30 Stylish Braids for Short Hair to Try in 2023

Published By Brooke
Updated 05-16-2023

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Classic French Braid

Classic French Braid

A French braid often works better for short hair than a simple braid. The thing is, like in a ponytail, your short strands are likely to get undone and disconnected in an ordinary braid, while in a French braid individual strands are braided in throughout the length. Save this inspo on how to French braid short hair with cute pigtails.

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Braids for short hair? Why not!Good news: there are tones of nice and different braiding ideas for short hair. Indeed, just because your hair is short doesn’t mean your hair routine is gonna be simple. Hair braiding styles are something that always stands out, looks fresh, cool, and turns heads. So, it’s definitely worth spending extra time in front of the mirror to get cool braids for short hair.And, yes, there are a lot of kinds of braids for short length hair. Even though it’s hard to put your short strands into a ponytail, you still can get pretty small plaits and cute braids.The best short braided hairstyles go viral - and we’ve gathered the most popular and loved ones in this gallery for you:

Easy Halo Braid

Easy Halo Braid @lovefingsHere’s pictorial proof that a quick halo style for short hair is more than possible. If it’s impossible to wrap your short braids the full way around the head due to their length, it is a much easier way to begin two Dutch braids criss-cross at the forehead area, run them down and back, hide the ends, and fix them with bobby pins.

Classic French Braid

Classic French Braid @tesshair_officialA French braid often works better for short hair than a simple braid. The thing is, like in a ponytail, your short strands are likely to get undone and disconnected in an ordinary braid, while in a French braid individual strands are braided in throughout the length. Save this inspo on how to French braid short hair with cute pigtails.

Braids for Short Hair with Bangs

Braids for Short Hair with Bangs @tesshair_officialGet the iconic Nicole Richie hairstyle by letting your short bangs fall down the sides of your face. Such braided hairstyles for short hair ideas always look super soft, feminine, and playful. You can try bangs for a Dutch braid low ponytail like this, or for any other types of braids for short hair length.

Side French Braids for Short Hair

Side French Braids for Short Hair @shorthaircutcomSide half-French braids look amazing on bobs. This way of styling hair braids upgrades and refreshes a typical bob turning it into a work of art. The best part is that the short hair braiding tutorial for this style is super easy, the braided bangs are located in the front so that you can see it in the mirror when making it. Add some messy hair textures and enjoy your unboring bob blonde hairstyle.

Bouffant and a Side Braid

Bouffant and a Side Braid@thejameshaircoOne side braid can replace the most fashionable hair accessories and will always be a one-way bet (the win-win one.) To balance the hair braided on one side, you should add a touch of volume on another side. Just make a bouffant with a brush underneath, cover it with smooth upper sections, sweeping them to the side, and fixing in place with a strong hold hairspray.

Small Braids for Short Hair

Small Braids for Short Hair@namiko_elblackFor women with naturally fluffy, coarse, and shaggy Afro hair type, tiny braided locks can be the best solution. These natural hair braids for short hair make the look versatile, trendy, and easy to style. Girls can wear such mini braids, natural curls, and loose waves without any hair accessories or even a hair elastic, make a hair updo - a ponytail, a double dutch braid, whatever, or even curl these twists if your shoulder-length locks are not textured enough. In other words, you can have fun styling your short hairstyle with braids as if you had straight hair.

Natural Hair Twist-Out

Natural Hair Twist-Out @braidbabes_officialWhat about such a fishtail braid twist for your natural lob waves? The hair color in the example highlights the layers and shades, making the style more relaxed and natural. Such a fishtail crown braid frames the face beautifully without strangling most of the loose hair. Save this half-down hairstyle and experiment with the crown braid style.

Braids for Curly Short Hair

Braids for Curly Short Hair@esescabeloIn this photo, you can see one of the favorite hair solutions for women with short curly manes. Box braid short hair, optionally, with hair extensions or beads, will not only upgrade the look of your short natural hair but also make life easier. You can once visit a hairdresser, and wear it for a long time with no worries at all.

