What Haircut Should I Get? – 2023 Guide

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Updated 02-20-2023

You can pick the coolest hairstyle in the trends, find the best hairstylist in the city and… fail your new haircut because it looks insane on your head.

That’s why it’s so essential to know what face shapes and hairstyles are compatible.

For guys, who keep asking  «What haircut should I get??» or «How do I choose a hairstyle that's right for me?» we’ve collected different hairstyles for face shapes: round, oval, square, oblong, triangle, and heart.

Also, answering the question «How to know what hairstyle suits you?», it’s crucial you first identify your hair texture. So, you’ll find the right haircut for your hair type in our gallery too.


7 Types of Male Face Shapes

7 Types of Male Face Shapes - 2

There are 7 types of men’s facial shapes, which should be born in mind to contrast, balance, and eventually find the right haircut:

  • ROUND face shape is characterized by wide, prominent cheekbones, a high bridge, and soft lines. It’s about equal in length and width.
  • The OVAL face is considered ideal for any hairstyle. It has classic «right» proportions: the face height is 1.5 times bigger than its width, the widths of forehead and cheekbones are the same, and the chin lines are soft.
  • SQUARE faces are angular, sharp, and probably the most masculine different face shapes (male). The lower jaw and the forehead are equally wide.
  • The OBLONG or RECTANGULAR face is the longest shape with a high forehead and prolonged chin.
  • TRIANGLE face highlights the angular features. The jawline is usually wider than cheekbones.
  • DIAMOND or pear face shape features narrow middle and upper parts, with more defined angular cheekbones and chin.
  • HEART face shape is the opposite of the diamond: wide at the forehead but narrow at the jawline.

Round Face

dwayne johnson round face

@Shutterstock Dwayne Johnson

round face type


Oval Face

Oval Face

Shutterstock of Adam Levine

Square Face

Square Face type

photo by: Shutterstock of Nick Lachey

David Beckham - Square Face

photo by Shutterstock of David Beckham

Rectangular (Oblong) Face

Rectangular Face

photo by: Shutterstock of Ben Affleck

Triangle Face

Triangle Face

Shutterstock: photo of Taylor Lautner

7 Types of Male Face Shapes - 10

Photo By Shutterstock of Ryan Gosling

Diamond Face

Diamond Face

Heart Shape

Heart Shape face type

photo: Shutterstock of nick jonas

How to Determine Your Face Shape as a Man?

How to Determine Your Face Shape as a Man

If you feel confused after looking through our guide on types of face shape male, here is some advice on how to measure your face and identify its shape easily:

  1. Measure Your Face Length – The distance between the point of your chin and the tip of the hairline.
  2. Measure Your Forehead Width – Choose the widest part of your forehead: find the spots approximately between the temple and the upper hairline at both sides, and measure the distance across.
  3. Measure Your Cheekbone Width – Measure from the most prominent part of one cheekbone to the opposite one.
  4. Measure Your Jawline – From the place the jawbone begins (at the corner of your jaw below your ear), to the tip of the chin. Multiply this measurement by 2.
  5. Compare Your Measurements – Determine which are the smallest and which are the biggest, compare your face proportions with the ones typical for 7 face shapes listed above.

You can also watch this video to determine your face shape.

Best Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

Now you know that the answer to the question «What kind of haircut should men get in 2023?», «How to choose the right hairstyle» depends on which kind of 7 face shapes a man has. The type of haircut a guy with a square or diamond face should get is obviously different than the best hairstyles for small faces men.

So, how to decide what haircut to get? Scroll down to find the most appropriate hairstyle according to the face shape you have:

Hairstyles for Round Face Shape

Hairstyles for Round Face Shape


Round Face Shape type hairstyle


How to choose the right haircut for round face shape?

First and foremost, you need to create the illusion of height and angles. So, the best strategy is to keep the sides short and the crown longer. Experiment with square line-ups, messy V-cut styles, side parts, or layered long hair to contrast with the roundness of the face. Avoid buzzcuts and bangs.

  • Bald Fade with Slick Back

Round Face Shape Bald Fade with Slick Back


Slicked Back hairstyle for Round Face Shape


  • Quiff Men’s Hairstyles

Quiff men's Hairstyles: We suggest investing is a good blow dryer to be able to get maximum volume for your quiff style.

Quiff Men’s Hairstyles


Best Mens Haircuts and Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes - 6


  • Spiky Hair

Spiky Hair


Round Face Shape - Spiky Hair


Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape

You don’t have to do anything «extra» to gain a hairstyle that rocks for egg-shaped heads. Oval faces are symmetrical and balanced, so most hairstyles work great with this shape. Fades and undercuts, comb-overs and quiffs, pompadours and textured slick backs. The only thing which should be avoided in oval face haircuts for men is wearing the hair down on your forehead – it makes the face look round.

  • Undercut with Comb Over

Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape - 1

Photo Credit Instagram: kb_barber_

  • Textured Brush Back

Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape - 2


  • Taper Fade with Quiff

Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape - 3


Hairstyles for Square Face Shape

Hairstyles for Square Face Shape - 1

Hair cut name: Mid Fade slicked back photo Credit: bossy.coxhoneyjuana

You can hardly hear «How should I get my haircut?» from males blessed with square faces.

Since this head shape is the most masculine and sexy, hairstyles for square face men vary from short crew cuts and classic undercuts to longer styles like long comb-overs, textured crops, pomps, brush-ups, quiffs, and sick haircuts for guys. Using a Scalp scrub weekly helps prevent dandruff and stimulates hair follicles to make sure your short cut is looking fresh.

