Introducing the Modern Quiff and Brushed Up Hairstyles

Some call them brushed up, some call them quiffs, the definitions are malleable but it's the easiest way to describe a new (old) hair trend that's slowly gaining popularity. Let's start with the king of the brushed up hairstyle, James Dean.

After Taylor Swift's song "Style" where she sings about her adoration of the James Dean slicked back hair, guys everywhere are looking for information on how to achieve a similar haircut.

james dean hair



Pretty darn cool hairstyle, eh?

The secret to achieving this hair is not so much the hair, which is fairly easy, it's basically medium length hair, with slightly trimmed sides. How much you want to trim off the sides depends solely on the individual's preference.

Now the secret is the way it's styled, don't be fooled - although the above picture looks like James Dean just woke up and didn't touch his hair, every single strand was most likely put in place by a stylist to give this look.

The best way to style brushed up / quiffs is by using a brush, and brushing the hair upwards.

(Who would of thought?)

Now the real secret sauce is using the proper hairstyling product.

For example:

Hair Wax / Matte Product: Will give you a slightly tight quiff but it will have a natural look as if you have no product in your hair.

Pomade / Oil Based:  Most Pomade's or Oil based products will give you a tight slick backed and wet look. There ARE matte pomade's but most are used for the slick look.

Hair Spray / Mouse: If you want a loose quiff with not much hold, this is the way to go.

Now I'll give you guys a bunch of examples of modern quiffs / brushed up hairstyles. Enjoy!

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