Mohawk Haircut - Variations


Mohawk Haircut

Everything old becomes new again. The old adage applies to the Mohawk hairstyle, which originally came from Native American peoples, particularly the Mohicans, Iroquois, Mohegan, and Pawnee tribes. The look made a resurgence during the 1970's and 1980's as men looked for a new hairstyle that would speak to their individualism.

The Mohawk, also referred to as a Mohican haircut, is shaved on both sides of the head, leaving a long mane of hair down the center of the head from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Today's men are thankful that we have razors that make quick, clean work of the shave. Native Americans resorted to pulling side hair out of their heads!

Variations of the Mohawk

Two more hairstyles emerged from the Mohawk cut. The Faux Hawk is not really a cut, but rather hair that is styled to resemble a Mohawk. Use lots of gel to slick the sides towards the back of the head, leaving the longer hair high and straight from the top of the head down to the back.

Liberty Spikes is another hair style that made a transition from the Mohawk. Shave sides tight like a Mohawk. Use lots of gel to create stiff spikes on the center mane. Create spikes from the forehead down to the nape of the head. You can also create a partial Liberty Spike by making spikes just on top of the head.

Hair Types

The Mohawk style lends itself easily to thick or thin hair, as well as curly or straight hair. It also works well for men of color.

Mohawk with Color

Keep things interesting by adding color to your Mohawk. Make it one bright color or try a couple of contrasting colors. If you're going to make a statement, make it YOUR statement!


Mohawk with Man-braid

If you thought a Mohawk wouldn't leave you with enough hair  to do anything with it except to gel it, take a look at this man-braid Mohawk. Cornrow braids in varying patterns and top it all off with a man-bun for a clean hairstyle that is also trendy.


Mohawk with Side Designs

Start with a traditional Mohawk, but don't shave the sides all the way down. Leave a little room to get creative with a razor. Use a styling razor to create amazing designs to complement your Mohawk or say something about your personality.


Just about anyone can pull off a great Mohawk style. If you aren't quite sure how to start, begin with a basic Mohawk. You can get a little more creative from there when you feel ready to try something new.