a rather safe look, which is a perfect option to start the mullet game with. It’s suitable for rather short hair, shoulder-length, and will work as a long haired mullet too. All you need is to blow the hair up and backwards, adding volume on top and sweeping the sides smoothly.

#13 Mullet Undercut

Mullet Undercut

Here is another modern take on a classic mullet – a subtle version of the famed haircut. In this undercut mullet, the front is almost the same length as the back hair. This popular hairstyle is much less of a statement so you’ll easily blend into the crowd wearing it. A small shaved-in line on the side will add a spicy vibe to the haircut.

#14 Next Level Asian Mullet

Next Level Asian Mullet

An Asian mullet is usually equal to a classic mullet and a long mullet. Actually, you can choose any desired length and use all the benefits of naturally straight hair. No texture – just a glossy shine. You won’t even need to use any styling products to keep this look.

#15 Retro Mullet with Quiff

Retro Mullet with Quiff

Pair a retro mullet with a quiff and a pair of vintage glasses for a sophisticated hipster image. A beard and mustache will also work. And one more thing: pay attention to how graceful the salt and pepper hair looks in this hairstyle.

#16 Blonde Wavy Mullet

Blonde Wavy Mullet

Totally blond hair and bleached highlights have been a massive fashion trend over the past few years, and it keeps its position till now. A blonde mullet is an attention-grabbing choice. For a win-win look of your curly or wavy hair, make sure you use hydrating products regularly.

#17 Semi Curled Medium Strands

Semi Curled Medium Strands

Wavy hair is great for the business on the front party on the back kind of style. Having wavy hair makes for guy haircuts that appear stylish but effortless, all in one. A semi-curled medium mullet offers a relaxed look and needs minimal styling: just brush the hair over the back and sides.

#18 Peacock Colorful Mullet with Temple Fade

Peacock Colorful Mullet with Temple Fade

Wanna know what a futuristic mullet haircut is? Search no more. This peacock colorful mullet with temple fade and shaved-in design is definitely something else but a classic hairstyle. The cut is best styled textured, giving it a careless vibe. No need to keep your hair long and suffer taking care of it: a futuristic mullet stands for comfort, style, and versatility.

#19 Mullet and Mustache is a Couple

Mullet and Mustache is a Couple

Mullet and mustache is an old song, so why not give this couple a present-day push? With a super edgy fringe, sharp faded temples, and incredible movement on the top, this is the newest trend in the world of mullets so far.

#20 Caesar Haircut with Mullet

Caesar Haircut with Mullet

And here is an example of how to get a modern mullet hairstyle by mixing two good old styles and adding a touch of trendy hair color. This mind-blowing contrast of the icy grey and wild black takes the whole look to a completely new level.

#21 Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked Back Hairstyle

This is one of the best fashion mullet haircuts that pairs perfectly with a slicked-back look. You’ll need to grow out the hair at the front so that it is easily swept back using a medium-hold pomade. The sides should be faded; optionally, you can add some design on top of the fade. It’s just impossible to find a more versatile mullet variation than this one.

#22 Crew Cut with Short Mullet

Crew Cut with Short Mullet

If you wanna keep short hair at the back, balance it with a playful medium-length crew cut at the front. This wolf-cut mullet will look very juicy if you slightly sprinkle it with blonde highlights.

#23 Buzz Cut and Mullet Fade Hybrid

Buzz Cut and Mullet Fade Hybrid

As you could understand from the pictures in this gallery, the main rule of win-win modern mullet styles is to combine details of the most incompatible haircuts. This hybrid of a military strict buzz cut and the 80s mullet haircut will make you shine.

#24 Side Part Mullet

Side Part Mullet

Cool mullet haircuts are meant to make us love them and remember them. It’s exactly what this side-part mullet with extra long hair at the back does. With a side part, you have multiple styling variants: to have side-swept bangs at the front, comb the hair back to one side, or let the bangs fall in a careless way.

#25 Short Kentucky Waterfall

Short Kentucky Waterfall

This is a nice option for men with naturally straight and smooth hair. Let your luscious locks flow gracefully down your shoulders and add a tiny touch of a razor to divide the fade into two parts.

#26 Mullet With Bangs

Mullet With Bangs

To follow the high fashion, take on the mullet with statement bangs. Such a thick straight blunt fringe is a go-to that injects a futuristic feel. This fringe emphasizes the facial features and gradually blends into medium-length hair at the back.

#27 Messy Duck Tail with Fringed Neckline

Messy Duck Tail with Fringed Neckline

This ducktail is messy in a rather sophisticated way. Swept in multiple directions, it looks gorgeous and suits any occasion you can think of.

#28 Some Burgundy Undertone and Mullet

Some Burgundy Undertone and Mullet

Long hair at the back, blunt fringe at the front… it could be another typical mullet haircut, but this juicy burgundy undertone decided to change the rules. Other cool features are that the vertex area is spiked up, and the hair on the sides is cut long similar to sideburns.

#29 Braided Mullet

Braided Mullet

This is an idea for eccentric hairstyles lovers. Various braids, dreadlocks, a mohawk, a curled-up quiff, and a mullet haircut – who said it’s too much for one head?

#30 Modern Temple faded Shaved Slit

Modern Temple faded Shaved Slit

This creative mullet is full of movement and bold spirit. The area around the ears is faded in a circle, and the hair is texturized with matte pomade. The sideburns effect, which we’ve already seen in a couple of hairstyles above, is the detail that changes the rules of the game.

#31 Flying Side Part with Mullet

Flying Side Part with Mullet

On one hand, this long hair mullet haircut is soaked with that iconic retro vibe. On the other hand, that edgy fade on the temples with flying double-side part design bring this haircut to the modern day.

