Iconic Looks for Ginger Men

Published By Brooke
Updated 05-11-2016

When you think of ginger men, you may conjure up images of a ripped and rugged bodybuilder. Maybe you imagined a ginger man with a smattering of freckles and an irresistible, boyish charm. Step aside, tall, dark, handsome men, and make way: ginger is the new black.

Gingers run the gamut of exotic, geeky, comedic, athletic, and talented. Their rarity makes them so captivating and strikingly sexy. Today’s ginger men are self-confident and are embracing their individuality. Check out these iconic ginger hairstyles.


He’s the perfect combination of rugged and refined. Robert Redford’s ginger look is as timeless as it is easy on the eyes.

Ginger Men

Boy Next Door

As a child actor, Ron Howard captivated us with this charm and innocence. As an adult, he fascinated us with his talent as a director and producer.

Ginger Men

Athletic Splendor

He’s known as the “Flying Tomato,” Shaun White’s long, wavy, ginger locks fly through the air as he snowboards or skateboards. He’s a two-time Olympian with hunky ginger style.

Ginger Men

Royal Image

On the serious side, Prince Harry is a military captain, a pilot, and a philanthropist. On the lighter side, he’s known for his cheeky demeanor and his youthful escapades. His iconic ginger hairstyle is classic and when you combine it with his handsome freckles, he is the envy of the Royals and commoners alike.

Ginger Men

Charismatic Talent

As the voice of Chris from Family Guy, Seth Green’s iconic good looks match his talent and charisma in his work as an actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director. He enhances his windswept ginger locks with a tidy ginger beard.

Ginger Men

Comedic Relief

He’s so funny, you can’t help but love Carrot Top, a comedian whose real name is Scott Thompson. He’s not just a funny guy, he’s a multi-talented guy who is also an actor, director, producer, writer and singer. Carrot Top made his crown of ginger ringlets iconic.

Ginger Men

Casual Style

Ed Sheeran, award-winning musician and opening act for Taylor Swift, sports a tousled ginger look. His looks are easy and casual, just like his music. He’s confident in his ginger-style as he demonstrated by calling his record label, Gingerbread Man Records.

Ginger Men


Ginger males have risen above the former stigma of the bullied school kid to represent icons in nearly every facet of celebrity culture. They have demonstrated that their talents and abilities stand on their own and only enhance their individual handsome looks.


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