29 Barber-Approved Long Hairstyles For Men

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Updated 02-1-2022

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Shoulder-Length Long Hairstyle

Shoulder-Length Long Hairstyle

As for classic shoulder-length hairdos men, they are the best long hairstyles that are easy to style and easy to wear. They are especially popular with men, who live active lives and have textured long hair.

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Different hairstyles for men with long hair have always been controversial and caused lots of discussions. Some people adore long styled hair, others condemn it, but one thing is for sure: long haired boys will never go unnoticed. So, if you wanna make your own hair trend, promote your unique hair styling culture, and experiment with a longer hairstyle, long haircuts from this article will be a good inspiration for you. Is long hair in fashion for guys? Just look at today’s stylish icons in the picture above. Brad Pitt, Jason Momoa, Jared Leto, Kit Harington, Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth… Hot men of Hollywood keep opting for various ways to style long hair - from more classic shoulder-length styles to manes that reach the lower back, from a pulled back pony or top knot to textured and dramatically parted loose hair.

Cool Long Hairstyles for Guys

The Loose Bun

The Loose Bun @thecreekman A loose bun is a lifesaver for men who have been wearing their hair long for a while. When you have no energy or mood to style your hair in the morning or just have a bad hair day, a disconnected loose low bun is exactly what you need.

Shoulder-Length Long Hairstyle

Shoulder-Length Long Hairstyle @hairstyle.hub As for classic shoulder-length hairdos men, they are the best long hairstyles that are easy to style and easy to wear. They are especially popular with men, who live active lives and have textured long hair.

Long and Natural

Long and Natural @giarogiarratana Natural curly hair is one of those hair types that needs being styled only once after shampooing your hair. Remember to work with, not against, your hair's natural characteristics. So, instead of trying to straighten your curls, use curly hair cream and conditioner to treat, moisturize, nourish, and emphasize your texture.

Very Long Hair for Men

Very Long Hair for Men @cabeludos_sao_minha_religiao Very long hair is a rather rare blessing for men - some guys can’t grow their locks even half as long as this, others aren’t ready to deal with a pack of inconveniences coming together with this length. However, longer hair often highlights male masculinity - and you can see the proof in our images.

Long and Straight

Long and Straight @mauricioblinder They say, long straight hair men always look young. At least, younger than they actually are. Among other benefits are the gloss, shine, and frizz free silky texture. Guys are likely to be jealous, women will want to touch and feel it… and it’s not only about your hair.

Wavy Braided ‘Do

Wavy Braided ‘Do @lucasbraids As we’ve mentioned before, braided long hairstyles for men allow for numerous styling options. Cornrows are one of those able to manage even textured curly hair, not to mention less demanding smooth and straight locks.

Long Curly Faux Hawk

Long Curly Faux Hawk @hairstyle.hub What to do with long hair if you’re constantly balancing between the desire to grow a long full mane and to get a skin fade with shaved design on the sides? Sometimes, the best option is to mix both into one long curly faux hawk combo with stylish sides design and a receding full beard.

Men’s Long Hair with Shaved Sides

Men’s Long Hair with Shaved Sides @hairstyle.hub Add some lengths and brutality to your good old undercut - the contrast between the classic short sides and the long top section looks really amazing and is guaranteed to catch the eyes.

Slicked Back

Slicked Back @hairstyle.hub This slicked-back hair long cut is not like those average beaten greasy hairstyles for men. This sleek back is styled in such a way that you don’t sacrifice volume, natural texture, and casual vibe. To get this updated hairstyle for men with long hair, use a blowdryer, a round brush, a comb, and a lightweight but strong hold styling product.

Shoulder-Length Side Part

Shoulder-Length Side Part @valextino This is a favourite safe option for men who don’t like experiments. You’ll never go wrong with a side part and medium length - this confidence will make your traditional image even more alluring.

Easy Swept-Back Layered Style

Easy Swept-Back Layered Style @hairstyle.hub Nothing complex, nothing difficult - just spread some hair mousse between your palms and sweep the crown hair back by combing it with fingers.

Beach Waves for a Formal Look

Beach Waves for a Formal Look @hairstyle.hub Light beach waves can look smart too. The boy in the picture prooves that layered middle length wavy haircut will work great for your business meeting or another day in the office.

Shiny Wavy Pompadour

Shiny Wavy Pompadour @maxi_privilegebarbers Pompadour is the hairstyle for men with a longer top and short faded sides. To make it look less pompous and more everydayish, add some waves all over the surface of it.

Messy Long Hair for Men

Messy Long Hair for Men @jackbeauregardpvt Fashion is getting more and more convenient, comfortable, and relaxed day by day. No wonder that messy, disconnected hairstyles have become an integral part of a modern guy’s look. If styled in a right way, this long style will never look scruffy but can emphasize your open mind, free spirit, or a romantic nature hidden behind the brutal tattoos.

Curly Side Swept

Curly Side Swept @menscurlyhair Sometimes it’s enough to change your parting side to get a completely new, fresh, and attractive look.

Long Braids

Long Braids @longhairmenfeed Any hair-do looks more outstanding and bright on long hair. Classic multiple braids are not an exception too. Also, you can get a cool Viking inspired look with braided long hairstyles for men.

Long Hairstyle with Beard

Long Hairstyle with Beard @mikeyyyyyyy_ Long hairstyles for men are easily compatible with beards, mustaches, and whiskers. Just make sure that facial hair suits your face shape and features and ask your hair stylist to update your trivial look.

The Surfer Messy Hairstyle

The Surfer Messy Hairstyle @lasselom No words can describe the power of naturally messy long locks. Ladies can’t stop watching men with such long hairstyles due to their brutal, masculine, sexy, unstoppable essence.

