How Much Does a New Hairstyle Really Improve Your Appearance

Published By Brooke
Updated 10-19-2022

The question: How does hair affect your appearance?

The answer: A lot.

Your hair frames your face shape, it can put emphasis on certain features (like lips or eyes) or balance out your face nicely (visually softening a square face shape, elongating round faces, harmonizing the forehead and chin in heart-shaped faces, and generally changing the entire look).

The best way to explain the huge effect hairstyles have on your entire look is to draw attention to some before and after pictures.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling longer hair


In the example above we can see Ryan Gosling's oblong face shape does not suit shorter hair almost bald head at all. His facial features such as his ears become too emphasized and give an imbalanced and overall unaesthetic look. He looks a lot better wearing a slick, longer hairstyle.

Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp long hair

In this example Johnny Depp's natural hair line does not suit a buzzed haircut at all, it makes him look much older and he loses the unique look he's known for along with his confidence and self-esteem maybe.

Could you even spot him in a crowd of people with the buzz cut and that receding hairline adding him age?

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Chris Evans with the beard

Chris Evans improved his appearance tenfold with a nice beard emphasizing his jaw line and a slicked side part hairstyle. In the before picture he looks like the average guy you would walk by and not notice at the office. In the picture after, the actor is a charismatic guy with a statement short cut hair style.

Robert Pattison

Robert Pattison buzz cut

Robert Pattison messy hair

Robert Pattison makes the transformation from an average British lad to a heartthrob all within a few months of hair growth. Although, we can’t deny his perfect oval face shape, alluring facial features, and confidence allow wearing different lengths and texture variations to his advantage.

Henry Cavill


Henry Cavill

Henry Caville's big jaw bone structure looks imbalanced with a short buzzcut, but with a longer look, his face shape looks much more balanced and the Marvel movie star brings to your attention his curly hair beauty.

Christian Bale


Christian Bale with the beard and mustache

Christian Bale's Oval shaped face much better suits the styles with more hair length as oppose to shorter hair styling. The best hairstyles for a long face like this are haircuts with blunt bangs or side-swept bangs, side-parted hairstyles, and emphasizing that natural masculine beauty with facial hair.

David Beckham



David Beckham can pull off pretty much any hairstyle, texture, shape, color, and draw attention anyway, but you got to admit, certain hairstyles look much better on him.

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer glasses

Matt Bomer's hairstyle change made him go from a handsome movie star to a middle-aged dad. And it’s not about grey hair issues, it’s all about styling: the actor’s long curly hair frames that angular diamond face shape giving more lightness to the hairstyle and the total look.

Channing Tatum



Channing Tatum's new hairstyle adds much more personality to his look, emphasizes his facial features, and makes him look way better. This heart shaped face does require some movement on top.

Hope this helped you guys see that a haircut can definitely have a drastic effect on your overall appearance! The best hairstyle can treat your low self-esteem, deal with a bad hair day, revive unhealthy hair, harmonize the face shape, and visually hide some unwanted issues.

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