Some light stubble at the chin and jawline will make the image even more attractive.

  • Crew Cut

Hairstyles for Square Face Shape - crew cut


  • Buzz Cut

Hairstyles for Square Face Shape - Buzz Cut


  • High Fade with Quiff

Hairstyles for Square Face Shape - High Fade with Quiff


Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shape

Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shape

shutterstock : Jake gyllenhaal

The oblong face shape is longer than it is in width, so the main task of the perfect hairstyle for guys with a long face is to balance its length. That’s why the best men’s haircuts for long face skip the short fade on the sides and avoid combinations with long beards.

Male celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal opt for oblong face hairstyles like crew and buzz cuts, side parts, and sleek top knots.

  • Ivy League Side Part Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shape - Ivy League


  • Top Knot Hairstyles

Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shape - Top Knot

@justfeng chiyukihair

Keep Hair looking effortlessly stylish with by using some dry shampoo before putting it in a top knot.

  • Side Swept Crew Cut

Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shape - Side Swept Crew Cut

shutterstock Zayn Malik

Take a look at Best Zayn Malik Haircuts & Hairstyles

Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape

Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape Cillian murphy

shutterstock: Cillian murphy

Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape - 2

shutterstock Dane cook

Being typically long and narrow, diamond face shapes imply that cheekbones are the widest part of the face. Because of that, hairstylists recommend high-volume and layered options.
Bangs, side-swept hairstyles, brush-ups, long slick backs, faux hawks, and textured crops are the win-win this type of shape hairstyles for males.

  • Slick Back

Jared Leto Slick Back Hairstyles

shutterstock: Jared Leto

  • Textured French Crop

Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape - French Crop


  • Brush Up

Brush Up Hairstyles

Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape - Brush Up


Hairstyles for Triangle Face Shape

Triangle face shape is asymmetrical, with a wider jawline and a smaller forehead. To balance this triangle face shape, male hairstyles should avoid very short side fades.
Also, «triangle haircuts» should be textured and medium-length on top – like crew cuts, comb overs, angular fringes, textured quiffs, and side-swept bangs.

  • Short Pomp

Short Pomp Hairstyles


Undercut and Faux Hawk


  • Mid Fade with Angular Fringe

Hairstyles for Triangle Face Shape - Mid Fade


Hairstyles for Heart Face Shape

Hairstyles for Heart Face Shape - 1


Since the heart-shaped-face men’s forehead is the widest part of their face, it’s necessary to avoid aggressive fades and too high crowns without the filled sides.

Men with heart face shape should let their hair grow out on back and sides, or experiment with longer top hair that falls naturally down.
The recommended hairstyles also work great as haircuts for men with small heads.

  • Long Fringe Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Heart Face Shape - Long Fringe


Hairstyles for Heart Face Shape - Long Fringe


  • Shaggy Haircuts

Hairstyles for Heart Face Shape - Shaggy Haircuts


  • Messy Top

Hairstyles for Heart Face Shape - 5


Top Hairstyles According to Hair Type and Texture

So, we start with «What is the most attractive male hairstyle?»
Then, we realize that we also need to wonder «How should I cut my hair, men? Which is the best male hairstyle for my face shape?»
Well, that’s it?
Another essential you have to consider to gain a perfect hairstyle is your hair type and texture.
Thus, the final question to google is «What type of hair do I have: male»

Fine Hair

Top Hairstyles According to Hair Texture - 1


The main task of the ideal hairstyle for fine hair is to make it visually thicker and fuller. We suggest using volumizing shampoo to ensure your hair wash doesn't weigh your hair down and gives you the best volume achievable.

So, arm yourself with texturizing hair products and play with textures and volume, try messy, disconnected, and disheveled hairstyles.

Thin Hair

Top Hairstyles According to Hair and Texture - 2

shutterstock: Johnny Deep

The best advice for thin hair is to choose simple short classic cuts, tamed versions of undercuts, without any «extra» and «over».

Thick Hair

Hairstyles Thick Hair


As thick hair can be often rather unruly and look on-point only when you leave the salon, it’s a much better idea to choose textured and slightly messy styles.

Your thick hair isn’t going to do exactly what you coax it to do, so just put up with a bedhead style, which does work great with various outfits too.

Afro-Textured Hair

Top Hairstyles for Afro-Textured Hair


Afro hair is famous for being super thick, curly, messy, coarse, and unruly – so, it’s pretty much of a challenge to style it. We recommend using a deep conditioner weekly to help keep those curls hydrated.
Hairstyles for Afro-textured hair vary from short buzz cuts to fluffy long curls – it all depends on how much time you are ready to spend daily to make it look nice.

Curly Hair

Top Hairstyles According to Hair Type and Texture - 6


Curly hair can look absolutely great, romantic, stylish, and sexy without any extra efforts in case the haircut suits your face shape.
You can enjoy the variety of styles from classy and elegant like Justin Timberlake to rock-n-roll like Lenny Kravitz.

Wavy Hair

Top Hairstyles According to Hair Type and Texture - 8


Wavy hair tends to look best with most haircuts because it has volume and movement.  Try using some Sea Salt Spray on damp hair to enhance natural waves. Wear it long like Jared Leto and look amazing, or cut it short and disconnect on the crown to create a fresh, youthful image.

Straight Hair

Top Hairstyles According to Hair Type and Texture - 10


If your straight hair is thick, it might tend to look spiky so avoid wearing it slicked back, unless you’re ready to style it for hours and tame it perfectly. If the straight hair is thin, add some layers and trying using texture spray to give more body and flexible hold.

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