Sleek Low Ponytail

Sleek Low Ponytail @alepierozan Among all long hairstyles for men, a sleek low ponytail is loved most for its simplicity in styling, versatility, and practicality. For sport, for working at the office desk, or just for a windy weather walk - a smooth low pony is the perfect men long hair solution.

Classy Long Hair for Men

Classy Long Hair for Men @jackgreystone No doubt, the best long hairstyles for men make an incredibly win-win combination with smart suits, adding a note of rebellion and unlimited masculine energy.

Medium Curls

Medium Curls @gabriellslv Afro curls are pretty challenging to deal with. That’s why it’s much better to control the growth of your hair and opt for medium length options.

Men’s Half Up Ponytail for Curly Long Hair

Men’s Half Up Ponytail for Curly Long Hair @mikeyyyyyyy_ Like warriors from the movies, try men’s half-up ponytail with skillfully faded sides and a massive beard. Even though you’re not likely to fight, a tied-up knot with sharp edges at the hairline will let you do any work or activity without your long curly hair distracting or bothering you.

Shaggy Mess with a Single Braid

Shaggy Mess with a Single Braid @lithunium.snow Here is another example of warrior shaggy mess in long hairstyles for men with braided updates. Since long hairstyles for men welcome experiments, play with braids and hair accessories to take your whole look up to the next level.

Longer Quiff

Longer Quiff @barber.josh.o.p The quiff is usually considered to be a medium-length hairstyle. But if you grow the top part of your hair a bit longer, it will give you extra ways to style the front section of it. Try modern textures and bright colors, or go retro with 1950’s greasers.


Dreadlocks @iamleongrey These photos prove that the choice of dreadlock trends for men with long hair is extremely wide. Moreover, you can vary not only the length or cut, but also the style of the dreads themselves.

Highlighted Curls for Men

Highlighted Curls for Men @guilhermmecom Well… highlights are a rather controversial upgrade for curly hair. The thing is highlights add extra volume, deepness, and texture to the hairstyles, which is not always appropriate for natural curls as it can sometimes look too much. So, first, discuss it with your barber to avoid an aesthetic disappointment in the end.

Side-Swept Long Hair with Undercut

Side-Swept Long Hair with Undercut @hairstyle.hub Open one side to vary your everyday look with a win-win side-swept undercut for long hair. Hair stylists keep saying that undercut is the most versatile and long-lasting trend of nowadays - are you gonna try it at least once?

Long Blonde Hair

Long Blonde Hair @lasselom Blond hair is another fad of today. If you’re not afraid of extreme color experiments, try cold blonde on your long hair - the WOW effect is guaranteed!

Braided Rows

braided rows @japaoriginall For lovers of upstyles, we’ve got another variation of braided rows, which will spice up your image.

How to Choose the Best Men’s Long Hairstyle?

Thus, variety is the key feature of most long haircuts for men. Guys with long hair can adjust their look for any occasion: to look sexy, masculine, bossy, trendy, glamorous, serious, scruffy, or cute. Whatever appearance you want today, longer hair gives you a dozen of grooming possibilities for any taste and request.

So, who can pull off long hair?

Every modern man who wanna have a lot of hair options on a daily basis. Curly, wavy, straight, textured, Afro, thin, or thick hair - there are simple tutorials, nice pictures with examples, and great new hair products for any type of hair. One thing men with long hair should consider is that textured and thick hair can be more challenging to deal with than smooth and straight hair.

How do you maintain long hair?

Definitely, the longer your locks are, the more appropriate and thorough treatment they require. There is nothing worse than dry, dead long strands with split ends and frizziness. These basic rules will be especially useful for guys who are used to taking care of short hair:
  • Don’t rub wet hair with a towel, just gently soak the excess water out of it.
  • Opt for air-drying your hair over blow-drying if you’re not short of time.
  • In case you need to blow-dry your hair, use the lowest heat settings possible and a heat protection spray not to over-dry it.
  • Cut down on using hair straighteners and curling irons.
  • Choose the right shampoo for your scalp skin type, and the conditioner - for your hair type.
  • Use only the necessary amount of styling product - don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t neglect home hair masks and salon treatment for men long hair.
  • Protect your hair from chlorine and UV rays.
  • Get your hair cut regularly.
  • Eat healthy food, reduce stress, drink more water, and give up bad habits (all of these affect men’s long hair condition greatly as the hair is a direct reflection of your body health.)

How to choose the haircuts for hair of various textures?

It’s no secret to get a win-win look, you need to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape. Also, when picking from the variations of long hairstyles, it’s necessary to consider hair texture and density. For fine hair, choose messy and textured styles, layers, movement, and a touch of roots volume. For coarse hair texture, try layer cuts, razor cuts, and other men long hairstyles that lessen the thickness of your hair and make it easier to handle. Razor cutting and slicing techniques will work great for thick hair. If you’re not sure what long hair style will look good on your hair texture and make it easier in maintenance, just ask your barber for help.

How to Style Men’s Long Hair?

hairstyle.hub As we’ve mentioned before, men with long hair are extremely lucky to have an endless amount of styling opportunities. Loose hair:
  • Slick back (use hair wax, gel, or pomade for straight hair; use a matte paste for long wavy hair men; for fine hair choose lightweight products like a styling cream).
  • Messy and tousled long hairstyle for men
  • Dreadlocks (and all the variations)
  • Side part or hard part
  • Ponytail (high or low)
  • Man bun (braided, sock, messy, top knot bun)
  • Half-up styles
  • Braids (French, waterfall, halo, spiral braid)
Also, you can always create your own unique way to wear your longish fantasy hair.

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