Hair Color Trends and Ideas for Men
Hair Color Trends and Ideas for Men

Color is an underutilized way of adding a unique style and aesthetic appeal to your natural hair. Ma..

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viking hairstyles
Badass Viking Hairstyles For Real Warriors

Though real Vikings may have lived over a thousand years ago, the typical Viking hair and Viking bea..

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Side Swept Bangs
30 Top Haircuts for Hispanic Hair

If you haven’t noticed previously, please take note that Hispanic people are some of the most beau..

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What Is An Undercut Haircut
Best Undercut Hairstyles for Men in 2024

A classic undercut has a long and colorful history: from simple undercut designs in the past to popu..

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23 Best Disconnected Undercut Hairstyles for Men in 2024

Are undercuts going out of style? Definitely not if you’re talking about the disconnected undercut..

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Slicked Back Hair 2
Top Slicked Back Hairstyles & Haircuts For Men In 2024

Nothing can make a man feel more dapper than slicking back the hair with his favorite pomade or wax...

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Top Emo Hairstyles For Guys Trending in 2024

Some men choose emo haircuts, often based on their interest in punk rock music and the desire to sta..

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Teen Boy Haircuts
Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Guys

The times of shaggy mop tops and bleached spiky hair have sunk into oblivion. New life realia make n..

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Side Part
Top 52 Men's Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2024

While short men's hairstyles may still be the norm for most, a lot of us don't realize just how much..

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Textured Wavy Fringe with Short Sides
Stylish Hipster Hairstyles

Hipster haircut for guys is meant to stand out. Hipster styles involve a dozen variants but the most..

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53 Stylish Curly Hairstyles & Haircuts for Men in 2024

Curly hair is believed to be rather troublesome and pretty challenging in maintenance. Today, we are..

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Classic Buzz Cut
22 Best Buzz Cut Hairstyles for Men in 2024

Buzz cut is the best all-time solution for men that are looking for an extremely low maintenance ver..

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Angled Top With Fade
The Hottest Hairstyle Trends for Black Men

@byaaronwallace Long gone are the days when naturally curly Afro hair meant an unpretentious bunch o..

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90s hairstyles for men
25 Cool 90s Hairstyles For Men to try in 2024

In the world of hairstyles, we often see prominent styles of the past suddenly become popular decade..

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35 of the Top Men's Fades Haircuts
Best Fade Haircuts: Cool Types of Fades For Men in 2024

The fade haircut is probably, one of the most popular and always up-to-date hairstyles for men ̵..

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Who Suits a Man Bun?
The Man Bun Hairstyles For Men in 2024

Man bun, bro bun, or hipster bun – no matter what you call this modern cut, it still is one of..

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White-Haired Nice Guy
40 Hairstyles for Men in Their 40s in 2024

As you approach middle age, you may find that a lot of things in your life are changing—your goals..

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Taper Fade
29 Best Taper Fade Haircuts for Men in 2024

The taper fade is one of the most popular men’s haircuts today… And for good reasons, though! Th..

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The Curly Handlebar Mustache Styles
28 Of The Best Mustache Styles

Facial hair has become as stylish and popular as a man’s haircut. Some men spend just as much time..

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two strand twist men
Best Two Strand Twists for Men – 2024 Trends

Among all the variety of haircuts for men, two strands twists have always been one of the favorites ..

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Stress-Free Braids
47 Sexy Hairstyles For Older Men

Long Hairstyles for Older Men @valera_leontiev..

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Comb Over 1
The Best Comb Over Haircuts to Try in 2024

The comb over is the style men love for its functionality and versatility: the styling options vary ..

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man bun undercut
Best Man Bun Undercut Hairstyles in 2024

While many people thought that the man bun style would be nothing more than a fad, buns had proven t..

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short spiky hair men
20 Trendy Spiky Hair Looks for Men for 2024

Firstly, spiky texture in hair helps to create a rather relaxed and alluringly careless image of a ..

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Helicopter Head
50 Ridiculously Stupid Haircuts

Hairstyle trends come and go. Some are more sophisticated than others. While some of these weird, ri..

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Curls and Bangs
30+ Best Haircuts for Guys With Round Faces

Of all face shapes, the round face can be the most challenging face shape to find flattering haircut..

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boys braided hairstyles
Cutest Braided Hairstyles for Little Boys

Do braids on boys look good? – Oh, this eternal question. And the answer is YES, for sure R..

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Dark Hair Blonde Highlights
Men's Blonde Highlights: The Complete Guide

All you need to know about ever-trending blonde highlights for men is that this blonde dye carries a..

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Wavy Hair Men 1
41 Cool Hairstyles For Men With Wavy Hair

Wavy hair – is it a blessing or a curse? Some men almost adore natural hair texture, whereas o..

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haircuts for square faces men
Top 22 Haircuts for Men with a Square Face: Picks and Tips

Hairstyles for square faces are meant to soften all the rage and sharpness of square face shapes. Bu..

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40 Photos of Men Who Look Great with Silver Hair
Is the Gray Hair for Men Trend Here to Stay?

Silver hair for men knows no age. Well not anymore, at least. As a society, we've decorated the colo..

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The Tony Stark aka Iron Man
32 Famous Hairstyles Name for Men

Although there may not be as many proper names for men’s haircuts, men have been known to take a p..

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Most Popular Current Mens Hairstyles - 7
12 Most Popular Current Men's Hairstyles

Good-looking haircuts for men can change everything, but trying to keep up with the latest men's hai..

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Modern Princeton Haircut
The Classic Ivy League Haircuts

It’s no secret that Ivy League haircut was inspired by the United States 8 schools group with the ..

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Beatles Haircut
10 Popular 1960s Men's Hairstyles

The 1960s freed men of the conservative hairstyles they had worn for so long. New changing looks off..

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Small Part Only
1940s Hairstyles for Men

1940s vintage hairstyles for men finally started to see some increased length, but the looks were re..

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Hairstyles for a Receding Hairline
The Best Hairstyles for Men With Receding Hairlines

Sooner or later, each man faces the problem of balding spots and receding hairline, which can ruin e..

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How to Make Man Bun Braids
Man Bun Braids: A Surprising New Men's Hair Trend

Where do man bun braids come from? Is it just another fad, a versatile and comfy hair solution, or a..

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Classic George Clooney Hairstyle
George Clooney's Hairstyle: Simple and Classy

George Clooney hairstyles are one of the best examples of 'trends come and go but style is forever' ..

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33 Awesome Hard Part Haircuts for Men

The hard part haircut is deservedly as popular as a fade hairstyle. No wonder, because both these st..

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