The Best Comb Over Haircuts to Try in 2021

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Updated 05-21-2021

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Low Fade Comb Over

Low Fade Comb Over

This mid fade, delicate side part, extra volume on top, and overall balance define comb over version, which is meant to stand out. The temples, areas behind the ears, and the neck are bald, while the crown is pretty long and dense. The part line is not shaved, so the cut looks soft, without any edges.

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The comb over is the style men love for its functionality and versatility: the styling options vary depending on the hair types, the height of the forehead, and the face shape in general. You can see different comb-over variations matching the specific face shapes in the picture below. In this article, you’ll find the perfect comb over suiting your appearance, learn the pros and cons of the comb over fade, find out what is the best styling product, and get step-by-step styling tips to keep your combover hairstyle cool, clean, and nice. Also, we hope to inspire those who can’t make up their mind on trying this timeless hair-do and provide you with some images of the best celebrity comb over styles for any taste to show your barber and get your perfect combover.

Best Comb Over Haircuts for Men

Best Comb Over Haircuts for Men @gusmacbarber

Low Fade Comb Over

Low Fade Comb Over @mxvillacutz This mid fade, delicate side part, extra volume on top, and overall balance define comb over version, which is meant to stand out. The temples, areas behind the ears, and the neck are bald, while the crown is pretty long and dense. The part line is not shaved, so the cut looks soft, without any edges.

Comb Over Bald

Comb Over Bald @whascarborough It’s not a secret that originally the haircut was meant to hide and comb over balding spots. Despite nowadays 70% of combovers are worn by men who just enjoy this style, there still is a significant number of guys who skillfully mask their receding hairline and thickening hair.

Spiky Comb Over

Spiky Comb Over @barber_angel98 Teen boy haircuts like this are true pieces of art. This mid fade comb for kids is unusual due to a rapid drop fade on the sides, separated with a razor shaven hard part design. The forehead area looks sharp with the square-shaped hairline, and the spiky quiff adds up some fun to the cut.

Comb Over with Beard

Comb Over with Beard @kingsmen_bathurst We can safely say that this one is a typical hipster combover. Everything’s so controversial and confusing: so clean and slick up, so careless and disconnected down. But… the opposites make up a great combo for bright and extravagant personalities like hipsters.

Long Combover

Long Combover @iibarber_ Meet one of the classic ways of the long comb over styling. The sides are traditionally short and are completely easy in maintenance. All you need to add this luxury fresh vibe is to take a bit of pomade and spread it all over your straight hair with hands. Then, upsweep the crown with a round brush and polish the pomp with a comb.

Comb Over with Hard Part

Comb Over with Hard Part @iam_johnnycatt This razor-sharp fade on the sides is separated from a glossy slicked top with a significant side part. The haircut resembles the old good crew cut and is popular among men of all ages.

Low Taper Comb Over

Low Taper Comb Over @thebarberloungeny This buzz cut-inspired combover is a true friend of every balding guy. The massive full beard shares the salt and pepper effect with the upswept crown allowing you age gracefully.

High Taper Comb Over

High Taper Comb Over @migueltijeras8k This comb over is full of volume and texture, which can be done even with thin hair using a texturizing spray and a blow dryer. The soft side part is almost hidden, and the clean temple fade ends up this perfection game.

Undercut Comb Over

Undercut Comb Over @farzadikarimi The comb above is an example of the latest Instagram fashion trends. You’ll effortlessly find a variety of photos like this in the accounts of Hollywood hairstylists. A swept back comb with disconnected design, extra short sides blending into the slight stubble, a flashy parted border, and a pair of unboring sunglasses.

Pompadour Comb Over

Pompadour Comb Over @hisandhersparlour The hair is cut in a basic comb-overs technique with fade short sides and a noticeable side part. The elegant pomp is the detail, thanks to which the haircut automatically goes up to the most luxury categories of male basic styles.

Short Comb Over Haircut

Short Comb Over Haircut @fades_by_fizo The main definition of the comb over is simplicity - both in the looks and in the maintenance. All you need to get this neat hairstyle is to comb the crown to the side (with plenty of hair product) and upsweep the front strands of hair into an alluring wave.

Textured Comb Over

Textured Comb Over @barber_teef What a crazy level up of a thick hair comb over! This is the hairstyle that will leave no one indifferent, for sure. If your hair keeps the necessary shape effortlessly, you should definitely try a comb over fade style like this at least once.

Comb Over with Line Up

Comb Over with Line Up @nicoledorianobarbering Low comb over fades work well with short dark hair. This contrast updates even such ordinary comb forward tapering haircut.

Wavy Comb Over

Wavy Comb Over @damola.blessed Comb over hairstyle is appropriate for any hair texture, so here we go with an option for natural wavy locks. Remember to keep the sides hair length short so that no occasional curls ruin this clean cut.

Messy Comb Over

Messy Comb Over @liv.thebarber This messy comb over beats the stereotype that combover cuts are only about sleeked classic looks. Today’s combs can be disheveled, with bald fade, and without a side part like this one. The hairs on top stand out in multiple directions, creating a popular natural movement effect.

Comb Over with Side Part

Comb Over with Side Part @ziba_barbers Traditional look for medium hair: classic comb over fade, the crown combed carefully to one side, and a soft parting, which divides the hairstyle construction into two parts.

High Fade Comb Over

High Fade Comb Over @notoriouscutsbarbershop Another side-swept comb over that won’t attract too much attention but will make you feel confident and on a roll. A comb-over fade gradually flowing down never fails - just remember it.

