Men's Long Hairstyles: 3 Different Styles For Men With A Fierce Flow

While I always enjoy shorter length hair like a good fade hairstyle I can't help but be envious of dudes that have a long fierce mane. They've successfully grew their hair out and moved past the awkward stage we all fear when growing out our hair. Their reward is being able to pull off these 3 awesome hairstyles we absolutely love.

1. Put It Down

Just put your hair down! This style is simple but don't be fooled their is upkeep, you will need to comb out the tangles in your hair and make sure you keep your hair healthy from split ends. Just putting your hair down can be a great look, try it out and see for yourself!

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2. The Man Bun

The man bun was a huge trend recently going as far as seeing clip on man buns because guys couldn't deal with the wait time of achieving lengthy hair to turn into cool man buns. Although the trend has slowed down the man bun is still a very legit and awesome look, if you can do it and pull it off, we highly recommend it.

12407439_563368487149081_1872141868_n cool man bun loose man bun

3. The Samurai Bun

The samurai bun is a different variation of the man bun that we really enjoy and think looks awesome! The main difference being an amount of free flowing hair alongside a bun in the back which gives off the feudal Japan samurai era look. Awesome.

samurai bun the samurai bun

david beckham man bun

Hope you enjoyed these long hairstyles for men!