Long and Tousled
Long Hair is Trending! How to Successfully Grow your Hair out

A long hair look has always been a controversial trend for men: for some people, it may seem super m..

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The Samurai Bun Hairstyle

archer_photo Guys like testing long hairstyles – from half buns and top knots to low ponytails..

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29 Barber-Approved Long Hairstyles For Men

Different hairstyles for men with long hair have always been controversial and caused lots of discus..

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How to Grow Dreads

The Most Effective Ways to Get Your Dreadlocks Started Gone are the days when dreadlocks were solely..

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The Undercut Bun Aka The Top Knot

The undercut bun or as others would call it, a top knot is a mixture of two of the trendiest hairsty..

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The Rise Of The Man Bun

Ah the man bun! It's quickly on the rise to becoming the most popular hairstyle for young trend sett..

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