Men's Fashion: The Slacker Look of 2015


It's 2015 and girls aren't the only ones to be out rocking sweatpants and hoodies. A new trend that is becoming popular in men's clothing is the Slacker Style.




Now these looks are fashionable and trendy because they are so simple to create. With basic color schemes ranging from black, white, gray, navy, green, etc. it allows a person to mix and match almost any clothing item. This style is very relaxed and basic from cardigans to baggy sweats to plain ol' white t-shirts.

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The slacker style is unique to men's fashion because it offers a comfortable yet stylish way to dress. The clothes have faded colors that can be blended with other clothing articles that give an effortless appeal. The simplicity of this upcoming trend allows anyone to create their own unique look. A plain colored t-shirt can be matched with almost anything, whether it be baggy sweat pants, shorts or even ankle lengthen pants. The style choices are endless and the look has an artless appeal.

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Besides your basic clothing items like t-shirts and sweats, this unique look can also be achieved with plain cardigans, jackets or oversized hoodies for that relaxed look. Who says you can't be trendy and comfortable? The colors and the style's complement each other well because the colors are pale and solid, while the clothes are simple.

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Whether you woke up late for school or work, this style gives you a way to be trendy and comfortable at the same time. Since the looks are so simple to create, this effortless style takes no time to achieve.



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