Simple Side Plait

Simple Side Plait @mallory___brookeIf you have really short hair and don’t know how to do braids on short hair, this popular Instagram photo will tell you how to hide your bangs into a braided style. Braided hairstyles for short hair secret tip: if your hair is too short and unruly, apply some dry shampoo, texturizing, or sea salt spray to simplify the styling process and keep the hairstyle in braids for a longer time.

Box Braids for African Americans

Box Braids for African Americans @boxbraidsinspiracoesPop-up color box braids in hairstyles for an African American will bring a WOW effect to the whole look, taking short hairstyles up to the next level. Such short hair braid styles will control the wild natural textures, ease the maintenance of the style, and add a sass vibe to your look, girl. Knotless box braids are also a solution for thick hair that works as a low-maintenance, long-lasting, and versatile hairstyle.

Updo Cornrows

Updo Cornrows @tesshair_officialHere is a cool idea for typical top knot and ponytail holders. This is how you can have a change without cheating on your favorite upstyle. Ask your hair stylist to make several Dutch braids upside down aka begin braiding from the neck hairline to the vertex and secure them with elastics. Thus, you can wear this style for several days changing only the style of the front hair section.

Front Plait Braid

Front Plait Braid@shorthaircutcomYes, braided hairstyles are possible even for the shortest pixie cuts. To play with your style for a party or some special occasion, add a soft French braid loosely along your side part and fix it with bobby pins above the ear, covering it with your own hair texture. A hair spray will also help to keep this braided updo in place for a long time.

Layered Rock and Roll

Layered Rock and Roll @saloneasthartfordThis is an unusual interpretation of waterfall braids for people with short hair. But, actually, why not? No matter how much you change the original look of short French braids as long as they make your shorter hairstyle unique and gorgeous. Waterfall braids invest in a cute hairstyle for all hair types.

Lovely Waterfall Braid

Lovely Waterfall Braid @sparklingsilversThis is an unusual interpretation of a waterfall braid for people with short hair. But, actually, why not? No matter how much you change the original look of short French braids as long as they make your hairstyle unique and gorgeous.

Cute Dutch Braids

Cute Dutch Braids @shorthaircutcomThe beauty of Dutch braids is hard to overestimate. No wonder they are often used in different ways in wedding hairstyles. Among all the types of braids for short hair, the Dutch braid is the most visually airy and light. Side braids can look a way different, yeah?

Braids for Short Hair Black Girl

Braids for Short Hair Black Girl @justbraidsinfoHow to braid a short hair mane and wear it done for a long time? Ask your hairstylist to add smaller cornrows all over the scalp. Those micro braids are tight and tiny so that no hair is gonna stick out of your braided hairstyles for short hair for a long time. Pay attention to the central braid as well: this is the tiny detail that drastically changes the way this braided updo looks.

Intricate Double French Plait

Intricate Double French Plait@shieldmaidenswayTwo braids can look different: they can be old fashioned and trivial like a milkmaid braid style or look revolutionary and modern in spicy and spiky double braids shorter hairstyle like this one. If your hair is too short for a braided bun, just pull the strands back with bobby pins into a kind of messy bun.

Crown Braid

Crown Braid @shorthaircutcomCrown braids are super tender, feminine, and romantic. They perfectly go with waves, balayage combinations of hair colors, pretty dresses, and casual outfits. Having watched several tutorials on braiding hair crowns on YouTube, everyone can give themself this beautiful braided short hairstyle.

Braids for Thin Short Hair

Braids for Thin Short Hair @inspirehairdoIf you’re tired of trivial and predictable braided hairstyles for short hair, you might love this stylish and fun way to wear shoulder-length hair with micro braids species. The combination of super-smooth royalty pony and a rocking cornrow element in the center makes this style rather eccentric.How to cornrow really short hair? Separate the necessary section with a comb, tie the side sections in two ponytails, spread some hair product along the middle part, and make the cornrow taking very small sections each time and keeping them tight.