Comb Over with Shaved Sides

Comb Over with Shaved Sides @bay_barber_chick Undercuts often serve as a base for the majority of modern hairstyles, and the comb over is not an exception. The undercut vibe adds the notes of aggression and rebellion to the look, and the long hair on top verges on the bold Mohawk style.

Modern Comb Over

Modern Comb Over @love_to_vogue7 Comb over no fade is not such a popular option as a comb over fade, but it still looks alluring on most guys. It’s essential to add some volume at the roots, so don’t neglect using styling products regularly. Such a relaxed combover is good for young and old men, with or without a receding hairline.

Classic Comb Over

Classic Comb Over @lightbrightcutz If your hair is unruly, you are likely to spend much more time, effort, and patience while styling smooth short comb overs like this one. Better use more hair product to keep it clean and solid, but don’t overdo so that your hairstyle doesn’t look like a clay 50s comb over.

Slick Back Comb Over

Slick Back Comb Over @jazzystyle But if you don’t mind literally shine like a new coin, take your hair gel and play with your short comb over style.

Curly Hair Comb Over

Curly Hair Comb Over @yagur.caesari Lucky curly hair owners often don’t realize how lucky they are. Their hair is so great in keeping any shape - it’s just a crime not to use this opportunity at least once in a lifetime. This comb over variation can be tested by everyone having natural curls, and black people can also experiment with their hair color and dye the top part white. Looks juicy, indeed!

Mid Fade + Part + Comb Over

Mid Fade + Part + Comb Over @reddyt.kutz Shine bright like a diamond with a win-win combination of a perfect fade and a hard part! Especially, if your natural hair color is dark. This fantastic contrast is your advantage in any experiments with hair shape and length.

Skin Fade Comb Over

Skin Fade Comb Over @agiidebarber A zero fade haircut with hair combed to the side can create an ideal classic style. But if you rock it with a bushy beard and ‘stache, you’ll get an outstanding individualistic comb over version.

Military Comb Over

Military Comb Over @jacethebarber Comb over without line and razor fade sides make up a nice tandem for someone looking for anything classic, versatile, and uncomplicated.

What Is a Comb Over?

What Is a Comb Over @hisandhersparlou There is a stereotype that comb over hairstyles are meant for old men only and serve to cover their bald spot with a strand of long hair grown in the front combed over that bald area. Famous comb overs like Bobby Charlton comb over and Trump combover only strengthen this stereotypical opinion. However, the truth is nowadays a comover is a stylish vintage-looking men’s hairstyle similar to a gentlemen's cut. The sides and back are buzzed or faded, and the top hair is longer and combed to one side. Also, it often has a classic side part. The comb over is often paired with different modern styles for boys like an undercut, so there is a good possibility that you’ll find your ideal comb over for your hair type and face shape in our gallery.

How to Do a Comb Over

How to Do a Comb Over @barbeshop.tatto Here are the main steps for getting a legendary comb-over:
  1. Moisturize the hair with water or a blade glide and comb it to the front.
  2. Start cutting the crown using the shears over fingers technique moving from the forehead to the vertex. This is gonna be 6 inches long on top. If you want it to be shorter, use the shears over comb technique or the clippers.
  3. Make side part with a regular styling comb and sweep the hair upwards and downwards from the part. Don’t forget to keep the hair wet for more comfortable work.
  4. Identify the area where the blend should start on the opposite side of the head. Make sure that you choose the right place suiting a man’s face shape.
  5. Move up the sides with the shear over comb technique (the comb goes parallel to the side without wrapping.) Do the same at the back of the head and at the opposite side down from the part.
  6. This step is optional as it depends on wether you want the comb over with a fade or without it. To add a fade to comb over you need to use a clipper or a shaver.
  7. Another optional step is shaving a hard part, an edgy hairline, and adding the shaved design on the sides - these depend on the preferences of the client and can vary.
If you’re still confused, check out this simple video tutorial on how to get a comb over.

How to Style a Comb Over

How to Style a Comb Over @iibarber_ The best hair product for male combover styles is a high-quality pomade (however, a gel can also be used if you want a more shiny, polished, and glossy finish.) No matter if you style a long comb or a short comb, begin with washing your hair thoroughly and drying it with a towel. Next, apply some pomade to the slightly damp hair and spread it over with palms. Sweep your crown to one side with a comb or a brush (away from the side part.) Optionally, comb the front section upward, backward, and then to the side for a small pomp gentleman twist. If you want a less classic variation of the combover, try a combo on the edge of a comb-over and a side part haircut, quiff, undercut, and pompadour. But remember that these blowout styles require extra time and effort.

How to Ask for a Comb Over Haircut

How to Ask for a Comb Over Haircut @barber.rome What do I tell my barber for a comb over? Since the combover allows for an endless amount of designs and styling options these days, the algorithm depends on how long you want your hair to be and how you would prefer it to be worn. So, it’s essential to specify these details:
  • How long should hair be for comb over? You can try a traditional “safe” 2-4 inches on top, or opt for more volume on top.
  • Ask your barber to give you a hard part or a natural part. The defined razor-cut line adds a dramatic effect, while the ordinary side parting just builds up the shape of the hairstyle without standing out.
  • Specify what look would you like to have on the sides and back: just a buzz cut, a taper fade, a high fade, mid fade, low fade, or a drop fade.
  • Mention if you consider any extra design elements, an edgy geometrically shaped hairline, or a fading beard.
Don’t be shy. Ask questions about the best hair products you could use, the most appropriate styling techniques for your hair texture and facial features. Also, save some pics from our collection to show your hairstylist as a model of what exactly you expect to get.

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