6 Ideal Braid Hairstyles For Short Hair

Just because you like having short hair doesn't mean you can't have the beauty and fun that braids can offer. After reading our picks for the best braid hairstyles for short hair, you will see that there is a lot of room for you to adapt these styles to match your unique beauty.

 braid-hairstyles-for-short-hair-3Short Braid Crown

All you need for this elegant little-braided look is hair that falls at least chin length. This braid starts at the middle part and wraps around the head creating a striped textured look that is downright charming. This is a good easy style for younger women and kids to wear to school, work, and play. Young girls may enjoy using ribbons in their braid or hair charms.

Bang Braid


If you wear headbands a lot to pull back your hair, then you are going to love this short braided style. This braid keeps bangs out of the way and stylish throughout your active day. The braid is great for working out or relaxing on the weekend.

braid hairstyles short double crownDouble Crown Braid


This braid is perfect for those with short and thick hair. If volume is your friend, then you can get a lot out of this braid. The look is subtle, so you can get away with this at work. Younger girls and teens will love how this looks so pretty but keeps their hair out of the way. As hair grows out, you can still use this style. The versatility lies in the fact that it goes with short or longer hair lengths equally well.

 braid hairstyles assymAsymmetrical Braided Chin Length Bob

This lovely youthful style is feminine yet practical for the busy young woman. Side braids are used to create the impression of an undercut design without actually committing to a shorter length. Wearing this style to the office would not be out of the question, and if you want a more contemporary look, you can wear it without the braid. This would be a fun style to use multiple hair colors for or add in clip in extensions of hair color to make the braid more interesting and funky at the same time.

Top Notch French Surface Braid


braid hairstyles short top notchWhat makes this braid style so unique is the fact that it is thick and large regardless of the short length. This is a great way to keep your hair in place while doing chores or even for dressing up for a concert or night out. Adding decorative touches such as ribbons or hair gems is always an option. Add in a hair band or tiara, and you have a look that is worthy of much more formal occasions.

 Playing With Braids

Braiding can be fun especially when friends do it together. Women of all ages have enjoyed braided hairstyles for a lot of history. Your next get together with the girls or your daughters slumber party are all ideal times to explore the world of braided hairstyles that are so approachable and stylish at the same time.