Fishtail Pony

Fishtail Pony @wb_upstylesThe length of your hair for such a fishtail braid ponytail doesn’t really matter. Even if it’s shorter than in the photo above, this style will look great. Don’t know how to braid short hair yourself at home? Set up an extra mirror so that it reflects your nape in the mirror in front of you and follow this easy video tutorial.

Headband Braid

Headband Braid @kratkovlasky.czBy braiding really short hair into a headband you’ll both diversify your everyday image and remove the bangs away from your eyes (if you need it for some activity.) Braided hairstyles for short hair with a crown braid always look sophisticated and give a fleur of femininity, grace, tenderness, and just make short or long hair look neat and well-tamed.

Braids for Very Short Hair

Braids for Very Short Hair@bamhairsalon.grSuch braids for short-length hair definitely require proper hairdressing experience and skills. It’s better someone else do it for you as it’s super challenging to put all the short strands in place without actually seeing them.Make sure you’ve got a good stronghold hair spray to create braids that last longer. Depending on your hair length, you can sweep this braided hairstyle into a messy bun, a ponytail, or just secure double Dutch braids and side hair with bobby pins.

Cool Girl Half-Up Braids

Cool Girl Half-Up Braids@mgcartistrySuch half-up girl’s hair braiding will perfectly go with a pair of jeans, a lovely dress, a smart suit, and even an evening gown. Double braids blend into one, and all this unicorn-inspired braided hairstyle is pulled together with silver bobby pins fixed criss-cross. If you’re tired of your short natural hair look, give it a kick with this idea.

Side Braid with Rings

Side Braid with Rings@getbraided_by_aCool accessories always grab a lot of attention. Moreover, they make any style more sophisticated and individualized - even easy braids for short hair. Moreover, shorter hair doesn’t limit you in the choice of hair accessories. Hair rings and beads will personalize braided hairstyles for short hair: go free and creative when planning your next hairdo with a twist.

Wild Curls with Side Cornrows

Wild Curls with Side Cornrows@jocelyn.mcclellanRebellious and fresh - such braiding hairstyles for short hair look incredibly juicy and lively. Wild curls, some mess, and five asymmetrical side cornrows will do all the job for you. Active curls or tamed with dry shampoo-textured locks will mutually complement the side braids.

Messy Bob with Loose Braid

Messy Bob with Loose Braid@braidbabes_officialThis messy style is quite in order: the braid for short hair is slightly undone but at the same time looks perfect. This photo inspiration can also be a cool model of hair coloring: pearl blonde with bright highlights can bring a lot of fun to your image.

Milkmaid Braids for Short Hair

Milkmaid Braids for Short Hair @inspirehairdoTake a good old milkmaid braiding short hair idea and spice it up with a new approach: a messy low knot and a fantastic trending ash hair color. Just tie your side braids in any way that is convenient for you.

Curvy Mohawk Braid

Curvy Mohawk Braid@stylist_nicolecAmong numerous styles for hair braids, mohawks have always been one of the riskiest solutions. But such “loud” braids short hairstyles are not for Met Gala only… Just the desire to rock this day is a good reason to have this cornrow hawk made. If you decide to get this awesome style done, make sure you’ve taken equal hair sections for a flawless look.

Braids for Short Black Hair

Braids for Short Black Hair @justbraidsinfoIf box braid extensions for short hair are not your cup of tea, consider just getting a pattern of tight Afro cornrows. Versatile, comfortable, beautiful, and trendy - what else do you wanna get? You can create any cornrows-braided pattern to your liking, and bearing in mind your head and face shape so that the hairdo maximally flatters you.

Ombre Hair with a Braid

Ombre Hair with a Braid @tesshair_officialCheck out this sweet tender short hair with braids idea for ombre hair. Will work with bob and lob perfectly. All you need is to pick a suitable color of the ribbon for your skin tone.

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