#32 Blond Biker Mullet

Blond Biker Mullet

A hairstyle for a true biker is always about uniqueness, freedom, and mess. This is an amazing idea of how to balance those scruffy curls and dreadlocks and a careless beard with a neat faded crew cut.

#33 The Missouri Compromise

The Missouri Compromise

In the best traditions of mullets, reach the Missouri compromise by copying this mullet haircut for curly hair. The mustache will add that special vibe to your everyday look.

#34 Textured Mullet with Fade

Textured Mullet with Fade

A natural textured mullet or Afro mullet with a sharp fade is an awesome pair for a graduated full beard. The color touch-up is optional but will also refresh any hairstyle.

#35 Arthouse Mullet

Arthouse Mullet

For modern artistic barbers, mullets are one of the most favorite bases for arthouse experiments. The nature of a mullet haircut allows for an endless flow of experiments – and in this photo, you can see how far you can get with an old goodie from the ‘80s.

#36 Messy Pomp Fade

Messy Pomp Fade

Introduce some disorder to your well-groomed mullet pompadour. The messy texture is not always about spikes and disorder. The mess can also be pretty “organized” as you see in the picture above.

#37 Mullet Fade + Hair Design

Mullet Fade + Hair Design

The shaved-in hair design will never go out of fashion – it just keeps undergoing all sorts of transformations, adjustments, and updates. This time, the shaved-in design goes beyond the faded area, linking the buzzed and scissor-cut parts of the mullet.

#38 Wavy Mullet

Wavy Mullet

To blur the limits of a classic mid-length wavy mullet, give a try to the experiment with the shape of the shaved sides section. This look kind of resembles a mohawk haircut, but the hair on remains flat, with a natural wavy texture. The style is perfect for guys with thick hair, others will need some sea-salt spray to get it.

#39 Hard Parted Mid Part

Hard Parted Mid Part


For those, who are looking for a neat and clean mullet option, which will turn heads anyway, we’ve got this short modern mullet with an amazing side design. The pomp is optional, but as for the extended sideburns – be open-minded and give them a small chance.

#40 Bowl Cut Mullet

Bowl Cut Mullet

The mixture of a bowl cut and a mullet has always been a brave style that associates with Asian silky hair and eastern culture. However, today, a so-called bowllet is the mix of two favorite cuts treasured by men worldwide.

#41 Shag Mullet Haircut

Shag Mullet Haircut

If a spiky mullet is too much for you, rocking a more relaxed mullet shag might work for you. To get this style look win-win, ask your barber to add the layers on top – thus, the styling process will be effortless.

#42 Takuache Haircut Mullet

Takuache Haircut Mullet

Oh, that long curly mullet – you should really have balls for this one. To copy this alluring look, make sure your curls are not fluffy but intact. For this purpose, use a curl-defining pomade or cream. Leave a brow-length curly fringe and clean up the sides with a short crop: both taper and bald fade will work with a similar curly mullet cut.

#43 Faux Hawk Mullet

Faux Hawk Mullet

The faux hawk mullet is the latest take on the traditional mohawk mullet, and it’s so youthful. The hair on top is longer at the back and at the front, and spiked up in these areas, while the wertex is smoother and features almost the same length as the sides. This haircut is a cool look for those who want a mohawk but without looking too extreme.

#44 Skin Fade Mullet

Skin Fade Mullet

The skin fade mullet is a modern classic, indeed. Perfect for formal occasions, it still has some fun to spare as well.

#45 High Taper Mullet

High Taper Mullet

To continue the topic of rather formal mullets, we can’t but mention a simple taper fade with a small rat tail and a cropped fringe. The basic style to suit multiple occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a modern mullet

What is a modern mullet?

A modern mullet inherits the staple from a good old mullet: long hair in the tail with very short hair on the sides and back. But the styles in the front vary drastically. The faded sides acquire untypical shapes in most hairstyles to achieve a unique look. A modern mullet is all about small but meaningful details: an edgy hairline or crop, perfectly styled bangs, a sophisticated texture, or a win-win color highlight.

Are mullet haircuts coming back in style?

Mullet haircuts are indeed coming back this year, however, with a modern twist. A present-day mullet features angular shapes, so-called “well-organized” disorder, structured yet alternative forms, perfect fades, fun colors, and a lot of texture. Unlike in the ‘80s mullet, there is more hair on top in today’s variation, which allows for much more styling options and distinctive style experiments in the front.

Is a mullet a good hairstyle?

Mullet IS a good hairstyle for those who enjoy controversial hairstyles that provoke discussions and turn heads. For those, who strive for style experiments and like testing the latest fashion fads. A mullet is an ideal area for creativity and demonstrating the personalized approach to styling. A mullet is good if you have a thing for versatile and unique hair solutions.

How long should your hair be for a mullet?

The length your mullet hair should be is completely up to you and all about how long you want your mullet to be. The main principle is that the back hair should be about 4 inches longer than the front hair. The most popular mullet hairstyles require about 2-6 inches of length. It all works in this way: the longer your hair is, the more defined the hairstyle is.

The mullet coming back is a rather predictable trend as the fashion itself is cyclical. Curly or straight, wavy or straight, we’ve collected in this gallery the best mullet hairstyles that scream party at the back, business at the front.

Mullet hairstyles from the Beastie Boys have transformed so much through the decades, but its nature keeps the same: it leaves none indifferent. Some people hate it, some love it.
The present-day mullet haircut is a mixture of new and traditional. Hopefully, you’ve found the one to your taste in our huge gallery of mullets.

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