You Know You Want It: Female Celebrity Hair Trends 2017

female celebrity hair trends 2016 natalie portman

If there is anything that can be said about female celebrity hair trends 2017 is that it was an epic year. From short to long there were a lot of looks that had us all wanting to call up our stylist and get on the path to a hot new look. If you haven't considered a style change in awhile then don't be surprised when you are after reading this post.


female celebrity hair trends 2017 rachel bilson


The ombre look continues to be a really hot look for those that are daring enough to try out a two tone look. While you can go ombre with your natural locks, plenty of your favorite celebrities use extensions to pull off this look. If you have your hair colored this way make sure that you get the best colorist you can. Home hair dye kits exist, but ombre is like highlighting in that those with more skill are going to be able to offer you celebrity quality color.


female celebrity hair trends 2017 kardashian

This French technique for natural looking multi-faceted hair has caught on big in Hollywood. Like ombre it takes skill. In fact, balayage is one of the hardest forms of hair coloring to pull off. Regardless of how hard it is, it is worth the effort for color that looks so good and natural and grows out with your hair without a major striped appearance. A goo balayage job is going to look better and last longer than many traditional color jobs.

Long Layers

female celebrity hair trends 2017 courtney cox


One trend that always seems to be hot on the red carpet is long layers. Long layers look good on almost anyone and when combined with fabulous colors such as balayage or ombre. Layers that are softer can be preferable for a traditional and feminine look. Choppy layers with blunt cut bangs can be flattering for those that want an edgier retro look.

Bobbed Hair

female celebrity hair trends 2017 natalie portman
Plenty of celebs decided that an above the shoulder bob could look hot and offer them a lot of versatility. After all most celebs use hair extensions when they want long and full hair that doesn't lose volume. A bob or Lob as it is sometimes called is long enough to hold extensions and even be made into an updo on its own.

Getting The Look

Your stylist will no doubt do whatever they can to copy the exact style you want. Showing them a picture is best. While your hair may look great coming out of the salon, it is important to remember that you need to practice and know how to style it correctly to get the same look. If you don't have a lot of time to style, then make sure to pick a look that suits the level of maintenance you are willing to put into it.